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OpenZaurus/Opie/Qtopia / Ipsec With Openzaurus 3.5.4 On A C760
« on: March 28, 2006, 08:51:29 am »

during the last days I installed the 3.5.4 release of OpenZaurus. I used the package manager to install openssl and the ipsec-tools.
But i was not able to use the ip-sec tools. The following error occurs every time, e.g. while calling setkey -D

pkfey_open: Address family not supported by protocol.

I searched the sourceforge page of the ipsec-tools and got the following hint:

         You have no support for PF_KEY sockets in your kernel. They are used to
           pass messages between setkey in userspace and the SAD/SPD in kernelspace.
         Either compile it in or load the module af_key.

But i can not find any module on the zaurus supporting this.

Can anyone tell me, where to get this module.

Thanks a lot

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