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Hi All,

When I am on a phone call, the CoDi display does not dim or turn black when I have the Cosmo next to my face/cheek. If I don't angle the phone away from my face, I inevitably press the mute icon on CoDi display with my cheek and not realize it until the person I talk to asks 'Are you there?'

Is there a setting I have missed that enables the CoDi to go black when next to my face?

If not, what is the best way to send a request to enable to CoDi display to go black when I am on a call with the phone next to my face?


Cosmo Communicator - Android / Android Enhancements Wish List
« on: December 01, 2019, 07:04:25 am »
A. For Planet Computer apps (e.g., Notes, Agenda, Airmail), more keyboard shortcuts for use in the app itself. As many that are useful and practical. For example:

- Close the app
- Change cursor/input focus to another part of the app (e.g., ctrl + tab)

Cosmo Communicator - Hardware / Front External Display Wish List
« on: December 01, 2019, 06:56:21 am »
In addition to Airplane Mode, more call settings, which includes:
- Silent (no vibrate)
- Vibrate only
- Do not disturb

Visual indicator that the call is in speaker mode

Cosmo Communicator - CoDi / Unresponsive and Black Front Cover Display
« on: November 29, 2019, 02:43:47 pm »
Unexpectedly, the external display went black and became unresponsive. This occurred after I decreased the brightness level and a few hours passed.

Expectedly, the external screen initially turned off.  However, after the Cosmo was off for a few hours, I pushed the left toggle button and the external display was still dimmed but expectedly showed the 8 circular app icons. I could not get the external display to return to show the time, date, etc.

I then opened the Cosmo and Android was working fine. I then closed Android and the external screen was black and the two LEDs in the toggle switch on the front cover were a solid red (not blinking). Pushing the toggle switch buttons or the silver colored button on top of the Cosmo did nothing.

After rebooting the Cosmo, the front cover external display worked as expected.

Hi All,

I see the Planet Computers LEDison app installed on the Cosmo Communicator. It seems to be an app best suited for the Gemini PDA because it does not have the front display panel. I am curious to know if the LEDIson is useful for Cosmo Communicator owners and any information that could explain how to best use this utility on the Cosmo.


For the first couple of days with the Cosmo Communicator, the purple LED above the camera was constantly on. The quick start guide says this LED light is a 'Wireless Indicator LED'. Additional details on when this LED comes on/off is not described in the guide.

The purple Wireless Indicator LED went off after I figured out how to get T-Mobile (US) Mobile Data working. Apparently, the inability of not having Mobile Data working was causing the purple Wireless Indicator LED to be on constantly. The Mobile Data option in the Android settings was greyed out and unresponsive when tapping on it.

So, what did I do to get my T-Mobile Mobile Data working? I consulted with a T-Mobile representative who directed me to the following BYOD T-Mobile data and APN Settings webpage.

After locating the Access Point Names setting in Android 9, the APN settings matched to what is on the T-Mobile webpage except APN Type and APN Protocol. After changing the APN Type to default,supl,mms and APN Protocol to IPv4/IPv6, I was able to turn on Mobile Data in the Android settings. It was then I noticed that the purple Wireless Indicator LED above the camera on the Cosmo was off.

Perhaps the Wireless Indicator LED warns the phone user/owner when cellular data is no longer available?

Note: It seems enabling/disablabling wifi has no effect on the Wireless Indicator LED.


Cosmo Communicator - General Discussion / First Impression (72 hour)
« on: November 24, 2019, 10:04:05 pm »
For those considering of purchasing a Cosmo, below are some first impressions. I don't cover negatives or what could be improved. I will post negatives and potential improvements in a future post. I am a former owner/user of a Palm Pre and Nokia n900. My current phone is a Blackberry Priv. Thus, I am a fan of physical keyboards. I purchased the Cosmo because of the keyboard and potential to install SailfishOS/Debian on it.

First Looks
When the Cosmo first arrived, I did not turn it on. Instead, I took it to work and showed it to others to get their impressions of the Cosmo. Everyone who saw the Cosmo was impressed with its build quality and weight. The weight give the device a nice feel. Many gave the Cosmo a thumbs up for its sleek look. I say sleek because nobody said that it looked thick. It is definitely thinner than what I was expecting. The black and dark gray go well and the Cosmo looks sophisticated IMHO. Of course, others are free to disagree. The metal body helps to make the device feel solid and high quality. Opening the Cosmo takes force, but nobody said it was too much force. Everyone was curious what the Cosmo is like when turned on.

Note: The Cosmo I received did not have scratches on the front or back.

First Impression
After I got the Cosmo set up with my Google account and imported my data (files, music, photos) from my previous phone, I was left with getting to know the Cosmo. At first, the Cosmo did feel strange to use because I was not used to such a large keyboard and holding a phone horizontally. The last time I used a horizontal phone was a Nokia n900 (ugh, I loved that phone!), which was approximately 6+ years ago. Although using the Cosmo keyboard is not required, I could not use the same swipes I use on my Priv with the Cosmo because (a) Blackberry customized the Android home screen with unique gestures that I learned and used every day and (2) going to a horizontal screen felt more foreign than I was expecting where the usability of the Priv did not transfer to the Cosmo. Besides, the keyboard is so large on the Cosmo, it is a waste not to use it.

Thus, I spent quite a bit of time learning as much of the Cosmo keyboard features/functions I could. The keyboard is not quite big enough to comfortably touch type with all four/five fingers with two hands like I do on a normal keyboard. The Cosmo is small enough that holding the Cosmo and typing with two thumbs is not an issue (i.e., doable/comfortable). When setting the Cosmo down and typing with two hands, typing with two or three fingers and a thumb is comfortable.

For me, the biggest reason I do not type fast on the Cosmo keyboard is due to not knowing all of the locations of the letters, punctuation marks, etc. The Cosmo keyboard is small enough to put a few keys in unfamiliar places (e.g., comma). I am confident I will become faster typing on the Cosmo as I get used to it.

Despite not being fast typing on the Cosmo, I am liking it quite a lot already. Planet Computers has put a lot of functionality into it. Using the keyboard makes me feel like touching the screen is unnecessary for many things. For example, I love pressing the Fn+A key followed by the Tab and Del keys to close out open applications. Things I prefer to do using the keyboard compared to touching the screen include:
  • Closing out open apps (used most often)
  • Displaying the Home screen
  • Launching the Phone/dialing app
  • Launching the Settings app
Initially, the Front Panel Display (FPD) is a very screen but the functionality of the FPD was underwhelming. This was because I was using the FPD mostly to unlock the Cosmo. It was not until I left the house for the first time and made a call with the FPD. Wow! How convenient it is to use the FPD to make a call. Planet Computers has worked hard to make it easy for users to find a number and call it. The glass on the FPD feels very smooth and solid. The FPD does not feels high quality. I am very impressed with the FPD precision (i.e., distinguish between small text) it can respond to an input. I am no expert in this matter, so my thoughts are not based on facts, just impression by a lay person.

My initial impression of Android 9 was not a 'Wow' due to (a) being unfamiliar with Android 9 and ( lack of customized home screen and the Planet Computers App Bar. After I installed my favorite apps and configured the Home screen and App Bar to my liking, the Cosmo really feels like a device that will be useful to me.  

What I Like so far
  • The keyboard!
  • The build quality!
  • Making calls with the front panel display
  • The Notes App - sorting by most recently updated and searching are fantastic!
  • The Agenda App - what a great looking and highly functional app!
My first impression unexpected and positive. I am glad to have backed this project.

First Look - "This device looks cool!"
First Impression of Usability - "I need to learn how to use the keyboard and front panel display to maximize its potential (I like learning new things!)"
Initial Impression - "This device is cool and I think I am going to like using it!"

Thanks Planet Computers for making this device. It is a good effort and I hope you continue to support the Cosmo post launch with software updates and other software enhancements.

Cosmo Communicator - Hardware / Front Display Panel (small tip)
« on: November 24, 2019, 08:00:58 pm »
I noticed that the Front Panel Display (FPD) app icons (white and circular in shape) (phone, camera, video, music, etc.) were not launching with a normal press. I pressed harder on the screen thinking that it would help, but did not. At first, it felt frustrating that the app would not launch no matter how many times I pressed on it.

It occurred to me that the 2.5 inch screen is responsive to a small area. For example, I am impressed how reliable unlocking the Cosmo with a numeric pin on the front screen with its quite small numbers. So, I asked myself why is it so much harder to launch a Front Panel Display icon than it is to input a pin.

Eventually, I figured out that if I imagined a FPD white circular icon to be an analog clock and lightly pressed at approximately the 7PM location of the circle, the Front Panel Display app will launch. Every time. It works with super light press too.

If launching the FPD apps is frustrating, try tapping a specific part of the icon rather than the whole icon. I don't know if the 7PM location will work all Cosmo units produced; however, launching FPD apps is no longer frustrating and is now easy to do.


Cosmo Communicator - Android / Odd Behavior Thread
« on: November 23, 2019, 08:49:37 pm »
Received Cosmo Communicator (US/non-Verizon) two days ago. Moved from previous phone to Cosmo today. Noticed a few odd behaviors. Don't know if they are already reported or fixable via a software update.

A. A couple of times, the display (front) panel did not replace 'Planet Computer' with date/time after closing the device. The large inside screen was responsive and appeared to work normally. Restarting the device restored the front panel display to normal behavior. This occurred a couple of times after using the device open for at least 10 minutes and the keyboard for various things (including accessing the Settings). I will be monitoring to see if it occurs again and more specifically the circumstance it occurs.

B. Pressing the Alt + Tab causes the red LED appear to signal all caps is engaged, but this key combination does not disable all caps. Pressing Fn + Tab keys enables and disables all caps. Unclear why Alt + Tab has this effect. It also seems redundant with Fn + Tab.

Note: Per the Cosmo quick guide, the red LED is for all caps or low battery. The B issue occurs regardless of battery.

C. The Cosmo was shipped with a near full battery charge, which is great! The battery drained to 15% with frequent use over the course of the day. It wasn't until the end of the day when I noticed that the keyboard LED's were on the lowest setting. I wondered if the unit was shipped with the keyboard LED light on. Recommend new Cosmo users check that their keyboard LED's are not on when they first receive it by repeatedly pressing the Fn + Shift + B keys. I will be monitoring the battery usage over the next several days.

D. Airmail appears to authenticate email account info in plain text, which Google blocked due to the reduced security. Google did not notify me and the Airmail error message was not very informative. Took me a bit to figure out that I had to go into Google security and make a change for Google to trust the Airmail app (last item in the Google security page, something about insecure app). The inability for Airmail to connect to gmail straightaway may confuse some Cosmo users who wish to use the Airmail app.  

I look forward to getting to know the Cosmo over the next months.

Modified by adding note to B clarifying the multiple functionality of the red LED light.

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