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Cosmo Communicator - Android / Re: Planet backup?
« on: April 24, 2023, 02:44:03 am »
Planet mention a backup in their software but I cannot see it on my Cosmo or on the android go play store under planets software. Am I missing something? In the end I used the android file access to copy files on my Mac and also used google one backup but it would be good if there is an official backup solution from planet.
Unfortunately the Planet backup is just for the Astro for the time being. It was supposed to be for at least the Cosmo as well, but is not on the play store yet. It is available on Planets own pages (I think), but with clear instructions to only install it on  the Astro...

Astro Slide - Android / Re: Airmail
« on: February 26, 2023, 05:03:57 am »
I guess I'm done with this thread now. I have finally found a cheap email client that works like a charm for my needs. Would K-9, once it becomes Thunderbird for Android, gain the ability to compose rich text messages, that might become an option for me then, but unless something breaks, I feel no need to replace FailEmail.

"FailEmail", isn't that kind of a bad start?!? 8) :P ;D

And kind of counterproductive...

Astro Slide - Hardware / Re: ear phone noise
« on: January 02, 2023, 06:48:33 am »
There is a menu option in the radio app, to switch to "speakers" instead. This worked on the Cosmo, but when the Astro activates its speakers, it loses reception, as if it tries to use the speakers as the antenna too.

Planet keep on inventing stuff, now the speaker antenna!

Astro Slide - Android / Re: google search bar on home screen
« on: December 24, 2022, 05:00:33 am »
Is the Google search bar on the home screen a permanent feature?  I haven't found a way to remove it.

You will probably have to change launcher to be able to remove it. (Might also be possible on rooted devices, without changing launcher.) I use Nova Launcher, and have seen quite a few others that uses it too...

Astro Slide - General Discussion / Re: Pictures of the Astro
« on: December 23, 2022, 06:31:50 pm »
Thanks a lot Daniel! It seems I've actually got some options then. I have the "case" for the Gemini as well, but never actually used it, at it was a bit to tight, and the Gemini didn't have an outside screen, so the need for protection wasn't as big. But it fits the Astro?!

Some of my reasoning behind using the case for the Cosmo was that I would at least get access to SOME of the screen, but now I will at least have two options, without having to get/buy/make something new.

Astro Slide - General Discussion / Re: Pictures of the Astro
« on: December 21, 2022, 03:38:54 pm »
Thanks for the photos!

One quick question: Does the Astro fit in the case for the Cosmo? My intention was to use it for the Astro, but if it not possible to get it to fit, I need to start looking at other options... (Although I probably wont be getting my Astro for quite some time yet...)

Astro Slide - Hardware / Re: Astro battery module model
« on: November 14, 2022, 09:24:20 pm »
Odd how PC, as a company, feels as if it's fading away. To cam's polite inquiry, PC cut-n-pasted a response that didn't even answer his question. Their reference to "summer sale" has obviously come and gone, and anybody who would pay $720usd for the ancient Cosmo would also need to see a doctor/financial planner.

Also, if I can get stand-alone replacement li-on batteries from China, why can't I get them from Britain?

To Planets defense they DO have an odd approach/understanding of anything time-related, so there is absolutely a possibility that they are having their "Summer sale" now ;D

But to be a bit serious as well: I'm also a bit confused by their "we can't ship batteries by themself" statement. One would think that it is based on some sort of safety issue. But then I would think that it should be safer to ship a battery that is not connected to anything (the only source of "danger" is then internal short-circuit in the battery, or something similar). If you ship a battery IN a device you will have the added danger of short-circuit in the device as well... :-\


Since you claim "I am pretty well versed in European consumer protection matters", could you please tell me what kind of regulations could forbid Planet to offer perks at different discounts?? And as I also stated, the perks with the HIGHEST discount are already taken down. Do you seriously believe they are not allowed to set their own prices for their "product"?? "Well versed" is NOT how you present yourself, in my opinion...

(There are several possible, and totally legitimate, reasons they let the number of available perks "run out" and then offer new ones. One is that they need to "sell" a certain number of "standard" perks for each with the higher discount. Another possibility is that they have refunded someone with the same perk when they add new ones. And I really don't buy that it is illegal for them to keep adding them regardless of WHY they keep adding them either. And I REALLY don't think those who HAVE gotten these "cheaper" perks would have preferred that Planet didn't add them...)

As.for.perpetually resetting the number of remaining campaign special offers, I admit that it may be legal in some jurisdictions, although not in mine (the EU). But that aside, I find it less than hounest.

You SERIOUSLY think it is ILLEGAL to add more discounted perks as time passes?!? Then I don't really see any point discussing further with you, as you obviously have a very strange view of how the world works...

I am a backer of the Astro Slide project at Indiegogo, and have been since May 2020, so I am a pretty early backer, with a contribution ID in the 900s.
I backed in APRIL 2020, and MY backer-number is above 2000, so don't really think your information here is accurate...

I would be extremely reluctant in recommending backing or ordering the Astro Slide phone at this point, as communication from Planet Computers has been grossly misleading for a very long time, and from the very beginning they have been resetting the count of remaining "early bird" or "special offer" devices available every time they reached zero.

Some of the perks with HIGHER reduction in price, HAS been "taken down". Why they keep adding a few of the NOW "cheapest" perks, I don't know, but are you suggesting that they are not ALLOWED to do so?!?

For at least half a year they have claimed that devices were now manufactured, tested and would ship to backers over the next few days, and have subsequently "locked" the contribution on Indiegogo..

However I have still not received any tracking number, and neither has any one else (apart from 2 or 3 questionable posters in their comment section).

Given this and the nature of this device, and given the notable absence of any "nerdy" reviews and independant unboxing reports, I am less and less convinced that more than a few prototype devices have actually been shipped to any real backers or customers. I now doubt that any significant  amount will ever be delivered...

Sorry for the putdown, but thats my hounest impression now.

There are a few users on this forum as well (and at least one of them has been a forum member for a loooong time), who has gotten their Astro's, so your assumption is quite simply wrong!

And to be clear: I am not really happy with the communication from Planet, but that is sadly their "norm": It was more or less the same for both the Gemini and the Cosmo as well. And I would also obviously prefer to have my Astro in hand already, but still choose to believe that they will come trough, as they eventually did with both the Gemini and the Cosmo.

The Astro SHOULD be able to run some version of Linux too, eventually.

And there are now real differences between the different "versions" of Astro on Indiegogo, so if you are able to get the cheaper one, then go for it (if you decide to get the Astro).

And if you are interested in the best keyboard, I would really recommend the Astro: I have both the Gemini and the Cosmo (and will hopefully get the Astro as well, but will probably have to wait a while, as I want/"ordered" the Norwegian/Danish version), and before that, I had the E7 (and the previous Communicators from Nokia). And when I for some reason turn on the E7, the keyboard now feels very "cramped" compered to Gemini/Cosmo. And the keyboard on the E7 seems to be similar to the one on FxTec Pro1 X (and their previous phone as well).

Hope this helps somewhat, but be aware that you are posting this question on a forum, that for the time being, is mostly related to Planet computer devices, so most reply's you get here are likely to be positive to them... 8)

Astro Slide - Hardware / Re: Planet USB-C to HDMI Video Cable
« on: August 25, 2022, 08:16:28 pm »
I tried the PC USB-to-HDMI adapter from my Cosmo, and it doesn't seem to work on the Astro. I noticed that the indiegogo page claimed "USB to DisplayPort"  rather than HDMI, so maybe it'll be a new cable.

From what I've read it is SUPPOSED to be the same cable, but remember that it is (at least was) also only supposed to work on the right side USB...

I also seem to remember that people where able to get HDMI out from Gemini/Cosmo by using a USB to DisplayPort (and then DisplayPort to HDMI)??



As I will have the Norwegian/Danish model, I can only DREAM of even that still, as it is not even mentioned in the latest update. I really would have preferred if they had made a "Scandinavian" model (also for the previous two phones), rather than splitting it up in Swe/Fin and Nor/Dan...

Astro Slide - General Discussion / Re: Astro reviews thread
« on: July 20, 2022, 11:24:53 am »
Well here is a review that is not a paid by PC promo ad.
Yes, the FANTASTIC review by the person who was "disappointed" the slide-out mechanism wasn't AUTOMATIC, and generally shows absolutely no understanding of how to even operate the phone?!? I'm thinking it looks more like THIS review WAS paid for by someone, but to bash Planet, than most of the others, which looks to be more balanced (and usually with some complaints as well), should be paid for by Planet...

Have you tried to toggle the settings for cover display under Setting->Cosmo Settings off and then on again? (Like I also suggested to you in another thread. If you HAVE done that as well, I apologize, but you have only referenced what you have done in "Cover Display Assistant", and nothing from settings, so it is kind of likely that you have NOT tried anything there...) There are three different toggles for things related to cover display under "Cosmo Settings"...

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