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Off Topic forum / Greetings From Las Vegas
« on: October 07, 2007, 11:50:59 pm »
wow, this is fun here. the buildings are massive and its buzzing with life all day long. no time for internet or zaurus except showing it off to all the people here....

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Pdaxii13v2
« on: September 16, 2007, 11:24:34 pm »
The baseline for pdaXii13, ie full compatability with beta1/beta3 will be broken in the next generation of pdaXii13, ie pdaXii13v2 aka build 5.5

packages for pdaXii13 up to 5.4.9 are compatible with pdaXrom beta1/beta3 and vice versa.

Starting pdaXii13 build 5.5 aka pdaXii13v2, this compatability is no longer maintained since most of the base libraries for pdaXii13v2 will be upgraded to the latest/newer versions which are more in line with pdaXrom Latest aka r197/r198.

pdaXiiv2 will still be able to run beta1/beta3 apps, but apps compiled for pdaXii13v2 will no longer be guaranteed to be working in beta1/beta3 without upgrading the necessary libraries.

pdaXii13 build 5.4.9 can be upgraded to pdaXii13v2 via ipkg upgrade using the following feed:

it is also necessary to update /usr/bin/ipkg, /etc/ipkg.conf and /usr/lib/ipkg/ignored which can be found at the end of this thread before attempting an upgrade:;#entry167303

alternatively, you can also install the following package which will update the above files for you and if you are connected to the internet, will run ipkg upgrade to upgrade all the packages as listed on

most packages used for upgrading to pdaXiiv2 were taken from kkazakov13's feed (, however, I had to rebuild a few myself to make them compatible with pdaXii13

gtk2 - newer version and support for xim/scim
bluez-libs - added compatability link for older apps
bluez-tools - changed config to support rfcomm (dun/gprs) and cf card detection
dbus - added dependency for dbus-glib
leafpad - linked /usr/local to /usr
links - with desktop file and icon
wifi-radar - command line option
openbox - with working rotation and keyboard shortcuts

additional packages available:

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Xkeycaps
« on: June 08, 2007, 10:14:31 pm »
I have updated xkeycaps for the 2.6 kernel keymaps so now it works for C3x00 and C1000, and I have started the framwork for the 7x0/8x0, but without owning one, I am unable to complete that part of it. if anyone is interested in finishing it off, i am also attaching the source and all you need to do is edit the four c700 files under kbds.

rename to xkeycaps_pdaxrom_2.46_4.tgz since the forum is not allowing me to upload .tgz files...

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Fixes For R198/r197
« on: May 25, 2007, 01:05:34 am »
I am almost done with some essential fixes for r198 and will be packaging up all the fixes into a single large ipk for easy installation.

Here's the control file with summary of the fixes

Package: pdaXrom-fixes
Version: r198-sp1
Architecture: armv5tel
Priority: optional
Section: Applications
Depends: scrot
Description: bug fixes
- fixed fstab to auto mount SD and CF
- updated keymap (Cxx00 only) with same key assignments as in pdaXii13
- added inputrc (so Fn left/right can be used)
- added motd
- updated ipkg.conf with current feeds
- hacked pci.rc to be quiet
- replaced vi with vim
- updated rc.xml (openbox config)
- updated startx (re)load
- updated makefbmenu
- updated fbpanel-session
- updated mbsession
- made the menu key work for fbmenu
- added .Xdefaults
- added ax (to enable sticky keys)
- replaced xterm
- added libiconv and libXau
- added diff
- updated gqview
- updated xpdf
- updated xmms
- updated qtconfig
- updated pppconfig
- added default configs for pppdialer
- added ipkg-make-index
- added screencap
- added reboot
- added unclutter
- updated mb-applet-blanker
- updated mb-applet-cards
- updated
- updated
- made xmms default to double size
- made AbiWord default startup size fit on screen
- made Sylpheed default startup size fit on screen

coming soon...

Zaurus - pdaXrom / New Pdaxii13 And Pdaxrom Config Tool
« on: May 08, 2007, 12:30:43 pm »
I just started work on a config tool for pdaXii13. This one is to replace the Xdialog based script that is currently being used. I just started coding it this morning so most of the features are not working yet, but you can get a feel of how it looks like when you run it. It is written using QT3.

you will need to copy pdaxii13-splash.png to /usr/share/pixmaps and unzip and run pdaXcfg to test it...

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Anyone Got Libc.a?
« on: May 06, 2007, 09:10:30 am »
i wanted to build something and statically link the whole binary, but then found that it compiles about not finding -lc.

i checked which correctly points to and libc_nonshared.a so i am now thinking that I need libc.a because on my SharpROM, I do have libc.a and can statically link my apps.

if anyone got a libc.a for pdaXrom, please end it my way, otherwise, I would need to compile the whole glibc just to get this libc.a

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Does Precompiled Python Load Faster?
« on: May 06, 2007, 04:37:13 am »
well, theory is that pre compiled python code (.pyc) loads faster than uncompiled python code (.py)

so I thought, why not pre compile the pdaXrom config tools that are written in python to make them load faster?

to test this, I moved the code in the python config tools out of the main file into module files and have the main file just import those module files.

for example, for the i moved all the code to and rename to datentime and stripped all the code except the __main__ section and the include to include the pdaXconfig_datentime module.

when running datentime for the first time, it compiled into pdaXconfig_datentime.pyc
i then deleted

now when running datentime it loads the precompiled pdaXconfig_datentime.pyc module

i also tested running the original

unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any significant improvement in loading time, maybe there are a few milliseconds of improvements, but that isn't important to me.

running datentime or the first time always takes a long time to load. running it (either one of them) a second time, is much faster to load. this is because it needs to load python itself on the first load, and since python had been loaded and cached already in the second run, it loads faster.

thus, the conclusion i get is that loading python is what is causing the long load time of those admin/config tools, and pre compiling the python code does not provide any significant load time gains.

if you want to test it out yourself, i have attached a package with all the python config/admin tools precompiled.

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Dual Booting Pdaxrom And Angstrom?
« on: May 06, 2007, 03:28:03 am »
This might be something that might be of interest to owners of C3100 and C3200.
Since pdaXrom runs mainly from the NAND and doesn't really use the internal MicroDrive explicitly and Angstrom runs from the MicroDrive and doesn't use the NAND which really is a waste of the NAND, it could be possible and might be desirable to have them dual boot on the Zaurus. Both use a 2.6.x kernel, the Angstrom one using the microdrive as rootfs and the pdaXrom one using the NAND. uboot which pdaXrom is using allows you to select a different device for rootfs, ie NAND or MicroDrive. This won't work as of now, but would anyone be interested if things went that way? And if you really want to, it probably would also be possible to boot off the SD card as well, for something like running Debian...

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Thanks For Digger
« on: March 28, 2007, 07:09:02 am »
That was one of my all time favourites on my very first PC, a 386SX

General Discussion / Epiphany And Mozilla
« on: March 28, 2007, 05:31:25 am »
I am trying to build epiphany for pdaXrom beta3. The problem is that the latest version of epiphany requires newer versions of gtk and glib than what pdaXrom beta3 has.

ephipany 1.5.7 is an older release which supports the version of gtk and glib that pdaXrom beta3 has. now the problem is that this version of epiphany does not build against firefox 2.0 or 1.5.

Which version of firefox/mozilla does this version of epiphany require? The readme file says that the release notes will have the info, but there is no release notes in the source package to indicate the required version of mozilla/firefox

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Uboot On C3000
« on: March 24, 2007, 01:14:33 am »
before I try to install uboot onto my C3000 in order to get dual booting working, has anyone tried installing uboot on a C3000 and got anything booting?

can someone attach them here or email them to me?

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Is There A Command Line Utility
« on: March 14, 2007, 07:28:52 pm »
before i attempt to write one of my own, is there a utility that can bring a running application such as xmms to the foreground?

what i want to do is to send xmms to the foreground if it its running when closing the Z's display. this would then allow me to control the music using the ok and slider on the back of the zaurus.

currently i need to alt tab it to the foreground before closing the display. i want to automate that

C1000/3x00 General discussions / My C3000 Is 2 Years Old
« on: March 14, 2007, 06:58:26 pm »
gee, after 2 years, it finally got a great distro to use. I just release pdaXii13 5.3.2 for it.

i hereby officially name it iZaurus, ie beautiful white C3000 with matching white headphones and white wristband running pdaXii3...

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