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Zaurus - pdaXrom / Pdaxrom For C3000 Beta2
« on: June 21, 2006, 11:19:05 am »
Got it!
(I knew it would kinda come in handy...)  

Returning Your Zaurus SL-C3000 To It's Factory Settings
Much of the information here came from the helpful members of the Zaurus User Group forum with special thanks to Jonathan.
The Story: In a moment of terror I rebooted my Z and got an HDD1 error. I did a Hard Reset by holding down the OK button while powering up. Then I chose menu items 3/1/Y. I ended up with a HDD3 error. I later discovered that when I installed debian and changed a read only file, the reset conflicted with those changes. Believing that the 3000 would work much like my 5500 I assumed I could restore to factory settings with a startup trick. I had no idea that by wiping out my hard drive I'd lose everything. But that's just what I did.
The Solution: Warning! You could brick your zaurus and have to send it back to Sharp!
Disclaimer! I cannot be responible for damage to your zaurus!
Warning! You will lose All stored information.

This method should only be tried if you are at your wits end, are a curious geek like me, or completely insane.

The essential software is contained in the 16Mb ROM called the NAND and about 20Mb on the hard drive. You will need the following files:
NAND (this contains a boot loader, the Service/Diagnosis Menus, an emergency linux system, and the basic filesystem. You most certainly won't need this but it's included here for completeness)

Software (hdd1.tar.gz)

English translation provided by TriSoft (see Backup for Download zip file)

You might also want to replace the kernel so you can watch the Z boot up just like on your linux box.

Once again, this is not the way to rescue a hung Z. These are extreme measures and are not recommended!

Begin every step with the Z powered down.

Disconnect the adapter. Remove the battery cover but slide the latch back to the closed position.

Restore the NAND:
If you have not messed with the read-only files in your ROM you should skip this step.
This is the most dangerous thing you can do to your Z!

Unzip the NAND and put the .DBK file on a CF card. It doesn't matter if the card is not empty. Put the card in the slot. Remove the battery. Hold down the D and M keys and replace the battery. If the diagnostic menu doesn't come up try again. CONNECT THE ADAPTER. Do not choose Update Menu. Page down and choose the Backup Restore Menu. Choose NAND Flash Restore. If it finds your file press OK twice (twice because this is very dangerous). Watch the progress bar and wait until you see Restore...OK. Press cancel. Remove the adapter. Remove the battery, replace it, and check to be sure the Z powers up again.

Substitute a new kernel: This step is optional and dangerous! Put the Special Kernel and on a CF card and insert it into the slot. Replace the adapter. Hold down the OK key and power on. From the Service Menu choose 4 then CF then Y. Whenit prompts you, do a Soft Reset. Remove the adapter. Remove the battery. Wait 30 seconds. With the point of the stylus gently press the submerged button in a tiny black rectangle next to where the battery would be. You should feel a slight click. Replace the battery and power on. You should see the boot process and Tux the Linux penguin instead of the Zaurus logo.

Partition the hard drive:
Insert a CF card. Remove the battery. While holding down the D and B keys, replace the battery. Release the keys and wait for a prompt. Login as root. Input the following:
    # sfdisk -uC /dev/hdc <<EOF
    # 0,203,83
    # ,816,83
    # ,6916,c
    # EOF
    # mke2fs -j /dev/hdc1
    # mke2fs -j /dev/hdc2
    # mkfs.vfat -F 32 /dev/hdc3
Replace the Software:
Put hdd1.tar.gz on a CF card and put it in the slot. Remove the battery. While holding down the D and B keys, replace the battery. Release the keys and wait for a prompt. Login as root. Input the following:
   # mount /dev/hdc1 /hdd1
   # mount /dev/hdc2 /hdd2
   # cd /
   # gzip -cd /mnt/cf/hdd1.tar.gz |tar xvf -
When you receive the #prompt again remove and replace the battery. Replace the adapter. Hold down the OK key and power on. From the Service Menu choose 3 and then 1 and then Y. After several minutes you should have a fresh Japanese machine. When it boots up, click on the words in the center of the screen. Then on the cross hairs. You will then be left in the date setting application. hit the Home key to get to the menus.

Assert your Western Imperialist Tendencies:
Unzip the English translation and put it in a directory called Backup_Files on the CF card. Insert it into your Japanese zaurus and go to Settings (the middle tab at the top of the page). Find the green icon that looks like a sheet of paper that goes both ways. Click on it and then on the lower of the two blue dots. From the left drop down list in the middle of the screen choose CF. The English translation backup should appear. Now click the lower center button. In the popup choose the left button. After watching the progress bar, the Z should boot up into beautiful English.
As a convenience you can download which will perform steps 4 and 5. Just put it on your CF card. You must have the card in the slot before you D/B-On to get to the #prompt. Then just type /mnt/cf/ and follow the prompts.

That's it. I've made no hyperlinks in text itself to make it easier to edit. Hope that helps.

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Pdaxrom For C3000 Beta2
« on: June 09, 2006, 06:07:07 am »
There are some recipes:

Actually, there was a good HOWTO written by Pelon ), but now this link is broken...

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Pdaxrom For C3000 Beta2
« on: June 09, 2006, 04:54:58 am »
Your situation isn't normal, that's for sure. Try replacing your MD, 1 or 2 Gb Cf cards are now almost as cheap as dirt. I got the following errors after my "kitchen reflashing"  :

1) I'm unable to reboot in any other way than reset/battery removal (don't remember, though, maybe it was with MD and usual beta1 also);

2) XMMS on some tracks overloads CPU and starts to lag;

3) Fn very often doesn't work, and so do several other secondary key functions;

4) There's no overclocking spreadsheet so OC doesn't work either;

5) SD driver from Sharp works, but, strange enough, it allows to write onto SD card only when using Z as USB card reader. Reading is OK;

6) Firefox (or DeerPark) is MUCH slower and MUCH less stable than in previous releases, it aborts very often, and, what's much worse, doesn't free memory after that.

7) Also I was unable to install and use zgcc image, but I think that's my fault. It mounts, but commands return "unknown command".

Maybe there are some other mistakes as well, I just don't remember now.

Oh, yes, 8) Suspend/resume is REALLY flaky. It's a widespread mistake with 2.4.x pdaX versions, if I'm correct.

Hardware Mods / 2700g Video Card
« on: June 09, 2006, 04:40:03 am »
Video output by itself is very nice (especially if it could be able to do the output of unconverted video, like onto LCD), but 2700G or something like that, especially together with RAM upgrade would be absolutely fantastic.

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Pdaxrom For C3000 Beta2
« on: June 09, 2006, 03:55:34 am »
Has anybody here successfully installed pdaXrom b2 on a C3000 with its microdrive replaced with a 4GB CF card? Is the install procedure exactly the same as when installing onto a MD?

Is there a good guide (pref. with photos) on the net for replacing the internal drive on the C3000? Anybody want to recommend a fast 4GB CF card and a cheap place to get one in the UK?

I'm asking, if you hadn't guessed already, because it looks as if my MD has had it  . I frequently get fsck errors, corrupt filenames and now my desktop settings and wallpaper under ROX have just vanished thanks to a corrupt filesystem. I'm on my 2nd install of pdaXrom now- I followed Thc's revised instructions at the top of this thread. When I was getting disk errors, even after performing Meanies init and fsck fixes, I decided to re-install but this time just performing step 15 onwards, didn't think parritioning the drives would make any difference.

So, looks like I might try re-instaling again but doing the whole install procedure again. IIRC steps 8-14 didn't correllate with the prompts the installer was offering me so maybe I did something wrong during that part of the install? Anything else (apart from backing up) that I might want to do/check before I try another install my MD?




Didn't take long to find iamasmith's guide to replacing the internal CF drive:

Thanks Mr. Smith! Only thing missing from that guide is you neglected to mention what the max power rating of CF card is that will work in the C3000, if you know. Has anyone compiled a list of cards that are known to work well?
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I tried replacing with 1 Gb CF card. See earlier in this thread. The sequence of commands at the flashing console is:

mke2fs -j /dev/hda1

mount -t ext3 /dev/hda1 /hdd1

cd /

gzip -cd /mnt/card/hdimage.tgz | tar xvf -


It works, but there are quite a few errors.

Hardware Mods / 128 Mb Flash Upgrade
« on: May 19, 2006, 01:06:19 am »
Because there are some unhappy guys who have only 16 Mb of NAND in their Zaurii.  Like me, for example.  This puts us off the road of mainstream ROMS - we have to hassle with old betas, pivoting and so on...

BTW, I got that Lexar MS with the proper chip and one day I'm going to try it out.

Zaurus - pdaXrom / How To Open/edit Ppt/pps?
« on: April 06, 2006, 02:27:06 pm »
Yes, there WAS a Sharp Hancom Presenter (from SL-5500 software, if I'm correct), but it has two major disadvantages: 1) It's for Qtopia ROM only, though I should once try it under newly-compiled Qtopia for pdaX; and 2) It's as much of cheap bastard as to show  only text and NO images at all (background and so on). Let alone animation..

C1000/3x00 Hardware / Battery Extenders Based On Rechargeable Nimhs
« on: March 15, 2006, 09:47:38 am »
Here is the photo of that device, DC/DC converter

[img]\" border=\"0\" class=\"linked-image\" /]

It does start with 3 batteries (3.6V), also should with 2, but from AA, it draws too much current. It should work with 2 C or D batteries, though.

C1000/3x00 Hardware / Battery Extenders Based On Rechargeable Nimhs
« on: March 12, 2006, 11:23:31 am »
yep! i'm thinking of something like that in "waterproof", maybe a constuction with some of these heat shrink tubes

do you have experience with zaurus and low voltage, say, below 4.8 or 4.7 volts?
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About the lower voltages...

Yes, some time ago I've found a scheme for DC/DC converter that needs (in theory) as few as ONE or TWO large, fresh, fully charged 1.2 V battery or batteries. One of community guys assembled it, it worked, so look and give it a try if you want.

[a href=\"][/url]

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Hardware problems with pdaXrom..
« on: March 12, 2006, 10:45:52 am »
I need some help to put to work my CFVGA adapter, a voyager this has a cirrus logic chipset....
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I also have CF VGA adapter, but mine is Pretec PocketPresenter with Epson S1D13806F00A1 chipset. I would like very much to get it working with pdaX, because it works with Cacko (not without a trick - I had to run "cfxgamirror 1" instead of "cfxgamirror 0" by default).

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Pdaxrom For C3000 Beta2
« on: March 10, 2006, 10:06:50 pm »
Reaper- is that so? What make and model SD card are you using? What is the max speed SD card the C3000 supports? What is the average data transfer to/from SD as compared to the MD?
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Actually, I've just replaced MD with CFI flash card, Transcend 1GCF45. I was talking about flashing NAND and unzipping hdimage.tgz off SD/MMC card, not about using SD/MMC as a complete replacement for the MD. I tried to reflash from 2 cards ( Kingston Elite Pro 1 Gb SD and Digitex 1 Gb MMC), both seemed to work more or less correctly in this matter. My regular and preferred one is Kingston, and i'm going to upgrade both SD and CF cards in my Z to larger and quicker ones. Some day, maybe...

BTW, one more strangeness with my "kitchen reflashing": XMMS sometimes loads up CPU to 100% and begins to play approx. 2 times slower. Noticed on some tracks, usually comes off after reboot, but not for long.

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Pdaxrom For C3000 Beta2
« on: March 09, 2006, 04:29:14 am »
With a little help from guys from I've managed to reflash c3000 Beta2 onto CF card (mine is 1 Gb TS1GCF45), instead of slow and power-hungry MD. Just copy files to SD card, reflash NAND and kernel, run the console and type:

mke2fs -j /dev/hda1

mount -t ext3 /dev/hda1 /hdd1

cd /

gzip -cd /mnt/card/hdimage.tgz | tar xvf -


There are some minor bugs (keyboard mapping is a bit weird, CPU config doesn't run etc.), but it works and it's really faster than with MD.

Hardware Mods / Stuffing Serial Bluetooth Module Inside C1k Casing
« on: February 28, 2006, 03:31:41 am »
It's really cool you've made it that far.  I just haven't got two things:
1) What is the current version of your BT chipset that you've soldered? It would be nice to have 1.2 or even 2.0;


2) Is it technically possible (by overclocking and so on) to use any soldered BT chipset to reach true USB speeds like some Mbps? I'm interested in it because of the pretty usable audio profiles like A2DP and because of BT headphones that would be nice to connect to my C3k.

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Sound Driver Issues?
« on: February 27, 2006, 03:28:22 am »
Yes, I had the same problem with both 760 and 3000. Less often with the latter, though (only about the sound). But pure suspend problem (device doesn't react to taps) is more serious with C3k. I think the matter is related to the APM and Sharp OSS driver. Also I heard that people who use ALSA (mainly OZ users  )don't seem to have such sound problem. It would be nice to have ALSA for pdaX, too.

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Wake Up Gone Flakey
« on: February 17, 2006, 01:41:27 am »
Yes, then it seems to be the problem is in Microdrive mostly. I'm looking forward to collecting $400 and replacing it with 8 Gb flash card...  

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