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Accessories / Modifying a Buffalo CF card for external antenna
« on: October 09, 2004, 10:41:20 pm »
I have seen some articles on this, but I am still waiting for someone to make a CF card with a socket.  My test equipment only goes to about 480MHz so I can't set the swr or measure the cable loss.  Kinda makes it difficult to build without the correct tools.  When I really need something like this, I use a CF 10/100baseT network card and plug it into a wireless bridge.  No portability, but great range and what I'm using it for, it works great.  The bridge was originally bought for my son's computer but has since been replaced by something else.


Deals and Great Z Buys / The Traveling Zaurus Companion
« on: October 09, 2004, 10:37:02 pm »
Cool, one more thing to add to my Christmas list.


Accessories / CF WiFi Card?
« on: October 09, 2004, 10:34:24 pm »
Sorry, but I don't know of one.  The problem with a card that did not have a protruding antenna casing would be a lack of range.  The antenna would be blocked by the Z itself, which could block some of the signal and would probably dramatically reduce the range at which the card would be usable.  There is another possible problem where the antenna could couple with the Z's circuitry or casing (if it's metal) causing a swr problem further reducing the rf output also.

What would be nice is a CF WiFi card that didn't protrude (like what you are looking for) that instead of an internal antenna, had a socket for an external antenna.  That would be very nice for wardriving and longer range.  Anyone know of something like that.  I've looked, but been unable to locate one.


Sharp ROMs / Sharp 3.13 rom v/s others
« on: October 07, 2004, 10:45:36 pm »
I have the SL5500 running the Sharp 3.10 ROM.  It is customized to my exact needs.  The Z has become indispensible in my daily life.  Since it is required to run perfectly every time, I don't risk it by flashing or playing with it anymore.  I really want a second Z to play with (ie trying out various ROMs, beta or even alpha software, different PIMs, etc).  I just can't risk it.  Hopefully around Christmas, I can afford a second Z, but until then. . .

I like the rock solid platform offered by the Z.  I also have a iPaq 2215 that I got to use at work, but it is not as capable as the Z.  Hence the Z being my work PDA and the iPaq being an expensive (and less capable) toy.  I keep praying that the open embedded or familiar projects will finally get the 2215 working.  Until then (or until I get another Z), I will stick with the working model I have now.  The best feature of the Z line is the flexibility of the OS.  I have plans for a custom ROM and have partially completed it, but will not be installing it (or even finishing it) until I have a second Z to expiroment with.

Good luck with your Z adventures.  It is the best PDA out of the box of any line out there. I am still lusting after an 860, but the wife and kids seem to believe that unimportant stuff like food, shelter, and clothes should take precedence  .  Oh well.

General Discussion / Netgear MA701 Dead ?
« on: October 05, 2004, 10:23:41 pm »
I have the same card and have not had any problems; but

Several people on this board have reported problems where the card doesn't make a good connection (as if the pins were bent or some such).  They reported that "wiggling" or LIGHTLY "pushing" the card forwards or backwards allowed it to make a good connection with the Z.  Sorry I can't be of much help here, but you can try searching these forums and locating the people I mentioned above.

Good Luck

Software / PIM Data linked to SD
« on: September 28, 2004, 11:29:02 pm »

I have a SL-5500 with the Sharp 3.10 ROM.  I use this daily for work and it is a vital part of my work.  As such, I can't risk the data on it.  I would like to begin expiromenting again with the other ROMs and especially the Kalendar ports.

My question is:  Can I symlink the Sharp PIM data files to my SD card where they will be protected from a catastrophic failure?  I backup on an almost daily basis, but still could lose some vital data if I royally screw up.  I have all of my other data files symlinked except for the TimeTracker app.  That one always overwrites my symlink and stores the data into RAM.  I don't really want to mess with the PIM apps unless someone else can report success.


5x00 General discussions / is there a 5500 that has....
« on: September 27, 2004, 09:54:50 pm »
I kinda doubt that you will even be able to find a CF card less than 64M.  If you do, ask the manager if they will discount it as no one else will probably want it.  I have two 16M cards I found on a clearance sale for $5.00 each.  Now whenever I go to the store, I never see anything less than 64M anywhere (your mileage may vary).  The 64M cost just a few dollars less than the 128M cards.  Just my personal $0.02 worth:  buy the biggest you can afford easily.  You will find enough uses for it to justify it.  Also don't forget a card reader so you can use the card on your desk/laptop computer.


Accessories / first impressions of the Pocketop keyboard
« on: September 27, 2004, 09:46:32 pm »
My situation is not exactly the same, but I use the PocketTop keyboard very frequently.  Just when in situations such as you have described, I use the builtin keyboard of the 5500.  The only time I actually use the PocketTop is when I am sitting at a desk taking notes or writing.  I don't have the key press drop outs you describe, but that is probably because of the difference in usage.  I agree that the keys are small and it takes quite a bit to get used to it though.  I enjoyed reading your thoughts.  Keep us informed of your adventures with the Z.

Good Luck

Accessories / getting a wireless cf card to work
« on: September 22, 2004, 10:58:25 pm »
With ham radio HT's, your body acts as the ground plane for the antenna.  When you set the radio on the desk, the reception is not as good as when you hold the radio in your hand.  The same goes for transmitting.  I never even thought about this applying to the Z, but your experience shows almost exactly what is described above  .

Never had a problem with my Netgear MA701, but. . .

Good Luck and glad your back surfing.


General Discussion / USB/car charger question
« on: September 22, 2004, 10:54:27 pm »
Don't relay on the printed specs of the chargers!  They may be off by quite a bit.  Get an inexpensive (or borrow) multimeter.  Check the output voltage while under a load.  The voltage may vary according to the load placed on it.

I made a few extra battery packs and with a full charge on the external packs, they put out 5.34V while under load.  They drop to about 4.1V when fully discharged.  The Z (I have a 5500) does not like the lower voltage, but no permanent harm has occurred.  

If your near the Oklahoma City area, contact me and I'll show you what I'm talking about.  Plus, I want to see an actual in the flesh 860.  I promise not to drool all over it.


Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Anyone recommend a good wifi card?
« on: September 21, 2004, 11:06:22 pm »
I second the NetGear MA701.  I have not had any problems with it (works great with WinCE devices also).  Some people had problems with the card making good connections in their CF slot.  Those seemed to be rather isolated incidents and may have been related to rough use, but I don't know for sure.


Accessories / CF wired Ethernet card - recommendations?
« on: September 21, 2004, 11:03:01 pm »
I have a Pharos 10/100baseT wired CF network card.  Used it without problem with several versions of OZ and Sharp roms.  I haven't used it with any of the more recent releases as I went to all WiFi networking.  I don't use it anymore, and will be sending it to another member of these forums.  I think I got it for about $35.00.  Good card, never had a problem with it.  If the other member decides he doesn't want it, I'll let you know.


Security and Networking / Network Sync (AGAIN)
« on: September 20, 2004, 10:22:23 pm »
A bit off topic, but:

My network at work has changed.  The .1 address is now used by me (on my workstation WinXP) and something else on the network (I don't know what).  The only problem I have noticed is an annoying popup error message from windows that tells me that the .1 address is conflicting with something else.  All functions on my computer seem to be working OK, and the Z still syncs across the network.

My question is:  What problems might I be causing to anyone else?  and  Could this screw up the network somehow?  What is really scary about this situation is that I know almost as much about networking as our dedicated IT guy.

Thanks for any info.


Security and Networking / Network Sync (AGAIN)
« on: September 17, 2004, 09:18:48 pm »
It seems to be hard coded into the Z's software.  There is a work-around in WinXP where you can assign two ip addresses to the same network card.  This is what I had to do at work.  We don't use DHCP though, so I am not sure how this will work with that setup.  No one that I know of has ever found a work-around.  If Sharp would release the source code (fat chance), I am sure that someone with better programming skills than me would change this instantly.

Sorry I couldn't be of much help.


General Discussion / Networking
« on: September 17, 2004, 04:42:00 am »
I did have one problem with my NetGear card.  When I tried to run a sniffer app, can't remember which version, my card would not reset until I did something to it (I'm a bit fuzzy on the details right now, but I have notes).  If I remember correctly,  the light was constantly flashing, not solidly on.  If you have been playing with kismet or some other similiar program, let me know and I'll dig up my old notes and find out what I did to fix it.  Was a bit frustrating at first, but was an easy fix.  I also don't remember off hand if this was with OZ or Sharp ROM.

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