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Just wondering if anyone's got an easy to install lightweight distro running on their Netwalker that they can share?

The stock Ubuntu 9.04 is really slow, to the extent that the keyboard and mouse won't work for periods of time (this is the same with an external keyboard and mouse). I have reset the stock Ubuntu 9.04 using the instructions on this page in the forum: (with some good help from Admin person Varti!), but it hasn't fixed the problem of how slow it is. If there was a way to install a lighter desktop environment I'm sure it would help. Although I'm really knowledgeable on Windows my Linux understanding sucks and most of the generic Ubuntu advice I have learned online does not seem to work with this weird Sharp-Flavoured-Arm version of Ubuntu 9.04.

One issue I have with it is that when it wakes from suspend it spends a while flashing up a plain white window in the middle of the screen with the words 'start-up now' and then loads up multiple instances of Firefox and tries to load Thunderbird (which I uninstalled as I don't need it). While this is all going on it is completely unusable and sometimes I have to just do a force shut-down by holding the power button down. So I've looked online at advice on this, but all the places I'm supposed to look inside Ubuntu do not contain these start up entries.

I bought the Netwalker in the hope of eventually being able to run a lightweight audio tracker program I like, as I find a portable device with a keyboard much better for this task than a normal touchscreen phone/tablet.

If you've seen Netwalker activity elsewhere online, or if you think I should be bothering another community, please let me know.

Any advice greatly appreciated.


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