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Sharp ROMs / Calendar Crashes On 3.10 / 5500
« on: August 06, 2005, 04:11:31 pm »
About the first thing I noticed when I flashed 3.10 was that the calendar crashes when switched into month view. It dies immediately after (or in the last stages of) displaying the month layout, and the only extra info I get from starting it from the command line is qeclient_sendcommand(): server child accidentally finished! It's a particular nuisance because the calendar is the only app on there that I can't do without and I only ever use the month & day views. I would say I could get by with the week and year views but I'd lose newly-entered data to this problem often enough for it to be a real nuisance.

Is this a known problem that would be fixed with the 3.13 rom or suchlike? Could it have been a fault during the flashing session that maybe won't happen again? (hope hope hope!) I've no idea what to think, other than finding it mildy ironic that it was the calendar's broken before I've had a chance to start working on my own.

5x00 Hardware / A 32mb 5500?
« on: July 25, 2005, 05:47:40 am »
I'm a little puzzled. When I bought my SL-5500 on eBay it was listed as having 32MB of memory and the system info, the free command, et al back that up. Nothing seemed strange about it until I started reading and the ZUG site, where it's implied that 5500s always have 64MB, the 32MB machines are 5000s. It has "SL-5500" printed on the back of the case & I can't see any other indications of what it is, in the absence of better info I'd conclude it's a very early 5500 (like the extremely rare 256MB Atari STs), although I do have to wonder if it's a 5000 in a 5500 shell.

What I'm most interested in, is will I be able to use roms designed for the 5500? I'm planning on using ones that put /home on a card, was going to do that anyway, but some instructions say to do something different depending on whether the machine is a 5500 or a 5000 & I'm not certain whether that's just because of the different ram size.

One thing I will be doing is watching niv's thread asking whether the Zaurus can be taken up to 128MB.

Site Suggestions, Requests, and Updates / Zug Downloads Broken
« on: July 25, 2005, 04:35:04 am »
Heyya. I've tried downloading a few bits & pieces from the ZUG site's download area, and got the following error every time:

Access Deniederror : admin_execute(modules/UpDownload/admin.php,UpDownload_admin_DownloadsModDownload)

I take it it's not meant to be like this?  

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