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Software / How To Unpack A Large File...
« on: July 02, 2005, 08:23:41 pm »
Hi folks,

I downloaded the ipk for the NFDB from
for use on my 5000d running the Cacko rom.  I DID run into the trouble mentioned on the site...
the "foods.db" file is where it belongs, but is still packed.  The author said to rename that file to .tar.gz and then ungzip.  I'm afraid I don't know how to go about this.

I've renamed the file to foods.db.tar.gz and run command
gunzip /home/QtPalmtop/pics/nfdb/FOODS.db.tar.gz
from advancedFM (with root privileges), and get errors.
I've renamed it foods.tar.gz and tried it and still get errors.  (unintelligible message)
I unzipped it from a desktop and coppied the file to CF, but failed to copy from CF to my (1 gb) SD card where it's installed.
I ran gunzip on FOODS.tar.gz from "run command with output" and got "...FOODS.tar  permission denied".  Same with FOODS.db.tar.gz.
Can anyone help me?

Accessories / Looking For A Stylus?
« on: April 20, 2005, 06:24:11 pm »
I bought a belkin lighted stylus first, for around $6 from  It's great for being able to use the keyboard in the dark!  
Then I saw these, and bought 3 because they're the same price as just  a battery. (not that mine was running low).  

the Lowdown:
You really need some kind of lathe to make the  belkin work in your zaurus.  I honed mine down and provided the snap ring on just my wood-lathe - it's not too difficult working with aluminum. but it will stick out about 1/4 when all is finished.  The led is quite bright.  I can type on the keyboard in complete dark by holding this stylus in my mouth.  

This saitek fits perfectly into the tube and seats with a satisfying click right out of the package, but also sticks out about 1/4. You get a pocket full of "ends" so you could try cutting a few down if you really want it to be flush.  It uses an amber led that's not very bright at all.  But hey, if all you want is a stylus, it's hard to beat a nice aluminum one for $3 shipped.
update:  in complete dark, this led has the best coverage at only 1cm from the buttons.  It can only illuminate 6 buttons across on my 5000d.  If you really want the light, get the  belkin and make it fit.  If you don't care about the light (or want to steal the batteries), this is a nice inexpensive stylus.

(This is actually another store front for   You can buy straight from surpluscomputers main store, but it's a dollar more and I don't know about free shipping)

General Discussion / Can Someone Help With Symlinks?
« on: April 18, 2005, 11:22:06 pm »
Under the hybrid Rom, a number of apps "can't find" their executables.  I need help figuring out where and to what to make symlinks.

Here's an example:
a program with the following desktop file:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Track and Graph Data

installs to /opt/Qtopia  (all the Qtopia 2.1 apps will do the same, so I'd like to figure this out)
On the hybrid Rom, this is physically installed to the path:
so the desktop entry is under /apps/Applications/tracker.desktop
and the executible is under /bin/tracker.elf

Now the desktop file is found and included on the launcher, and the graphic from the same path under /pics, is found and used.  Why can't it find tracker.elf and what links do I need to add where for programs like this to be found?

In case it's helpful, all the other files are installing to the actual location of

            /Applications (most desktop files are here)
        /bin  (most files are installed here)

Thanks for any help you can give a linux newbie

General Discussion / Nand Backup On 5000d
« on: April 17, 2005, 05:47:58 pm »
I followed the directions found here:

and get nothing more than a flashing yellow battery light.  No "service menu" as I've read about.  I've read that the service menu can be wiped out.  Is it possible that's what happened to mine?  (I got my machine off of ebay)

I'm trying to find a good reliable way to back-up my system as well as my data, and am not having much luck.

Suggestions anyone?

Sharp ROMs / Hybrid Rom And Qtopia 2.1
« on: April 15, 2005, 01:29:51 pm »
The description sure makes it sound like one should be able to "swap in" the new Qtopia 2.1 into this install.
Can anyone help me figure out how to do this?

Sharp ROMs / Swap On Ram Under Cacko?
« on: February 27, 2005, 05:27:14 pm »
Hi folks,
Is there a way to have a swap file on the SD card under Cacko?
I'm running the Cacko Rom for the 5000d (without the updated kernel).
I have a 1gb SD card, but it currently has only one partition.  It appears that I can't have a swap file in /home ...because the Z thinks /home is already in Ram?

Sharp ROMs / Sorry - Still Having Trouble With Sync :(
« on: November 28, 2004, 10:55:43 pm »
Ok folks,
Time to ask for help.  I spent the first week with my "new" zaurus trying out different ROMs

Well, I've pretty much settled on the Cacko (at least till OZ has a pdf reader)
Problem is that I've been trying to sync over usb for the last week and a half, pouring over the forum and other sites, and I've stilled failed to get my Z to talk to my PC.  All attempts seem to freeze my Z.  (except one install of the sharp PCTools in which QTopia desktop just told me that the version on the  Z and the PC didn't match.  (Qtopia desktop was version 1.55, qtopia on the Z is version 1.50.  I'd read that the WAS supposed to work and that maybe I had a partially uninstalled later version so I should uninstall completely, clean the registry and re-install.  I did, and now Qtopia desktop just seems to freeze my Z)

Here are the particulars:

5000d - Cacko advanced Flash Rom update 3.10 (kernel 2.4.18)
  30-0 configuration
Didn't like the recharge problem with the kernel update, so it's not installed.

1gb PNY sd card

(I've tried both the tcp/ip and the default io)

  Tcp/IP settings:
Zaurus Manager:
      hostname: zaurus
PC drivers:
   sl network adaptor enabled
   sl usb  controller showing  
PC networking settings:
   tcp/ip settings:
   subnet mask:
   dns server:  blank ... didn't know what to put
  encryption OFF
Zaurus PCLink:
   hostname: zaurus

I can ping the zaurus from the PC with this setup, but trying the qtopia desktop freezes the Z.  So does trying to use the sync software with Ko/Pi.  Haven't tried intellisync as I don't use outlook.  Don't know how to ping the PC from the Z.

Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong????

Any suggestions????


Sharp ROMs / Please help with Hybrid ROM
« on: November 18, 2004, 11:12:12 am »
Hello folks,

I've been trying out many ROM's on my new (to me) 5000d.  Because of the very limited memory, the Hybrid ROM looks really good:
  - it installs to SD in a 30-0 configuration  AND
  - (something no other rom has) can UNinstall any programs included in the ROM, making the best possible use of the little memory I have (eg replacing the included calculator with neocalc instead of having both installed).

BUT.   many apps, though they will install, cannot  be found by the system
Some of you have gotten things to work it would appear:

"I finally found that the applications do not run because missing symbols in qtopia libs (the symbols that sharp added)."

But i'm a complete newbie to both the zaurus and linux.  Can anyone help me figure out what symbols are missing and how to fix the problem?

thanks in advance,

Software / zipit...again anyone have it?
« on: November 15, 2004, 07:59:34 pm »
Zipit seems to have disappeared and left no traces (except 2-3  dead links on google).  any of you old hands happen to have a copy lying around?

Is there any other gui for archives around?

Sharp ROMs / Hybrid Rom system restoration
« on: November 12, 2004, 02:52:07 am »
Hi folks, just became a zaurus user thanks to ebay.  Since my little 5000d has only 32m ram, I figured I needed a 32-0 Rom (I have a large SD card). Being a complete newbie, i found the OZ rom too unstable for me, and have come down to the cacko or hybrid.  Hybrid looks good since it has so much memory left after install!  but how does one do the system restore mentioned?

"A system restoration can be performed using special "Safe Mode" shell"???

also, I see there are often problems installing apps, but this can usually be solved by adding some "links".  Can anyone tell this complete beginner exactly how to do this?  Is it a one-time thing or does it need to be done for each install that has difficulties?

If installs in hybrid are going to be this much trouble, maybe I'd better off going  back to the simpler cacko.

Thanks in advance

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