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For Sale / Wanted / For Sale: Zaurus Sl-c3000
« on: September 09, 2006, 10:03:45 am »
For Sale: Zaurus SL-C3000. Like new. Very little use.  Battery life is as good as new. It's always been inside a PDAir Case, with a screen protector on it. No scratches nor dents on it.

Included items are:

Zaurus SL-C3000 (with Battery)
USB Cable (I´m pretty sure the one i´m including is the one that came with the Z, but all USB cables work)
USB adapter (not sure what the english name is, you can plug USB Type A cables on both ends)
2 Install CDs
2 power adaptors (original and aftermarket)
Original Manuals (in Japanese)
Original Box

PDAir Case
Linksys WCF12 Wifi Card (with box, manuals and CD)
4 Screenprotectors (5 if you inlude the one on it)

I bought it as a Toy when I travelled to Tokyo (May 2005) hoping to learn Linux with it, but I ended up to busy to play with it.  It´s been sitting in my desk all these months.

I can´t sell it in Peru because everyone wants to have windows or palm, so I will be sending it to the US (Ft. Lauderdale area, Florida) with a friend in hopes of selling it via ebay or through here.

It has been converted to English with the conversion that has.  It also has 1.11 ROM

I´m asking $450+shipping for it.  But I am willing to discuss offers in a private manner.

I have pictures so just ask. You can contact me here or Preferabbly to my email shinma15_at_gmail_dot_com.

C1000/3x00 General discussions / C3k Crashing With Music Player
« on: May 28, 2006, 06:55:38 am »
Hello everyone,
I recently reinstalled everything in my zaurus, i cleaned out the memory and did a fresh reinstall of everything. I bought my Z in a trip to Japan, FYI I used the original stuff i used when i bought it, I used the Backup from streamline-cpu for it to localize it, (dated sometime in 2005).

The process I did was reset the machine to factory conditions and apply the backup. (I didn't do the long deletetion and checking process, just the quick one).  I don't think it could be hard drive problems as my Z gets very little use (to the point i charge the battery about 2 times per month)

i had already done the ROM update later last year, so this time i reset my Z I didn't do it (for some reason the Zaurus ROM version in the System Info shows 0.0).

But when I turn on Music Player 2.0, every now and then it makes my Z crash, and I have to open up the battery and click the reset button.  The screen just freezes as it was, the music player stops playing alltogether, and the unit is completely unresponsive, no buttons work (I haven't tried any key combos if there are any)

I'm still a n00b when it comes to Zaurus and linux, so please keep the answers simple.  

Thank you!


I guess this is a bit of a stupid request... and I certainly hope i'm not the only one with the problem.

 My C3K has the sharp 1.01JP and i want to upgrade to the 1.11JP ROM, i know the page with the update software is:

However, I don't speak/read japanese, so i tried an online translator la babelfish, and the results were quite frustrating   .  Machine translation sucks big time, it's barely understandable, especially for a zaurus n00b like me.

Me no understand, how it upgrade new ROM, no clear ROM update how completed.  Me You thank for reasonably understandably instruction english/spanish in.  

Thank you.

C1000/3x00 Hardware / Can You Defrag The C3k?
« on: May 08, 2005, 09:14:56 am »
Hello everyone.
Just out of curiosity, I've had my Z for over a month now, most of the time just testing its ability to act as a video/mp3 player.  And i´ve gone through quite a lot of writing and deleting large (300 mb+ video files), and adding mp3 files in between. so i'm sure my hdd3 partition should be quite fragmented.

Can you defrag the microdrive inside the SL-3000? And if you could, is it worth the hassle?

thank you.

C1000/3x00 General discussions / Sync Issues Sl-c3k & Win Xp Sp2
« on: April 25, 2005, 09:45:15 am »
Hello everyone,
I read on the forums that to sync a SL-C3k with a pc

1) install japanese drivers,
2) install English version of PCSoft.  make a copy of the folder
3) once that´s installed you can test the connection by telnetting to the Zaurus.  
4) Uninstall english version.  
5) Install the japanese version of pcsoft, then you rewrite with a copy of the installed folder of the english version.

I´m basically stuck at  step 1.  The installation went smoothly. The OS picked up the hardware, asked for the drivers, and installed.  It all seemed ok, the problem came when I reboot my machine and replugged in my zaurus.

When I do that on my XP pc, the icon to remove/unplug USB hardware and so does the icon for the new network connection comes up, but it has a little exclamation sign next to it, when i click on it: (this is the rough english translation) "no IP could be assigned to the PC, that the connection is not good and there might not be any internet on the network."

The network icon for the Zaurus doesn´t have the big red X you get when the computer is unplugged from the network, it´s just a yellow exclamation mark.  So I guess there´s maybe a partial connection (if such a thing ever exists).

I can´t telnet nor even ping my zaurus (yes i checked I was in PC Link setting)

When I tried to uninstall the driver for the Zaurus, while the zaurus is plugged in, I get an error that it can´t be uninstalled.  something that the zaurus might be needed to boot the pc so it doesn´t allow me to uninstall it.  However it disappears from the hardware list after the message.  If I unplug the zaurus, then the icon for the network adapter for the zaurus isn´t there, so i can´t remove it.

I tried to install the software on a Win ME computer, and the computer can telnet to the zaurus, but I can´t install the japanese software, apparently the OS does not recognize the other folders required to install when the OS is in spanish and the CD is in japanese.  So I get stuck on step 5...

Is there a way to install the sync for the Zaurus in either machine?

Thank you.


Security and Networking / Problem With Planex Cf Wifi
« on: April 17, 2005, 01:57:37 pm »
Hello everyone,
About 2 weeks ago I bought a C3k and a Planex wifi card GW-CF11X, when I got home to my sister´s I plugged it in, installed the linux-wlan.... file and got the card to find the network (but it didn´t really use it because my bro in law has WPA).  Since the Zaurus recognized the card, and it found my sister´s network I thought it was all ok.  

So now I´m finally home (about 29 hrs later... it´s one hell of a long commute the suburbs of Tokyo to the airport in Lima, Peru).   I tried the card and the C3K doesn´t recognize it.    It doesn´t even tell me I have anything plugged into my CF port.     The LED on the card (Link) doesn´t even light up.

I put a memory card and it reads ok, so at least i know my CF slot is ok.

When I try the wifi wizard (FYI I converted my Zaurus with the backup at, so I do know that wizard part of wifi isn´t converted to english), the screen whites out, if i take out the card the screen comes back. However this also happens  If I reboot the Zaurus with the card in I get the same blank white screen.

On the way home i put the card inside the antistatic bag it came in, and it was inside my backpack when it went through security in LAX airport.  I don´t think this would be an issue after all, all PC´s get XRayed in the airport.

Is there a way to test the card?  I don´t have other PDA´s to test it in, hence the question.

Thank you.


C1000/3x00 General discussions / Wpa On C3000 With Planex Wifi Cf?
« on: April 06, 2005, 02:57:10 pm »
I bought myself a C3000 last week (my first Zaurus...this thing ROCKS!)  and I bought the Planex GW-CF11X wifi card when I was visiting Japan.  

I'm at my sister's place and she has a Wifi LAN with WPA encryption.   I looked up info on this on the web but all i can find is stuff in japanese (I can't read Japanese, and I cant understand the web translations... yup you guessed it i'm a n00b to Zaurus...)

I found there's a file to download linux-wlan-ng_0.2.1pre26-c3000-1_arm.ipk but that doesnt seem to add wpa encryption.

Any comments and suggestions would be highly appreciated.  BTW, I do have knowledge on computers and networks, but my skills aren't admin level.

Thanks in advance.


Cxx0 General discussions / Where To Buy In Japan?
« on: January 26, 2005, 08:30:08 am »
Hello everyone,
I just decided to take the jump for an 860 (the 3k is too rich for my blood at the moment).  Anyway, I have an aunt travelling to Japan, and she said she could get me one, trouble is, she isn't very knowledgeable in technology.

Price said the price for one of these is about 430,000 yen in Kakaku (sp?)  Is this store like Best Buy with stores all over Japan? or is it just a store online.  I'm sorry if this question sounds dumb but i don't know any japanese.

I've heard that the place to go is the district of Akihabara.  Do you have to walk a lot to find a new one at a great price?  

Are there stores like Best Buy or Circuit City (in Akihabara or in Japan as a whole) where I could just point her to go to and get it?

Thank you


Accessories / Any word on the launch date for SL-6000?
« on: January 31, 2004, 09:45:51 am »
Does anyone have an inside scoop on the launch date for the SL-6000? says Feb. 15, but as far as i know there have been no official launch date.

Pocket penguin doesn\'t have SL-CXX0. and i\'m sure as hell not planning on paying $100 more on other stores.



Software / Can you overclock/underclock a Zaurus?
« on: January 10, 2004, 01:37:51 pm »
I was browsing software and i found out that certain palms  can be overclocked/underclocked through software.  For example there is lightspeed (  

Rather than speeding up the processors (which i doubt i\'ll require), i was thinking more on the lines of underclocking to improve battery life.


General Discussion / FCC pics of the SL-6000.
« on: January 10, 2004, 12:23:28 pm »
The external pics...

They don\'t look any different from the ones we saw earlier on this site.

and the internal pics, in case anyone might be interested

I can\'t wait for the 6000 to come out!!!   :roll:


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