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Software / Code for £ (UK Pound Sign) in KeyHelper anyone ?
« on: June 07, 2004, 05:03:31 am »

I assumed that it was a data entry & display problem, for example Hancock Word can\'t display a £ sign entered into a document on a PC, interestingly, I can copy the rectangle from Hancock Word to StageOne where it is displayed correctly.

I use the £ symbol all the time, so I would be interested in a solution that would work for all applications.


Software / Exporting from StageOne?
« on: June 07, 2004, 03:17:45 am »

Exporting to HTML should work as it works on my C760 with standard ROM, maybe you are not looking in the correct place for the HTML file, suggest that you look in the Internal Flashtexthtml directory.


Cxx0 General discussions / Good database for c750
« on: April 29, 2004, 03:37:17 am »
Murahachibu: You should find that Portabase will automaticall move between landscape & portrait modes when you swivel the screen on the clam shell models, it works on my C760.


General Discussion / Self importing/buying while in japan 860
« on: April 22, 2004, 11:11:30 am »
You may avoid paying VAT when importing your Zaurus, but they can ask you for proof that you have paid VAT, each time you come into the country.

You could also have a problem if the unit is returned after a warranty repair in Japan.

It is not a risk I would take, I paid the VAT on my C760, scanned the VAT documents & put them on my Zaurus.


Have you considered clicking File & save as from Explorer & copy file & directory over to the Zaurus, you can then open the page on the Zaurus by selecting the file.

Works well if you have a PC & you only require occasional access to pages, I always use it to keep details of places I plan to visit or Zaurus HowTos.



I did the following

Loaded Terminal
cp startgps Documents/startgps

ls shows file now in root

chmod +x startgps
chmod +s startgps

Error message startgps: not found

Any suggestions?



Could not remember the copy command  so I tried to move startgps to root, received error message saying file system was read only.

Any suggestions?


Thanks for the script

Copied it over to the Zaurus via TkcEditor

Do I need a special file extension?

How do I run the script as root, tried copying the file to root but refuses.


Very new to Linux, although I have been in computing for 30 years.


Thanks Robert

I will have another play with it tonight, I only intended to use it on those occasions that I don\'t have my Psion or Toshiba Libretto with me, as I always have the C760 in my pocket.

Have you ever tried to contact the developer to see if he/she is willing to make the software more Zaurus compatible?


Thanks Robert

I did enter commands as root & connected the external antenna.

I now have a working connection to the GPS, but only with zGPS which has less functionality than qpeGPS.

What I am doing wrong, did you try more than 1 lot of GPS software, perhaps installation of zGPS has affected qpeGPS.

Any suggestions?



Tried the instructions in the link.

The modbrobe serial_cs said that I had the wrong serial_cs file, managed to find one that did not give any errors.

Inserted GPS & entered command cardctl pause on my C760 & it said there was no such command, tried cardctl suspend

Entered cardctl resume then loaded qpegps, said it cannot connect to GPS!

Any suggestions?


Thanks to all those that responded, working through all the posts, to see if I can get a viable GPS connection.


Can anyone help me to get my CF card (BC-307) GPS to work, I’ve searched the forums & googled & tried a number of solutions.

Card works OK on my Windows PC & Psion Netbook

Tried changing to the default ttyS3 port for CF cards

Downloaded the serial_cs driver to the rootmodules2.4.18-mk7-pxa3-embedix 0pcmcia directory

Tried every bit of GPS software I can find including qpeGPS, qtgps & zGPS.

Any help would be much appreciated


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