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C1000/3x00 General discussions / Delete J-e Dictionary
« on: March 06, 2005, 10:34:03 am »
dear people.
i've never used the japanese-english dictionary on board my c3000 - and i don't expect do so in the near future. although i know that it's supposed to be a really good one, i rather see it as wasted space on my machine.
now after three months with it i'm finally forced to unbrick my c3000 (hdd1 error, then unable to find some pcmcia file). several threads have dealt with this topic and i think that i'll manage (naivety or hope - watch this place for the harsh reality ...)
anyway. is it advisable to delete the onboard dictionary and what is the most sensible way? simply deleting the files on hd?

Software / Write Error When Saving Application Data
« on: February 23, 2005, 01:24:34 am »
dear people here in this forum.

i have stumbled upon a strange error when i was working on my c3000 (converted sharp) with kaddressbook 2.0.11 (actually it also happened with 2.0.3) , but it is still there after the update): i can't save my addressbook - the message i get tells me that
"There was an error while attempting to save the address book. Please check that some other application is not using it." Actually no other application has been started by me (and I couldn't find anything running in the background that could possibly work with the address book)

i tried to access my address book via zeditor, changed some name and wanted to save it. et voila:
" ) : Please investigate the file..."

then i noticed that i was also unable to save my passwordmanager (pwm/pi) 2.0.11 data, though it didn't actually message an error.

next strange thing is that some application's behaviour (to be changed on the desktop) like 'display with magnified screen' couldn't be changed any longer.

to me it seemed as if i was having only restricted access to my zaurus, slightly like logging in as a different user with less rights - on the other hand i wouldn't have any idea on how i should have managed to do this...

saving on sd is still absolutely no problem, though.

it's difficult to say, which other applications i have installed prior to noticing that strange behaviour. I definitely tried out the latest kino2 (with mplayer and bvdd), but after uninstalling them, nothing had changed. opie reader was installed, too, but 0.7h didn't really work, 0.7f didn't properly display .chm files and neither did 0.7g. again, after getting rid of it, still the zaurus refuses to save.

any help is really appreciated.

Accessories / Experiences With Fellowes Stowaway Usb Keyboard
« on: February 11, 2005, 08:45:54 am »
dear people here at oesf.

has anyone in here had any experience with the fellowes stowaway usb keyboard. the C3000 has an awesome keyboard for most purposes, but sometimes i'd still rather use a bigger one. the fellowes looks good, its description sounds good and dream theatre mentioned in another thread ( that it would work with the c3000's usb host.

on the other hand it is (probably) impossible to get hold of it in germany (i already posted in "for sale/wanted" without any replies), so this would not be the cheapest accessory (keyboard + delivery + taxes(?)) and the big question is whether it's worth it...

any comment is very welcome!

For Sale / Wanted / Wanted: Fellowes Stowaway Usb Keyboard
« on: February 09, 2005, 05:29:14 am »
does anyone know a shop/seller which stocks the fellowes stowaway usb keyboard in germany or other european countries?
many thanks in advance!

Python / Python On Zaurus - Newbie Questions
« on: January 08, 2005, 07:04:22 am »
dear people at zug. i don't want to bother you too much, especially as most people in here definitely know what they are doing (in contrast to myself). on the other hand i am sure that you know the answer to my questions (please not the plural...)

ok. i am not new to computers and programming in general, but my experience is based on many years of win and a bit of visual basic and to some assembler on my c64 (oh, yes those were the days... - visible sign of getting old?).
now i dared to venture into the promising abyss of linux on a c3000. it's a beautiful machine, without any doubt, but as soon as one starts to fiddle with it, problems start to arise.

python as a programming language still seems a good choice. i am not able to compare it with c or java, but i got it running under win and reading makes me sure i did the right decision.

now the problems start:
QUESTION1: which python distribution makes most sense on a c3000 (sharp rom)?

there is the riverbank distribution, abandoned and old, but at least i got it running on my z. however i found those different versions:
QUESTION2: which of these riverbank distributions works best (on the c3000)?

well, the pyqt is just as confusing
QUESTION3: which pyqt? the newer the better?

supposedly there is also an ide for this riverbank distribution:
i couldn't make it work: the icon appears, it will start (hourglass) but nothing will happen (python on the terminal however works).
QUESTION4: how can i make the ide work?
QUESTION5: do i need it at all? and which alternatives are there on the z?

well, and then there is the vanille-distribution. updated, that's fine. however i think that only the gcc2 feed makes sense for a c3000 with an original sharp rom (btw: what does the oz in the files' names stand for: open zaurus? wouldn't that be gcc3?)
anyway, i tried to install this (before installing riverbank's!), but the ipk didn't show up in the add&remove wizard. googling i found out that vanille's distribution is "ar formatted" (whatever that might mean):
on the other hand i also read on a completely different page ( that the new sharp rom (i guess the c3000 should have a relatively new sharp rom) is able to handle these "ar formatted" files:
"Apparently the Sharp ROM uses ar formatted ipks instead of the tar.gz version used on OZ/familier."
QUESTION6: what is "ar formatted"?
QUESTION7: how can i change it to a format able to be installed (i guess tar/ipk would be the best choice)? i know that there is a description on the zug-page mentioned above (mkdir foo; cd foo; ar x file; tar zcvf file), but please (please, please) explain... i would like to know what i'm doing...

i guess i stole enough of your precious time (and i'm afraid that this is not the last of my post here). thank you for reading this and even more thanks to everyone who will answer.

Software / Password Manager (kde Pim/pi 1.9.15) Categories
« on: January 05, 2005, 07:56:25 am »
As a newbie to Zaurus I have tried to work out how to create new categories in Password Manager (part of KDE Pim/Pi 1.9.15). All I can do is rename the default one.
I'm running the software on a C3000, installed on HD.
Many thanks for your help!

Accessories / Cases For C3000
« on: December 30, 2004, 04:29:35 pm »
Has anyone already seen cases for the C3000? I have just stumbled across this link:
However I couldn't find a dealer in Europe or USA for these. Neither could I find other cases for the new Zaurus...

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