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It says in the wiki for debianTP ( ) you need to update the android system image to get audio working in calls.
On this page ( ) it shows how to do it but my md5 output isnt listed. Nor is it listed on the planet firmware page for android.
I was wondering weather it would be safe to do the update anyway?

my system image is: 412fd070ba98b8f863cbddb50b09d2d3

Gemini PDA - Linux / cant apt upgrade, have tried fixes
« on: April 09, 2020, 05:28:39 am »
hey im going through the resources on updating my debian install from planet computers guide and the wiki/ forums. however there are still a few niggling issues.

1 cant edit mac address in hexedit, it says read only. so wifi settings arent remembered.

2 calls dont work (no audio) - maybe fixed with apt upgrade but...

3 cant do apt upgrade because of common libreoffice problem. ive tried multiple documented fixes. screenshot of issue attatched.

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Gemini PDA - Linux / connman mobile-data
« on: April 08, 2020, 07:12:20 am »
Hi, im having trouble getting mobile data to work in gemian.

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I'm trying to follow the debugging mobile guide.
not sure how to install ofono scripts.

also at the moment when I receive a call theres nothing after the notification.
txt works fine though.

any help would be much appreciated

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