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5x00 General discussions / HW/SW Stability?
« on: February 27, 2004, 01:31:08 pm »
I am one of the last Newton MessagePad holdouts. Aside from the form-factor, it has been serving me well for the last seven years. Nothing out there had been sufficiently better (if at all) then the MP to get me to change. That was until recently...

I got a chance to play with an SL-5500, and I think I\'m ready to bite. I have one question though: how stable is this platform? How often do you have to reboot it? Have you ever lost data and had to restore it from a backup? How long does the battery (not the charge) last before you have to replace it?

For what it\'s worth, my Newton MP2100 has been running continuously (w/o reboots) for the last five years (that\'s when forgot to bring a charger to a business trip and ran the battery dry). I use it daily, and recharge the battery once every couple of weeks. I\'ve learned to trust MP\'s stability. I don\'t have any synchronization or backup software installed on my PC  because I have never needed it. I don\'t even know if I still have the disks anymore.

How does your SL-5500/5600 compare agianst that? Will I be disappointed?


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