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Sharp ROMs / Support For Animated Gif Or Mng?
« on: March 24, 2008, 09:24:20 am »
I'm trying to display an animated gif or mng image with Qt 2.3.2 but it doesn't work.  I'm using Sharp's ROM.  Could someone confirm me if support for animated image is enabled or not?

If support for animated gif and mng is disabled, anyone has suggestions?  I have a bunch of animated gifs to display, is there a way to convert them into a different and supported format?

In NetFront, I can see animated gif and mng files very well.  I wonder if the problem would not come from my code.  What I do is :

Code: [Select]
QLabel label = new QLabel( this );
label->setMovie( QMovie( "/home/zaurus/img.gif" ) );

According to documentation, the animation should start right away.  Right?

Edit: Forget it.  It works fine.

Qt/Qtopia / Which Version To Use?
« on: August 19, 2007, 12:38:14 am »

I have developed a  small application for my Zaurus.  I would like to port it to Windows and Linux.  The application uses Qt 2.3.2 and Qtopia 1.5.4.  

On TrollTech's ftp site, I see this :

- QtWin230-NonCommercial.exe (for Windows)
- qt-x11-2.3.2.tar.gz (for Linux)

and :

- qt-x11-opensource-src-4.3.1.tar

I'm wondering...  Should I keep using Qt 2.3.x? or use Qt 4.3.1 for the desktop version of my application?

If I keep Qt 2.3.x, should I be worried by the difference between the version numbers : 2.3.2 vs 2.3.0?  Is it a big deal?  Anyone has experience with these versions?  Also, it's mentioned in the README file of QtWin230, that I need Visual Studio but they don't say which version, neither if it's free or not?  Anyone knows this information?  Do I need a specific version or the latest one is ok.  According to Microsoft's website, Visual Studio Express seems free (as in free beer) but I cannot find older versions.  

Finally, do you think it would be too much hassle to migrate from Qt 2.3.2 to Qt 4.3.1?  I don't think so but I would be curious if anyone has experience and/or comments on that.  Do you think that would be possible to keep just one source tree using a lot of #ifdef or should I separate the code in two branches : zaurus and desktop (and the latter with #ifdef for Linux/Windows specific code)? What do you think?

Software / What's This Format?
« on: August 18, 2007, 10:58:23 pm »

When I go to the gym, I took the habit of keeping some data like my blood pressure, pulse and weight.  I store the data using the Database application that came with my Zaurus.  The About dialog says : "Database Ver 1.1.3 - © 2003 Sharp Corporation".  

Now I'm considering to use another database program so I would like to export my data.  There is an option to export to a CSV file.  It works but I don't know how the float number data is encoded.

Code: [Select]
"T","attribute","created time","modified time","sync id","category","date","pressureHigh","pressureLow","pulse","weight"
"D"," ","20061106091718","20061106091718","00000001",,"20061106      ","1a0a9lL0LLL0LLL0LLL0","1;0alLLKLLL0LLL0LLL0","1;0auLLKLLL0LLL0LLL0","1;0anLLSLLL0LLL0LLL0"

So this means that :

1a0a9lL0LLL0LLL0LLL0 = 122
1;0alLLKLLL0LLL0LLL0 = 60
1;0auLLKLLL0LLL0LLL0 = 69
1;0anLLSLLL0LLL0LLL0 = 62.8

What's this format?  Anyone has a clue about the transformation I need to do to "1a0a9lL0LLL0LLL0LLL0" to get "122"?

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