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Debian / State Of The Kernel Feb 2010
« on: May 26, 2010, 03:59:48 pm »
Quote from: btanoue
Is there a link on how to install the current debian on my akita?

Well, there are many methods to do so... this might get you started

(Someone really ought to clean that page up)

Debian / State Of The Kernel Feb 2010
« on: March 07, 2010, 03:07:27 pm »
Off-topic: I spilled coffee all over my zaurus a few days ago, and need to buy a new LCD cable, so I'm out of business for awhile, and I'm focusing on debian for htc dream right now.

Quote from: HRH_H_Crab
At least there is someone working on something.

Agreed! Looks like they're up to date on the kernel too.  

Quote from: HRH_H_Crab
Personally speaking I want to stick with debian.

I'm sticking with debian too.  

It's not perfect, but it works very well IMO.   However, sometime back I think InSearchOf was porting Ubuntu to pdaxrom?  That would be interesting, but this isn't really the place for that discussion.

Debian / State Of The Kernel Feb 2010
« on: March 04, 2010, 03:24:24 pm »
Thanks for starting this thread!

Quote from: HRH_H_Crab
my gut feeling is that soon stuff is going to break which will result in users not having an upgradeable install.

I feel this too, and it scares me a little sometimes.  I'm mostly sticking with "stable" for now, and when it comes to it, I'll stick with "oldstable"... that should buy a few years at least until I can get something better than zaurus, (beagleboard,gumstix,etc)...

..but I hate how the community has died out over the past few years... saddening.

Quote from: HRH_H_Crab
Is building an updated kernel for Zaurus something practical for end users? I'm pretty geeky but I don't think it will be easy to manage all the patches manually.

I think this is the most practical thing we can do... still trying to bring myself up to speed... and not getting there fast.

Quote from: HRH_H_Crab
Is anyone actively carrying out work on Yongguns sources?

I work on small things passively, not actively.  Sorry. Not enough resources.

Quote from: HRH_H_Crab
Is there a freenode channel where people working on that hang out by any chance?

I second this question..  would love to help out in any way.  Starting a channel isn't hard at all, but maintaining it becomes harder.

EDIT:  Just found the following:

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Any Cross Compilation Tutorials?
« on: March 04, 2010, 03:14:35 pm »
I'm still using the following for cross compiling.  

a good zaurus emulator would be nicer... anyone?

Quote from: ToneBlind
I know plenty of people in the boards cross compile for pdaXrom. But I have yet to come across a cross compilation tutorial. Chero posted a very helpful native compilation tutorial which is what I have used to build my packages, but I really need a cross compilation howto in order to start producing better things. Compiling on board the Zaurus is just not too practical.

Thanks in advance,


Debian / Another Mplayer Question
« on: November 09, 2009, 12:50:06 pm »
No luck here.  Sorry.  A more interesting question is: "What is keeping this from working properly?"  I suspect it's either the X-Window-System build or the display drivers, but I have no tangible evidence of this.

More generally, since Debian is not nearly as optimized as cacko, this is probably a good reason why it doesn't work as quickly.

ffplay seems to work slightly better than mplayer for me with the SDL driver, but not worth trying really.  

Some people claim to have success using the "-vo fbdev" switches in mplayer from outside the X-Window-System.  This *does* work better, almost acceptable especially with 320x240 vids, but I still think this is pretty low quality, and killing X to watch a video is not pleasant for me.

Debian / Kernel Conf File For Kernel
« on: June 23, 2009, 03:39:00 am »
Thanks for all your help 2or0.  

Could someone help me collect new patches towards a newer kernel?  

I'm still running 2.6.24 and I don't know how to gather the relevant patches.

Debian / [new] Kernel With Cpufreq
« on: January 30, 2009, 03:26:35 am »
Quote from: gojira
still like to know what cross-compiling environment is used

Codesourcery toolchain... try post #8 from the following link:

Debian / Non Kdrive Xorg Xserver
« on: November 29, 2008, 06:51:00 pm »
Quote from: axeTail
I used kdrive from the angstom repo.....worked fine for me. What does Andromeda use?

By default I think Andromeda uses Xfbdev which is a type of kdrive/(Tiny X) I think.  But it doesn't handle everything that you can throw at Xorg.  

For example, OpenGL stuff doesn't work at all in many cases.

Debian / Non Kdrive Xorg Xserver
« on: November 29, 2008, 09:45:53 am »
Quote from: svs57
Do anybody use non kdrive xorg Xserver from debian repository?
If so drop a line how

apt-get install xserver-xorg-core

change ~/.xserverrc

to exec Xorg
instead of Xfbdev

Works for me.  Very slow.  Almost bearable though.  Needs to be rebuilt.  Pdaxrom and angstrom use kdrive don't they?

Debian / "couldn't Find Matching Glx Visual"
« on: November 29, 2008, 09:39:28 am »
Quote from: Capn_Fish
I just installed Xorg (apt-get install xorg-core, I believe), but it doesn't work correctly:
-I can't get it to start with "startx," even after linking it to /usr/bin/X, Xfbdev still loads

I had the above problem.  

Changed ~/.xserverrc

to exec "Xorg"  instead of "Xfbdev" and Xorg works instead.  Much nicer,and much much heavier.  Fonts are nicer, opengl/mesa works, but really slow.

glxgears gives about 15 fps max, and more like 4 fps average at a guess. Everything is prettier though.  This works a lot smoother than debian's prebuilt binary in pdaxrom and probably angstrom too.  How did they do it?

Quote from: Capn_Fish
Could somebody post a how-to?

I second this. A how-to would be nice. A rebuilt xserver/drivers would be very nice.

The 2 links above have some info on rebuilding, but I can't afford to tie my machine up that long.

Debian / Bluetooth Ppp-dialup Pairing Problems
« on: September 11, 2008, 04:55:45 am »
usb/rndis-lite (from synce) works for me, if your phone has it.

Debian / Sound Input And Output And Debian Eabi
« on: September 11, 2008, 04:42:42 am »
Found a 2.5mm -> 3.5mm plug laying around tonight.  Recording worked okay by default, but I made the mistake of trying to "make it better", and broke the recording functionality with alsamixer.  

Took me about an hour or so to get it back, and this page was one of the first to show up in my google search.  For the record, as of now, I couldn't really find anything helpful on google, so I thought I'd post my settings below.

I'm using sox/rec/play  for recording through a cell-phone microphone/headset.  By default debian's precompiled "sox" won't record direct to mp3 I don't think... so I've started to rebuild that.  ./configure shows that it can't find the "lame mp3 writer"... oh well, that's off-topic.

The alsamixer-controls:

Headphone  100  (just headphone volume, doesn't matter)
Headphone Playback ZC (00)
Bass0 <--------> 100 (doesn't matter)
Bass Boost (Adaptive Boost)
Bass Filter (200Hz)
Treble 100
Treble Cut-off (4kHz)
PCM 100
Mic Boost 100
Mono 100
Mono Mixer Left (0ff)
Mono Mixer Left Bypass (Off)
Mono Mixer Right Bypass (Off)
Mono Mixer Right Playback Switch (Off)
Mono Playback ZC (Off)
Playback 6dB Attenuate (Off)
Playback De-emphasis (44,1kHz)
Playback Invert (off)
Capture 6dB Attenuate (Off)
Capture Polarity (Normal)
Capture ZC (Off)
3D 100
3D Lower Cut-off (200Hz)
3D Mode (Capture, Playback)
3D Upper Cut-off (1,5kHz, 2,2kHz)
ALC Capture Attack Time 60
ALC Capture Decay Time 60
ALC Capture Function (Off)
ALC Capture Hold Time 100
ALC Capture MAX 100
ALC Capture NG (on)
ALC Capture NG Threshold 90
ALC Capture NG Type (2,2kHz)
ALC Capture Target 100
ALC Capture ZC (On)
Bypass Left 100
Bypass Mono 100
Bypass Right 100
Differential Mux (Line1)
Jack Function (Headset)    [[ line/mic don't work for cell-phone headset ]]
Left ADC 100
Left ADC Mux (Stereo)
Left Line Mux (Line 1)
Left Mixer (on)
Left Mixer Left Bypass (off)
Left Mixer Right Bypass (off)
Left Mixer Right Playback Switch (off)
Left PGA Mux (Line 1)
Out3 Mux (ROUT1)
Right ADC 90
Right ADC Mux (Stereo)
Right Line Mux (Line 1)
Right Mixer (on)
Right Mixer Left Bypass (Off)
Right Mixer Left Playback Switch (off)
Right Mixer Right Bypass (off)
Right PGA Mux (Line 1)
Right Speaker Playback invert (off)
Speaker   100
Speaker Function (Off)  [ doesn't need to be ]
Speaker Playback ZC (on)
ZC Timeout (on)

I'm using "rec -r 24k -c 1 filename.aiff"  to record an aiff sampled at 24kHz.  The default of 8kHz is really poor quality haven't tried higher sample rates, 'cause I don't really need them yet.

It's late at night, so I could be wrong, but I think some of those switches will disable the recording; the bypasses can enable monitoring, but not sure if that works whilst recording.  I didn't get the latter to work.

This is pretty much the first time I've managed to record audio since I was using the sharp rom, and this works a lot better.

Debian / Usb Power Issues
« on: July 15, 2008, 04:41:57 am »
Quote from: pelrun
There's no point in changing the kernel if you haven't done the power mod;

(haven't done power mod)
whoops..  oh well, I'm on a rebuild kick without a roadmap, and this is what happens.

Quote from: pelrun
The power mod involves changing the resistor which sets the overcurrent protection limit (currently at 150mA) - the info is buried somewhere in albertr's internal bluetooth/wifi mod thread.

Wow!  (Can't believe I missed so much of this)
That's a pretty long thread.   (365 posts) You didn't do the CF/usb mod I take it, just the OTG mod?

Debian / Usb Power Issues
« on: July 14, 2008, 01:56:05 am »
Quote from: pelrun
The kernel limit is set in spitz.c, and by default is at 150mA. Fixing this is the best all-round option, except that compiling a Z kernel is a pain.

I'm guessing this is line 466?   What's a reasonable number to put here?  I'm thinking 500mA is too much... gonna go with 250 for now

*edit*  rebuilt kernel with this change, but waiting for native compile of FFMPEG to finish (or fail) before I reflash

Quote from: pelrun
too bad I didn't use a small enough resistor when doing the usb power mod, because I still can't get enough current - it's enough to initialise the device now, but not enough to turn the transmitter on! I'm going to have to pull my Z apart again *shudder*

Do you have any documentation (online) about your usb mod?

Debian / Usb Storage
« on: July 13, 2008, 07:45:21 pm »
Quote from: ZDevil
Does this trick work?

Yes, this trick works... but it's kind of a pain to do this every time.


I was thinking about trying to change the kernel configs for this reason.  Does anyone know which line it is to change this behavior?  Or is it not even the kernel?


Udev might be a good workaround, according to post #5 in the following:


FWIW, there's a good deal of info at

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