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How do I store a spare Astro Slide without damaging the battery? If I charge it to, say, 90% and check the battery once a week, I get, say, 90%, 90%, 90%, 90%, 0%. This looks quite dangerous for the battery. I can't really check the battery daily and I don't want to keep the charger plugged in all the time.

Unfortunately, my 4G Telekom SIM card works with my new Astro Slide only if I restrict the network type to 2G, that is, I get data speeds like 15 years ago, if I am lucky enough to be in an area that still has 2G coverage. 4G doesn't work: the Astro Slide manages to stay connected to the 4G network for a couple of seconds only, then disconnects, and the process repeats. It is totally unusable as a phone on 4G. Of course, mobile data is also unusable on 4G.

So, my experience is this:

Telekom 2G: works
Telekom 3G: no longer available
Telekom 4G: does not work
Telekom 5G: don't know

What's your experience with the other networks (Vodafone, Telefónica) and with 5G on the Telekom network?

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