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Sharp PC-Z1 NetWalker / Android 4.0.3
« on: June 18, 2012, 04:17:48 pm »
First I must admit I didn`t test it yet...

Tested it and it works!
Sometimes a bit slow but overal no problems.
A minor sitback is that the keyboard layout isn't correct with Android, but you will figure it out while typing.
This is only for the special characaters.


Played for it for an hour... to slow for me...

How to put this on your netwalker:

First, please install gparted into your NetWalker, and make partitions in your SD card.
To install gparted, please try the command "sudo apt-get install gparted,"
and if it does not work, please find gparted_0.4.3-0ubuntu1_armel.deb from the Internet, and install it with "dpkg -i gparted_0.4.3-0ubuntu1_armel.deb".

Code: [Select]
sudo gparted /dev/mmcblk0
The following two partitions are required.

    1GB of ext3 (for kernel and android system), label = rootfs
    remaining of FAT32 (LBA) (for SD card area), label = media

Then mount the SD card by re-inserting the SD card.
Then, install the android as follows. You should have write permission in the working directory.

    Download, and extract it in ext3 area of your SD card.

Code: [Select]
    sudo tar xf os.tar.bz2 -C /media/rootfs

    Erase all the lines in /media/rootfs/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules in order to fix the Wifi device as "eth0".

    For example, please use gedit.

Code: [Select]
    sudo gedit /media/rootfs/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules
    Rename /media/rootfs/etc/rc2.d/S01upfirm as /media/rootfs/etc/rc2.d/~S01upfirm.

Code: [Select]
    sudo mv /media/rootfs/etc/rc2.d/S01upfirm  /media/rootfs/etc/rc2.d/~S01upfirm
    Edit the console option in /media/rootfs/boot/boot.conf as "console=tty1"
    For example, please use gedit.

Code: [Select]
    sudo gedit /media/rootfs/boot/boot.conf
    Copy the kernel zImage ($ANDROID_ROOT/jaunty-arm/arch/arm/boot/zImage)
    into the boot directory. You cannot use the kernel for gingerbread.

Code: [Select]
    sudo cp zImage /media/rootfs/boot/

    Put the android system in /media/root/android/ics

Code: [Select]
    sudo mkdir /media/rootfs/android
    sudo tar zxf ics4.0.3-20120102.tgz -C /media/rootfs/android

    Edit the /media/rootfs/etc/rc.local, and put a line /usr/sbin/chroot /android/ics /init
    before "exit 0".
    For example,
Code: [Select]
    sudo gedit /media/rootfs/etc/rc.local
    Then, unmount the CD card.

Code: [Select]
    sudo umount /media/*
    And shutdown Ubuntu. Please unmount the SD card everytime before you shutdown Ubuntu.
Code: [Select]
    sudo poweroff
    To launch android, please press two mouse buttons and power button simultaneously.
    If small black square appears at the left side of Sharp logo, the launch is successful.

Here a little status overview:

Wifi works, but sometimes it is disconnected.

First, enable Wifi. If your network does not appear, add your network manually. Then please toggle Wifi ON/OFF serveral times,

We confirmed that Buffalo BSHSBD02 works. However, we had to insert the device directly to NetWalker without bus-power USB hub.
You can use BluetoothChat in android SDK.

In kernel, Video4Linux is enabled, but CameraService does not work yet. We added TKCam2Webcams.apk which aquare images directly from kernel.

You can use the devices with FTDI driver and PL2302 driver.

Not working.


NetWalker sleeps by pressing the power button, but display is always ON.
You can choose "Never timeout" for sleep mode.
You cannot use the console of android nor linux.

Other problems
LiveWallpaper does not work
Battery always show 100%
The frequency of CPU is always set maximized because "on demond" mode seems not to work.

How to can be found HERE

6000 - Tosa / Original Sharp Rom
« on: May 15, 2012, 07:31:52 am »
Hi all,

I am searching for the stockrom for the Tosa.
Anybody could give me a hint where I can the download for this?

Thanks in advance.



For Sale / Wanted / Wanted Sl-6000
« on: May 14, 2012, 06:23:17 pm »
Hi all,

Always wanted a Zaurus SL-6000.
I am searching for one with build-in wifi
So now time has come to get one.

If you have one for sale let me know!


Sharp PC-Z1 NetWalker / How To: Restore Your Netwalker Pc-z1
« on: June 07, 2010, 04:46:57 pm »
Hi all,

When toying around with my Netwalker I bricked it twice.
So had to do a restore twice already, so here is a manual.

See my blog with latest info!

  • PC running linux (I am using Ubuntu/OpenSuse)
  • Micro SD-Card (min 4 GB) - IT WILL DELETE ALL FILES ON IT!
  • Netwalker Restore Pack - Download (Varti: original broken link: Link)

To Do
  • we have to find out which /dev/sd* is the Micro SD-Card. (You can use Gparted to find out)
    Example 1: Your system has 1 harddisk
     Harddisk = /dev/sda
     Micro SD-Card = /dev/sdb
     Example 2: You system has 3 harddisks
     Harddisk 1 = /dev/sda
     Harddisk 2 = /dev/sdb
     Harddisk 3 = /dev/sdc
     Micro SD-Card = /dev/sdd

  • Now we know which is the Micro SD-Card we can use the following command:
     dd if=netwalker.img of=/dev/sdb bs=1M
     Be sure to be in the same directory as your netwalker img file, and edit your path to your Micro SD-Card if needed.
     For example:
    dd if=/home/username/Downloads/ netwalker.img of=/dev/sdd bs=1M
  • This process will take some time, so go get yourself a coffee/snack and return to your pc after a 15 – 30 minutes.
     When you can start your new command in the Teminal it is done.
  • Put the micro SD-Card in your Netwalker.
  • Hold down the two mouse buttons and start your Netwalker, keep the buttons down even after the Sharp logo.
  • A Japanese question will be asked: press Y
  • After the restore is done, press ENTER

Sharp PC-Z1 NetWalker / Which Window Manager Do You Use?
« on: June 05, 2010, 10:58:45 am »
With the default Sharp Ubuntu "Rom" which Window Manmager do you use?

And do you have some optimise tips?

Currently I am using XFCE, a bit faster as the default Gnome.
Though LXCE is faster, the Gnome network manager isn`t working.

Ubuntu / Multikernel Won't Flash On My Device
« on: June 20, 2009, 05:42:54 pm »
Hello all,

Well tried the how to on: Here
But when I try to flash to the Mulitkernel it won't work.
It doesn't go past the Runtime 5...

Any ideas?


OpenMoko / Openmoko Freerunner
« on: July 01, 2008, 05:25:26 am »
Hi all!

Well I thought it would be nice to have a topic about who has or going to get the OpenMoko Freerunner.
You all know (or not) it is a "Open" Smartphone.

What about you?


General Discussion / Getting The Zaurus Sl6000l?
« on: October 12, 2007, 04:50:58 am »
Hi all,

First of all I am new to these forums, and I hope to have a pleasant stay here.

Now back on topic.

I am thinking of buying a Zaurus SL6000L, second hand that is.
This because I can't find a place to buy it new for less money then 699 euro!
But before I am going to buy this expensive device I have some questions.
  • What is a reasonable price for a second hand device?
  • Is it worth the buy one, because it a rather "old" device?
  • Is the OS still up to date, or should I try an other OS if possible?
  • Can you give me some advice, if it is worth to buy, wich programs I have to look for.
  • Is it possible to sync with Ubuntu Linux? Because I read it was Windows Software only.
Thanks for all your reactions.



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