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Software / Tarball Hardball
« on: December 30, 2005, 01:11:09 am »
I am having something of a circular problem here, I have a Zaurus-5500 that works real great, except when I want to unzip the contents of a .tar file on it, the busybox tar utility doesn't work and gives a whole lot of  "bad tar header, skipping" messages.
I have been speculating that the problem is that the busybox tar utility isn't good for unzipping the tar files that were compressed with more advanced versions of tar. This seems reasonable because the compressed tar utility I found at the GNU website is a good 9MB compared to all of busybox being only 228KB. But here is my main difficulty... all of the versions of tar that I have found on the web are... well... tarballed into a .tar file or compressed similarly.
Am I not using the busybox tar utility properly? Is there a gzip or tar archive utility I can use for WindowsXP before I put the tarballed packages onto the Zaurus? Is WindowsXP corrupting these tarballs when I save them for later file transfer to the Zaurus?

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