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Gemini PDA - Android / Android Rooted/Unrooted Partitioning
« on: July 06, 2018, 04:23:25 pm »
After several installs and brickings I've gone for a Std Android/Linux/Rooted Android arrangement.

I'm sure something has gone wrong as I cannot see any difference between the rooted & unrooted installations, every change I make on one appears on the other, both are rooted.

Even if both installs share the system files I would have expected to be able to have different apps, password & wallpaper on each.

So has it gone wrong or have I fundamentally misunderstood something?

Gemini PDA - General Discussion / Multi-boot
« on: July 02, 2018, 12:57:26 pm »
I'm interested in the community view on this.

Personally I find the "Hold button X and release button Y at specific times" to get one of 4 boot options a complete pain.

I would far prefer it to have just 2 options:
1 - Just Escape - Boot into whatever ran the last time.
2 - Esc + Silver button - A boot menu.

Boot menus seem to be out of fashion, no idea why as it's far more versatile system than the hit-and-miss press buttons and hope.

Gemini PDA - Hardware / Hub quiescent load
« on: June 02, 2018, 12:36:53 pm »
I've got a 3rd party USB C hub (pqi 6 port - of which 4 are useable) and the bits that work are fine but it's one hell of a power hog. With the Gemini shut (Stock Android) and the hub plugged in but nothing connected to it it slurps about 9% of the battery capacity per hour, with Ethernet connected and WiFi off it was about the same. The alleged power passthrough doesn't work either, still drains 9%/hr with the power connected.

So I was wondering if the Planet Computers hub has a lower or similar quiescent load and if power gets through to the Gemini?

Didn't use anything fancy to test, just looked at the battery level in Android so my 9% estimate is pretty rough but the load is still about 10x that without the hub plugged in.

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