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Greece / Syndesh me linux
« on: March 31, 2004, 11:33:15 am »
Φίλτατε mpak τι εχεις καταφερει ως τωρα οσον αφορα στην συνδεση του zaurus με το pc? δεν εχω ακομα μονιμη συνδεση στο ιντερνετ και δεν εχω δοκιμασει τα διαφορα κολπα οπως internet sharing remote control μπλα μπλα?

Of course! Give me 5 cases!

Sorry. Just a joke.

I will try to build it. Very hard works but I can\'t see how to make it differently. Participating in pdaXrom or OE / Opie is perhaps the best way to go.

Off Topic forum / The perfect Linux PDA
« on: March 31, 2004, 03:18:36 am »

:arrow:  I can only be pragmatic.


You love your Z. This can\'t be denied.

Yearh yearh... You should already know reading my posts that I\'m not satisfied by the OS nor by OS remplacement. I\'m like fighting to convince developpers of what I think is the way to go for Linux on PDA. This is not different of what I have send to Psion CO before their decline.

With Sharp of Psion Teklogix, it doesn\'t really matter for me. Sharp is already there and has already prove that they can build Linux PDA. They are the first true big entreprise trying to use Linux on PDA. Unfortunately, with the present state of the Linux PDA graphical applications and enterprise figth, it\'s like playing to Russian roulette to build a new device using it. I know that your are disagree and that you think the opposite. We will see who will be rigth in the next furture. The past events let me see that I\'m rigth. I can\'t see anything that haven\'t occured  and for now the solution is still in front of us.

Just one second, put yourself in the place of an enterprise (manufacturer or software builder) and think about what they would like to see on Linux PDA market.
Just one second, put yourself in the place of Microsoft and think about what they would like to see not emerging on Linux PDA market (in fact, what will work and what will eat their Pocket PC market share).
Just one second, think about standard user (or a enterprise leader) that only run Linux as user xxx and use only KDE and Open Office suite. This one who would like to use a PDA at home as at work and synchronising with the secretary calendar and address book.

Perhaps you can\'t imagine this. I don\'t know. Perhaps you simply don\'t care. I don\'t know. Perhaps your work here is to freeze Linux PDA state like it is at present to prevent it from eating PPC. I really don\'t know. I can only work on what I know, on what I read and on my enterprise/PDA experience.

It is planned to add more of them in the future. A \'curstom user style\' web page (like the screenshot one but of course completely revamped) will certainly be created as soon as Opie will be good enough for every developper.

You could already work on yours if you want to. Opie is a work builded by its users (and don\'t know much for exemple about Qt programming but as I\'m french, I translated all files in French). Give your name to the new style and to mark Opie with your fingerprint!

Off Topic forum / The perfect Linux PDA
« on: March 30, 2004, 03:23:50 pm »
I completely agree with you! And the reaction of padishah_emperor about what I have written is also completely part of what I was denoncing.

padishah_emperor, you want to know what I have bought so far? Here is the list:

HP48LX&GX, TI89, Psion Series 3, Psion Series 3a, Psion Series 3c, Psion Series 3mx, Psion Series 5, Psion Series 5mx Pro, Psion Revo, Psion netBook 64Mo RAM, HP iPaq 3870, Cassiopeia E-200, Sharp Zaurus 760.

Hey!!! I was forgetting my HP 200 LX and the two Atari Portfolio PDA.

And I still think that I\'m a normal PDA user with normal needs. . :roll: Perhaps with a little more PDA experience (and a lot of knowledge about Psion device as I worked for them too).

Off Topic forum / The perfect Linux PDA
« on: March 30, 2004, 06:47:35 am »
Yearh, the more I grow old, the more I irritate easily (like my Swiss-deutch grand father ;(

One and only one operating system should emerge on PDA in order to allow some kind of standardization / interoperability / centralised effort. It\'s the community that should make this choice. Everyone wanting a powerfull OS should support the one they love to make it win the market. Make your choice, and make it quickly so things could move forward.

So my reply to the perfect Linux PDA question is:

 - We already has the hardware (even if some part could be added like bluetooth or wifi). It\'s the operating system + user interface + end user applications that is worthly of attention. If a good OS emerge, all manufacturers will want to build new improved hardware for it (and then, hardware discussion could go on).

I\'m not saying that we shoudn\'t talk about hardware features but that even if it was a PXA 2 GHz 256 Mo rram and 128Mo of flash, they will have the not user friendly label on their back.
See Zaurus 5000, 5500, 5600, 700, 750, 760, 860 specifications and hardware improvements and understand what I mean.

Off Topic forum / The perfect Linux PDA
« on: March 30, 2004, 04:43:34 am »
It\'s just the Zaurus OS that need to be completely replaced. :evil:

At present, there\'s no complete embedded Linux OS for PDA that is good enough for mass market. No good PIM, no powerfull and free World Editor, Spreadseet or Presentation Maker, no got Jotter nor Drawer, no good Recorder, no Route/Street Planner that could compare with other plateform, no free Dictionnary no Program Editor (kate port is perhaps good enough).
Don\'t even try to tell me that you only need to use ssh or any other tools that is not for newbee or for Windows everyday user. What are all those fxxking bxxtar whose only think about PDA like a command line tools and think about users as if they were Power User with no standard need and a keyboard transplanted on hands.

This market as any other one that havent thought enough will be closed. Sharp and other are already closing their web site. Are you sure that your way of thinking is still the best? You have been evaluate, you have been judge, you have been marked as uninteresting by the mass market.

The only apps that apparently are good enough are Opera, NetFront, E-mail and Multimedia Players.
Buying a Zaurus, I have bought a portable Internet/MP3/Movie player box but not a PDA. Since the beginning, I\'m fxxking waiting for something that could change this state. At present, I only think about OE, Cacko and X11 rom. The last one is more open for application portability, open and closed source developpement, restructuration, Linux PDA furture... even if it is not ready today.

Note: The base system, witch deal with CF, memory, framebuffer, thread and command line tools is good. It\'s the surrounding layer that is completely crap, messy, and without good application porting ability (I mean, simply get a source code, compile it to have a arm package then install it for testing before trying to see what could be modify for a better PDA usage).

You could also compare it to this one:

But the first question wasn\'t about this kind of comparision.

I have a 760 too and I won\'t buy a netBook pro because of its price, because it runs Windows CE and because it is too big and don\'t fit in a pocket  . Teklogix Embedded device are called \'rolls\' because of their price/quality ratio.
But however, I know that Psion Teklogix can do a good job on PDA market. I worked during 2 years for them (and during 2 years before for Psion France). I saw how they work by myself.

Sharp Zaurus is the best PDA hardware at present. Psion had the best PDA software within Epoc32 operating system. Teklogix guys are open minded and know how to deal with curstomers (opening their internal documentation to partners if needed). This addition of things let me think that they could do a great job for Linux standardization and spreading on PDA.

Just an hope.

France / Pb avec Mandrake9.2
« on: March 28, 2004, 04:16:23 pm »
Ils se sont demandés ce que faisait un message en français dans un forum principalement en anglais.
Essayes ici :
Ou sur le canal IRC : #zaurusfr

There\'s one thing that I have forgotten to say:

Psion is no more Psion. The old Psion guys are like the old Psion device: ready for retirement.
What is really rock in Psion Teklogix is the Teklogix part (at present as since Teklogix purchase). Those guyes are great, they know what they do and they think before doing things. If Teklogix, heu... sorry Psion Teklogix manufacture a new Linux PDA, it will certainly rock.

The netBook pro is a good device (look at its specs). It\'s only a beginning, even if it run only WinCE net 4.2 at present. I\'m really curious to see what they will propose in the future. Teklogix are winners. Will they be enough open minded for Open Source business?

Mussi, to reply to your question << Coult it be possible to have OZ on this device? >>, the answer is yes. And there is apparently a Teklogix plan to port Linux on it.

If could be great to have an european company selling PDA. I really don\'t know if Psion will be able to be that one... again.
First thing that they will have to do: get me in the company.

Psion Gourou, David Potter, said that the will bring to the market a Linux PDA at the end of the year (2004).

Ask Psion Teklogix for netBook or netBook Pro details. The Psilinux members had fight for the netBook information for so long and have never received anything. We are stuck with PCMCIA drivers and some other componants.

And yes, it could be very great to have Linux on a Psion designed device with Psion designed software. But If you have followed Psion in the past, you should have noticed that they have always tried to hide all information about their hardware, their software, their files format and so on.

Note: I\'m sure that Psion itself has never designed anything. The first Sibo operating system was certainly bought, the series 3 design too, same for series 5 device or netBook. Epoc, which is a mess in a programmer point of view (in my opinion) was the only one that haven\'t apparently been build with partners (but this has changed with Symbian joinventure).

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