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« on: May 27, 2004, 11:39:03 am »
Well, I don\'t have a sharp , but I do have a Psion Series 5 and am considering the switch to a C860. Early warning, I like to bable.

I have been using the Series 5 (8Mb version) since I got it in \'95. I have one of the first 500 Series 5  ever produced and I have yet to find a \"proper\" replacement that makes me want to upgrade over the 5.
Back then, I spent $1200CDN on the series 5 and it was incredible. It definitely blew away my first 286 12MHz with 640K RAM cga and a 40MB HDD. Used it to take full-speed notes in classes, organizing many todo items, financial stuff in its spreadsheet and more.

Anywho, my 5 is slowly dyeing and I know one day it will be gone. I wish that it had better connectivity options like say a simple ethernet dongle when I\'m close to a drop, but whatever, I don\'t use it for surfing anyway.
I also wish that it had a vga screen and higher contrast/brightness.

The reason I\'m considering the C860, but haven\'t bought it yet is the keyboard is no psion keyboard, and the CF slot has to be used for network access instead of an sdio card.

I can live with the keyboard the way it is, and I love the bigger screen, I can even accept buying a CF network access card and an SD card for more space. Really, if the C860 had a usb host instead of a client connection, I would be set. I would need nothing else as I would be able to connect a portable keyboard and usb network adaptor, and all sorts of stuff.

For me, I\'m going to use my 5 until it dies and hope that by then (maybe this holiday season) that sharp will have a successor to the C860 that is the C860 exactly as is but with a couple of small additions such as usb host, or bluetooth, or wifi, but preferably just usb host.
If someone works for sharp and reads this, as soon as the C860 has a usb host chip instead of a client, email me. I will buy the first commercial sample.  

Wait a sec, has anyone ever disected their 860? Anyone know if maybe the usb controller chip could be replaced with a usb host capable chip?
Well, I guess that\'s a topic for another thread

L8R, Cloud.
PS, sorry for the rambling nature of my post.

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