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For Sale / Wanted / For Sale: Zaurus Sl-6000l
« on: April 30, 2005, 10:21:03 pm »
In what condition is the battery?

I've been looking for an SL-6000L everywhere and can't find them in the states. I've heard Sharp discontinued them not only in America but also in Japan. Guess there just wasn't a big enough market..

I purchased this little wonder for a client in December of last year. He wanted to use it to stream video off a Tivo. Well after some hacking around we finally got video streaming over 802.11b. But, after investing all this time in getting it working, my client then decided he wants to go with a pocket pc device.. oh well...

Now I'm left with an extra Zaurus which is not being used, and there nothing that bothers me more that a good bit of technology that is not being used. So, it's better in your pocket than mine.

In addition to the Zaurus, who's specs I'm sure you are all aware, there are a couple of little things that go along with this...
1. The unit has been flashed to use Open Zaurus
2. I also have the USB dongle which will let use use the USB host with normal USB connectors. The is the dongle you'll need to use an extra USB drive, keyboard, gps, etc.
3. There is a blue ton of software installed on the unit. I have modified the IPK packages to use ALL of the internal memory. As many of you may know, when Open Zaurus is installed half of the memory is allotted to the "/home" mount I've tweaked the config files to use this memory, thus making the SD card a truly removable media.

    Software of note I have installed: Mplayer, kdepim/pi, Handycomm's word processor and spreadsheet, Opera, OpenSSH, and alot of smaller stuff.

    I have removed the normal PIM software which comes with the Open Zaurus platform. The reason for this is that was having trouble syncing Zaurus with a Linux desktop. kdepim/pi turned out to be the easiest syncing solution for us.

    I'll be happy to ship the unit anywhere in N. America, and possibly elsewhere. I am hoping to get $450 for it, but I am open to negotiations.

    If you have any question I can be reached at:
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