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Zaurus - pdaXrom / Pdaxrom Sources
« on: April 22, 2007, 05:03:24 pm »
so what s different between these sources and what you would get if you downloaded one from the authors home page ??
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My guess is that these sources are patched to work with whatever system is targeted for.  A further guess would be that the patches are mostly targeting the c1000 series of zaurii.  

I am no authority on the matter, but I wanted to keep this discussion alive.  Would someone more knowledgeable care to comment on the issue?

6000 - Tosa / Tosa Development Plan
« on: April 20, 2007, 11:25:37 pm »
Here are some funny links related to this thread:

Why Users Should Not Exist

UNIX Hater's Handbook

Help Wanted For CLISP

The following is quoted from the last link above:
The prizes for handling these issues:

    * handle one issue and you will get CVS write access;
    * handle two issues and you become an admin of the CLISP project;
    * handle three or more issues and you become the principal maintainer.

This reminds me of a joke: after the 1991 Russian coup attempt (which lead to the final downfall of communism), the Communist Party was very unpopular and tried to increase the membership by asking its members to recruit new members, with the following incentives:

    * if you bring one new member, you don't have to pay membership dues
    * if you bring two new members, you may resign from the Party
    * if you bring three new members, you may resign and you will also receive a certificate that you have never been a member of the Party!"

Please note, I'm not trying to be negative about this, I just found all of the above humorous.  I'm still very much committed to the idea of an open source ROM for tosa that would combine the stability of OZ and Sharp with the usability of pdaXrom.

Personally, I'm not very happy with angstrom or OZ out of the box.  GPE has never worked all that well for me as a window system compared to pdaXrom's more standard setup.  It's a great idea for a PDA, but I didn't buy the zaurii to run an open source version of WinCE  which IMHO is probably the worst interface I've ever used.  

What I'd like to know is how to make OZ/Angstrom "feel" more like a standard desktop system.  pdaXrom does the best job of that task, but there are obviously a lot of issues with the rom beyond that point, which is why we even have this thread in the first place.

For me, I'm still harboring this notion that I should be able to build the whole rom from scratch natively, with a minimal amount of patching of the original author's sources, something like the slackware distribution.

I suppose angstrom/OZ might be more to my liking if I were to try to start at least with the console image, and try to roll my window system from there, but building the x-window system has always been something of a nightmare for me.

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Internal Cf No Work In Beta4/r121/r198
« on: April 14, 2007, 04:04:46 pm »
I don't know about swap.
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Swap gets detected automatically for me.  No need to modify /etc/fstab. I've only had it in the first partition (/dev/hda1) however.

  BTW,I install the pdaxii13 full version.5.3.3 , but there 're a serious bug.The keybroad can not respond after suspend.I dun know how to solve it.can not find the new compiled version kbselect.every time I exit the X,the system is respond.

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I've had the same problem.  Some seem to get it worse than others.  I think  as of now, the current version of pdaxii13 is 5.3.5.  

[a href=\"][/url]

Haven't tried this yet however, that bug was pretty nasty.

According to

keys are locked and don't respond
It appears that the repeatkeys feature in X sometimes gets into an inconsistent state when the keyboard just won't respond anymore or responds wrongly. This can be fixed by disabling repeatkeys and then re-enabling it. The catch is that you can't actually type in the command into the console to toggle the repeatkeys feature. Luckily, the touchscreen is not affected by this bug and you can still use the stylus to navigate. The USB Keyboard Selector tool can be used to do this toggle. Simply select the Default Zaurus Keyboard from the USB Keyboard Selector menu and your keys will work again. Install latest kbselect package. Alternatively, just restart X.
(applies to base and full)


Zaurus - pdaXrom / Service Pack 1 For Beta1
« on: April 14, 2007, 04:00:50 pm »
Is this service pack available yet?  Most of the issues mentioned at the start of this thread can be resolved with NAND backups, but I still think this is a good idea.

An additional request would be to fix the apm scripts.

6000 - Tosa / Making Angstrom Work On Tosa
« on: April 14, 2007, 02:44:15 pm »

Posted some pusillanimous "stream of conciousness" stuff here, which might make me look stupid, so here's the reader's digest version:

Make sure to flash OZ/Angstrom from a FAT formatted card, or you will end up with errors.  That was pretty much the source of my problems with getting angstrom to flash.  

The x11 image flashed without error when a FAT formatted card was used to flash.  However,  I'll state again, that GPE in it's current state is not really suitable for my current needs from my zaurus.

OpenZaurus/Opie/Qtopia / Building 2.0.3 Natively
« on: April 13, 2007, 08:22:46 pm »
In the meantime, there's debian, as suggested:

However, the debian packages for open office are missing.  Particularly:

Gives a 404 (not found) error.

Could someone please provide a new download link if possible?

6000 - Tosa / Tosa Development Plan
« on: April 13, 2007, 07:29:33 pm »
cacko never quite worked right. Guylhem was trying to clean up the linking and put the qte envirenment in a single separate directory.  It kinda stalled.
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Do you know of a download link for the cacko images?

  pick a direction and I'll at least comment on it...
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Here's my current plan:  (suggestions, etc are more than welcome)

1.) Get Angstrom to "Work"

 I started a new thread for making angstrom work on tosa.

[a href=\"][/url]

There are additional links to the mailing lists there.  I'll edit this post to include them if I find time.  Personally, I prefer this forum to the mailing list format for various reasons.

As for OpenZaurus on tosa, there is already a pinned thread for this:

Open Zaurus on tosa

2.)  Get A Newer Version of pdaxrom for Tosa

Still haven't gotten u-boot to load pdaxrom > beta1.  Gonna keep trying, but slowly.  Inbetween flashes, I'll try getting Angstrom to work, and compiling stuff on pdaxrom beta1.

I started another thread for making pdaxrom work on tosa.

Making pdaxrom work on tosa

3.) Use the temporary bug tracker for pdaxrom beta1 until an updated version works

There have been some efforts to start a bug tracking list for pdaxrom beta1 in the pdaxrom forum, but these mostly get bumped off the first page in that highly active thread.  They might serve their purpose better in this tosa specific page.

For now, that link is here:

Temporary pdaxrom 6000 Bug Tracker

4.) Find Source Packages to Build for x11 based Tosa Roms

Still haven't gotten open embedded to work, or found out where the sources are kept.  A link to the open zaurus sources would be appreciated.  I'd like to try compiling some of the programs for the tosa natively in both open zaurus and pdaxrom.  In my opinion, both distributions could benefit a lot from the other, and this can be broken into a lot of small tasks.  I'm not going to attempt to list them here.  A new thread might be a good idea, but where exactly to put this, I'm not sure.

I really think we'd need a separate project just to bring tosa to the level where it could share SVN with pdaxrom.  Any chance of someone setting up a bugtracker and mailing list in this regard?
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I'm fine with that too. Do you think I should register a project on sourceforge? The potential problem is forking from pdaxrom source tree, which is not desirable. Maybe we should only checkin and maintain Tosa patches with hope to merge back with pdaxrom later.

We can use this thread and the OESF forum to discuss about the plan for as long as necessary.

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I don't know about registering a project on sourceforge just to bring tosa up to par.  I've never registered a sourceforge project, so I don't know how that would work.  I guess for now this forum will work fine as well as the bugtracker mentioned below.

I never really intended on forking the pdaxrom tree, simply building the newer stuff (that hasn't yet been built) specifically for tosa.

6000 - Tosa / Making Pdaxrom Work On Tosa
« on: April 13, 2007, 07:27:36 pm »
At present, most of us are working from these somewhat outdated directions:

Tutorial: Pdaxrom On Sl-6000

This thread is one of my attempts to try to bring the tosa up to par with the clamshells concerning pdaxrom.  As I see it, someone needs to use pdaxrom builder or some other method to build a newer image for tosa that can be loaded by the "u-boot" bootloader.

I'll try to add more notes as time passes.

For now, there are two more links of interest:

Service Pack 1 For Beta1


Tosa 6000 Bug Tracking/knowledge Base

6000 - Tosa / Making Angstrom Work On Tosa
« on: April 13, 2007, 06:57:19 pm »
Trying to install from the following directions hasn't worked so far.

I don't recall the errors.  If I find time, I'll post them here, but ideally they'll be working soon.  The following link is where I downloaded the images from.

Trying to find a way to boot angstrom led me to the following page, which was simultaneously amusing, and frustrating, since as of yet, this issue is not resolved.

I'm assuming that we're currently working somewhere along the lines of this thread:

As of yet, I still haven't gotten Angstrom to boot.  Any help would be appreciated.

6000 - Tosa / Tosa Development Plan
« on: April 10, 2007, 02:24:11 pm »
I agree that there are definite advantages to a Sharp based ROM in the short term.  However, thinking in the long term, I'd really like to see those advantages obsoleted, and I'd prefer the long term to be as short as possible.  Again, that's probably too idealistic.

Concerning Cacko, I recall a version for tosa being put together with some elements from the Guylhelm ROM somewhere on this forum by DrWowe.  I don't know what ever became of that if it ever saw the light of day... but at the very least, that's a proof of concept.  

I'd start searching now, but I'm kinda busy.  Just wanted to add two more cents.

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Silkscreen Does Not Work Under Pdaxrom On Sl-c1000
« on: April 09, 2007, 08:57:09 pm »
why not compile Xorg 7.2 ?
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What you will benefit from it ? Except eating more memory? I'd prefer compiling kdrive.
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this my question, but not have a good anwser, but fix all, to after put new thigs is a good choice, and xorg7.2 can compiled as kdrive not ?
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My impression as per this thread
[a href=\"][/url]
is that Xorg6.9 uses less memory than xfree.
I would think that since 7.2 is even more modular than 6.9, that it might take even less memory.

By the way, as to it's heaviness,  xorg takes more ROM space, but less RAM space than xfree AFAIK.  Sorry if this is incorrect.  

I've been trying to cross-compile 6.9, from the following page:

but failing pretty consistently.  (Don't currently have my output,  but building up to attempting a native build from a 6000).

Another benefit of compiling xorg might be that fonts could be set up more like standard X fonts, since I haven't been able to get any new ".pfb" fonts working other than what comes with the xfree package.

It would probably be somewhat difficult to apply the pdaxrom patches to the 6.9 source.  Then again, maybe not.

Last I heard, both Angstrom and OpenZaurus were using xorg7.1 with "--enable-kdrive" at compile time.  (post #9)

Zaurus - pdaXrom / What Is The New Version?
« on: April 09, 2007, 02:44:37 pm »
Please everyone hang just hang in there, I'm sure it's getting close to  a public release.  If anyone really *needs* a newer version, I believe the SVN is public, but this requires you to roll your own until the public releases.

The build that was supposed to be released (given that nothing was broken) was broken (it wouldn't even boot). InSearchOf then had a nasty time at work, and has only just gotten back to pdaXrom.

Sorry for not letting people know sooner, but I just found out yesterday.
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Thanks for keeping everyone updated Capn_Fish.

Hey, you get what you pay for  . Just kidding. I too have several 'issues' but I persevere. When it finally gets here, I'm sure it'll be a GREAT!!

To the pdaxrom team, keep up the good work. It's appreciated.
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I never really gave much time to r121, but after getting a hold of some of these newer testing distributions, I'm pretty happy with the newer releases.  There are still some bugs, and there's a lot of cleaning up to do, but it's pretty darn stable for my uses.  Got a ways to go before they catch up with pdaxii13 in terms of stability, but these new ones are darn fast, and getting closer.

I'm not experiencing any of those issues since I am running pdaXii13 5.3.3.  Both of my Zaurii have been stable since 5.3.2. 
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Is the keyboard locking bug finally resolved in 5.3.3?

6000 - Tosa / Tosa Development Plan
« on: April 08, 2007, 05:40:45 pm »
An update:

U -boot seems to flash properly on the tosa. I say *seems* because I don't really know what it's supposed to be doing.  Now as to the next step of loading the 2.6 pdaxrom, I haven't gotten this to work yet.  (Almost every time I reflash,  my palms get a little sweaty, and I'm afraid I've bricked my Z.)  

An additional issue with the 2.6 kernel series of pdaxrom is that I haven't been able to restore from NAND backups on my 3200, without first doing a NAND backup to Sharp ROM.  Yet another bonus point for Sharp ROM.  This  seems to be the case for me on Tosa also.  So I'm currently back to Sharp ROM, debating whether to NAND restore back to pdaxrom beta1 or not.

What's really preventing me from going the Linux From Scratch route is the boot loader.  In their method, everything is geared towards building for an x86 computer.  So, in order to build from scratch, I'd probably want to be sure that I've got a working bootloader.  So far, for me that consists of 3 bootloaders:

1.) Sharp
2.) Alt-boot
3.) U-boot

...and I'd mostly like to use them in that order until I really get the hang of how a bootloader works.

As to LFS:  I've mostly already begun this.  They suggest as a first step to rebuild:
link to Chapter 5

          o Binutils-2.16.1 - Pass 1
          o GCC-4.0.3 - Pass 1
          o Linux-Libc-Headers-
          o Glibc-2.3.6
          o Adjusting the Toolchain
          o Tcl-8.4.13
          o Expect-5.43.0
          o DejaGNU-1.4.4
          o GCC-4.0.3 - Pass 2
          o Binutils-2.16.1 - Pass 2
          o Ncurses-5.5
          o Bash-3.1
          o Bzip2-1.0.3
          o Coreutils-5.96
          o Diffutils-2.8.1
          o Findutils-4.2.27
          o Gawk-3.1.5
          o Gettext-0.14.5
          o Grep-2.5.1a
          o Gzip-1.3.5
          o M4-1.4.4
          o Make-3.80
          o Patch-2.5.4
          o Perl-5.8.8
          o Sed-4.1.5
          o Tar-1.15.1
          o Texinfo-4.8
          o Util-linux-2.12r
          o Stripping
          o Changing Ownership


Which I've mostly done (at a quick glance) without a whole lot of flaws.  I have yet to rebuild the kernel, and glibc however.  GCC (version 3.4.5 not 4.0.3) is also incompatible with my various versions of pdaxrom.  I suppose trying to pull the sources from pdaxrom's SVN would be a possible way to resolve this.

Also, I haven't made a new partition to hold all of this stuff either.  Rebuilding these packages is only a small part of the process from what I gather. It's making them all fit that's a little intimidating.

6000 - Tosa / Tosa Development Plan
« on: April 08, 2007, 04:31:12 pm »
So what we are really looking at is either a tidied up 2.4 based pdaxrom


Tidying up Angstrom


Hacking Sharprom

My view is that the easiest would be to fix up sharprom w/ pdaxqt or pocketworkstation

the option with the most likely future seems like Angstrom, though it would meant some bug reporting.  Anyone know if xfce4 is up on angstrom?

with 4 gig sd at less than 40 usd, a 2.6 tosa seems pretty attractive.  If we could get the wireless stuff into a simple point'n'click app...
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Hmm.  I can't use sharp ROM.  It's got some great stability, but so too does a brick, and I need a computer instead.  Sharp ROM is mostly dead in my humble opinion.  PdaXQT and PWS breathe some life into it, but that's fairly cleaned up already I'd think isn't it?  

I guess *all* of the distros could use some help and development/testing. Sorry if this isn't helpful.  Just my two cents.  I'd really like to help, however.  I was somewhat thinking that we could agree on a distro and form a team, but that may be asking too much.  They're all going to make progress.  Even Sharp ROM, although that would be very slow progress from my point of view.

I've been seriously considering going the Linux From Scratch method just to get a totally customized system.  I realize I wouldn't be alone in going that route, but it would be nice to be able to contribute efforts to *all* of the distros if they could find it useful.

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Icewm - The Ultimate Configuration
« on: April 08, 2007, 04:22:37 pm »
Yes, I clicked inside the box with a black outline.
Doing some searching, I found these really nice IceWM configuration tools attached to this post:

Key editor
Menu\toolbar editor
WinOptions editor

I still cannot get the Fn key to work, or the menu key as suggested in an earlier post in this thread.
I tried the key configuration tool, but I don't understand it, and using xev in a console doesn't help me either.
Does anyone else have problems with the "Fn" key when using the stylus to get right-click?
It works on the desktop only if I have not launched anything, but after using apps or programs, the Fn+tap no longer works on the desktop.
I really need this to use the blue chars on the keyboard and to view hidden files in leafpad.
I can plug in a mouse and right-click works with the moust but not Fn+tap
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Sorry if I'm way off base here, but IceWM might be loading the wrong X-keymap on startup.  Do you know which keymap you're trying to load? I can't remember how pdaxii13 did this.

The x-keymaps have been changed somewhat drastically in the 2.6 series.  (a little more logical), but the loading process is still the same.  

Another option: (again I hope I'm not adding useless info here)
 since "" still works in pdaxii13, (you're using pdaxii13 right?) just run that from a terminal inside of IceWM, to refresh the right-click and middle-click options?

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