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Gemini PDA - Sailfish OS / Sailfishos for early access
« on: October 12, 2020, 03:13:58 am »
SailfishX (name for the paid version) update to is available for early access users. The release is not far away. It is still very nice on the gemini PDA if you do some fixing yourself:
  • use 'Default allowed orientations patch' with patchmanger3 and fix it to landscape inverted with 'dconf write /desktop/sailfish/silica/default_allowed_orientations 8' (use terminal for the command)
  • don't forget to switch wifi off if you don't need it to save a lot of battery
Looks like quirks and bugs get never fixed in future. But it is the best OS for me on this device. Give it a try if you have not done until now.

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