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Site Suggestions, Requests, and Updates / Re: Security certificate expired
« on: December 07, 2021, 06:31:48 pm »
And it seems it has expired again...

Cosmo Communicator - Linux / Re: Uninstalling Linux
« on: November 29, 2021, 02:55:28 pm »
The first option worked perfectly. Thanks!

The only problem is that Android v25 cannot be installed in this way (not listed on the web page), so I had to use v23.

But after that you should be able to install v25 OTA??

Cosmo Communicator - Android / Re: Recording phone calls
« on: October 07, 2021, 11:20:13 am »

I have tested it. The calls go to phonerecord-folder on internal storage in 3GPP audio format. However, the problem is that you have to manually start the recording for every call (the automatic recording option does not seem to be there).
Could you then use an automation app to start that recording automatically??

And one question, since you have tried it: Does it give off a "beep" when recording??

Cosmo Communicator - Android / Re: Recording phone calls
« on: October 06, 2021, 06:26:56 pm »
As far as I know, there is a "record button" on the main screen when on a call. What it records, and in what format and where it gets recorded to, I don't know...

(Or if it even works at all... :o )

Gemini PDA - Hardware / Re: Blue/Red LED above Tab key?
« on: September 23, 2021, 05:49:42 pm »
The blue/purple light seems to come on during boot, if I remember rightly.
It does, as the original poster said as well. But I do seem to remember it having some use/significance later too: I'm quite sure I've seen it, but can not remember what the phone was doing that could warrant a led lighting up at the time...

Gemini PDA - Hardware / Re: Blue/Red LED above Tab key?
« on: September 21, 2021, 07:06:27 pm »
It is mainly a caps lock-indicator  (when red), which you usually turn on and off with "Fn" and "Tab" (sometimes it activates with other "Tab"-combinations as well).

The blue light I don't remember what stands for/signifies at the moment...

Astro Slide - Hardware / Re: Back side of the display ugly?
« on: September 21, 2021, 05:26:01 pm »
ALL of these look better than the back of Astro!!

Yes, I agree that having the screws accessible IS an advantage, but that should not mean that it couldn't be polished at least a bit... As it stands now, it looks like a phone the Borg (in Star Trek) would be proud of.

I certainly don't want them to postpone the delivery by months, or even weeks, to correct this, but it SHOULD have been something they already had looked into, and have a quick fix for. (In my view it is so CLEARLY that it looks terrible the way it is now, that they should have thought about it already.)

At least a better finish on the surface, or even some colour, would "solve" the problem quite easily...

And although all the "backs" you have provided pictures of already look better than the back of Astro, you have the "added problem" from Astro that it is designed to sit on a surface with the back VISIBLE to anyone sitting across from you when open, which clearly is NOT the situation with the "sliders" you have posted pictures of.

As I have stated before, I don't usually care much for esthetics, but that does not mean that I would like something that, in my view, is just plain ugly! At least not when it SHOULD be easy to rectify.

Astro Slide - Hardware / Re: Pictures from Tokyo Meet up
« on: September 18, 2021, 06:14:51 pm »
Hmm, I hope the back of the screen (with keyboard "open") will be more "refined" in a hopefully more "final" version...

I don't usually really care much about esthetics, but that was just plain ugly! :o :(

Thanks for posting for those of us not living in Tokyo, or having a private jet-plane ready and fueled for a quick trip to Japan... (And even those with that, would probably face some serious obstacles to get in to Tokyo/Japan anyway these days...)

Gemini PDA - Android / Re: AppBar how to change the clock from 24hr to 12hr
« on: September 10, 2021, 12:21:37 am »
Sorry, misread the topic...

Have tried to change different settings to try and get 12h clock on the Gemini app-bar, and can't seem to make that happen... But on the Cosmo it DOES follow the setting in the settings for time for Android.

So other than "upgrading" to a Cosmo, it might look like you are out of luck. And I doubt that getting the app-bar to display a 12h clock actually warrants that upgrade... And if you WERE to upgrade, I would recommend the Astro instead 8) :-\

Gemini PDA - Android / Re: AppBar how to change the clock from 24hr to 12hr
« on: September 09, 2021, 07:19:45 pm »
I've got 24h clock in the app-bar on my Cosmo, and just turned on my Gemini to confirm I have the same there. I'm quite sure I've done nothing else than turn on 24h clock in the settings...

Cosmo Communicator - Hardware / Re: Google assistant on closed cosmo
« on: September 05, 2021, 12:56:06 am »
Have you tried unlocking the Cosmo with the fingerprint-sensor after closing it? (The Cosmo usually locks automatically when it is closed...)

You should also be able to activate it with the setting "Right toggle button activates voice assistant" in Cosmo settings. (As I understand it that should mean the "red/decline"-button. It would still require that the Cosmo is AVAILABLE to activate it, but you would not have to have it OPEN to activate it. Hopefully it will accept commands from bluetooth-headsets from that activation as well... You might have to unlock it before being able to activate it with the right toggle button as well??)

I assume people have read the latest update, and ARE aware of this, but for those who did NOT select "final" keyboard when contributing, it is "kind of" important. (I would dare to say it is the most important part of our contribution, otherwise we wouldn't have contributed towards a phone with a physical keyboard in the first place.... :-\ :P :o )

Here is the information needed to make final selection of keyboard (they only want those who selected "Other (select later)" for your keyboard layout when backing, or those who for some reason want to CHANGE their original choice, to fill in the form...), copied from the update:

If you have selected "Other (select later)" for your keyboard layout when backing the Astro Slide perk on Indiegogo, please use this form to make your final keyboard selection:

And they would like for us to have made the selection by the 5th of September.

Off-Topic: ShowHide
Hmm, where is the wysiwyg editor for posting? I know it is available in Simple Machines, but don't seem to see it here... I kind of prefer to edit with codes visible, and use preview to see how it looks anyway, but sometimes it would be "easier" to edit directly with wysiwyg. And others might prefer that ALL the time too...

Never mind, I apparently need to get my eyes checked: It's there, it's the last button on the right in the line above the smileys...

Cosmo Communicator - CoDi / Re: Codi broken
« on: August 18, 2021, 01:38:12 pm »
Other functions do work as you say, but unfortunately it seems that the silver button at the end that allows you to lock the device is bound to CoDI being on...

Seem to remember that there is some limitation to the USB-ports with Codi off as well (at least charging from the right port doesn't work without Codi on)...

So, the OS seems to matter a lot. My original report was for UBports.

As a lot of things still seem to be dependent on Android, I would still  recommend going in to Android, and set the Codi to turn of when powering down: It might have an impact on Linux as well...

Have you set the cover display to off when powering down? If not, then I assume that will eat up the battery pretty quickly, even if the "phone" is turned off...

As Cosmo is my "daily driver" I have never really turned it off for any serious amount of time, but the Gemini (now not in use) seems to last at least a few months when turned off, and you SHOULD be able to get similar time for the Cosmo...

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