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General Discussion / Just Got A Zaurus Sl-5500, Has Problems
« on: May 01, 2006, 07:35:48 pm »
Ok, well im new to this forum, and also new to the Sharp Zaurus pdas. But not new to Palms or Pocket PCs.

Actually I bought mine from someone from this forum, and well I could just email him, but he may not have the answer as fast as some of you guys :-D

Ok, so this 5500 has OpenZaurus GPE. When i got it it was fine! But then the battery power was drained (had to rush to get an adapter for US outlets). So then I turned it on, it got to the OpenZaurus screen, then the GPE screen, then it just turned off by itself.
Then it just quite a couple seconds after the OpenZaurus screen! :-/
Then, i looked up online how to do a hard reset (i think i did it right, the button by the battery). Now it just doesnt do anything, but it does make a whine when i turn it on, but then quits after a few seconds.
Now, no offense for the smart OZ users here, but I just wanted to switch it back to the original Sharp ROM when I got it, so im wondering how to get that back on it, and if that would fix my problem.

Any suggestions would be helpful! Hopefully someone here or the seller here can help me out (ive emailed the person also about it)

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