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Accessories / 16 And 32 Gb Sdhc Cards Announced
« on: August 28, 2007, 08:14:47 pm »
as far as i can tell the only diffrence on the hardware front is that SDHC cards accept a wider range of freq. on the clock line

if i recall correcttly SD was 4 bit at up to 25Mhz, i bet SDHC just bumps that up a bit to 50Mhz or higher

the problem is that most controller chips are hard coded up to 25Mhz or are undocumented at higher speeds so you just run sdhc at slower than its maximum and it still works

General Discussion / Is The Z, Archos Pma, Etc Dead?
« on: August 26, 2007, 10:18:42 am »
That's old hat - plus users complain that the overlaid images gives them migraine. The latest technology allows the information to be injected directly into your consciousness. 

man, are the ads and spyware going to suck then. i can see the noob trick of rm -rf / bieng popular

some of the head mounted displays are nice, my personal favs are fairly scifi looking (ARvision-S @ as they are one of the few that has non tv resolution (800x600, basically the highest you can get ) and it supports vga, pal ntsc or USB as an input (only guys i know who do usb) so it isnt as hard to connect (, seems they bump up the specs, most list pal/ntsc at around 320x240)

the microoptical stuff is good if you want somthing more invisible but it starts at $2000USDtthe one i likes alot cheaper at $899 (prices from

still ther would be alot of bulk with all the cabeling and support stuff, i guess thats why most people build it into vests. that biometrics over bluetooth thing that appeared on hackaday was intresting however

PocketPenguin / Parts List
« on: August 25, 2007, 10:04:46 am »
looked at this thread for some refrence material and did some rechecking of chips

looks like that linear devices chip (that dose usb and inpu power handeleing) fits well with a uC supivisor controller chip (ok not really a suporvisor chip but it does have programable outputs which is what i want)

for ref:,C1089,P21672

that takes care of any to all power problems i have at the moment, has a tiny part count (less than 20 passives in total) and is fairly flexible, only problem i see is making sure the correct voltage is avalible on boot, reading the docs now. perhaps it can be hard coded otherwise i will chuck a pic in there (planing to anyway)

the atmel fingerprint reader looks good as well, acts as a mouse which is a handy feature, know i am undecidede about this but the fact that it could be used as a mouse makes it more useful, and it defnattly is good as a quick unlock feautre


had another look at the i.mx31 flash interface and the good news is that it can do more than 2GB of ram. i discovered it dosent map it into main mem but instead you make a request to the nand controller and then puts the page you want in the 2K of sram designated as the buffer, it says glueless up to 2GB so it shouldnt be too hard to extend that for those who want it

as for audio the micronos stuff is good. but it dosent state how to get them


i think the big win is the power stuff,both chips are avalible as samples and you can buy them direct from manufaturer, so far total projected cost for the power subsytem is about $10USD

PocketPenguin / Alternatives
« on: August 24, 2007, 05:07:30 am »
i have seen alot of nice atmel arm refrence platforms as of late, some are quite chepa. while not powerhouses i could see several usages for somthing the sive of an sd crad or two with neworking capabilities (ethernet enabled letterbox?)

General Discussion / Is The Z, Archos Pma, Etc Dead?
« on: August 20, 2007, 07:09:29 am »
ever since switching to Linux i have hated the whole "reset to fix" methodology of windows

i just have to accept the fact that i am far outside the statistical norms for these products,  and that what i want out of my equipment is most likly not worth investing the effort into when they can get a larger market by dumbing it down and letting the user  work around thier system rather than the other way around

most of the comercial stuff out there is a bit too user friendly for me, i like to push my hardware/software to the limits. an example would be the hamachi VPN tool vs openvpn, sure i could have the vpn up in mere minutes with hitmachi (or whatever it was called) however i like to
a. know how it works
b. do it right
c. design it correctly
hence i chose openvpn, sure it takes a bit of extra effort but i know its the correct solution for me, custom tailored, thats why i like gpl software. it normally has the most knobs  (btw in this case the "correct" solution was to connect all 3 sites using openvpn and do routing so that even if one node is bieng hammered you can still log into the other nodes and join the vpn, overegineered... yes cool... yes possibly save me one day... defiantly)

thats what the zaurus and most linux platforms have, the ability to mold the system into something we want, all my systems use heavily modified keyboard layouts (dvorak) and key bindings (all the Fxx keys are bound to windows management functions). most people merely interact with a computer, we as a community defiantly go a lot futher

speaking of smart phones, if someone calls me the power management stuff hangs and it dosent sleep, hence giving me bad battery life. yes its a wince PDA

General Discussion / Is The Z, Archos Pma, Etc Dead?
« on: August 17, 2007, 06:23:15 am »
thanks for the heads up on the uni, i have been thinking about it for awhile

in terms of feature set, if you have to explain what linux is for mor than 2 minutes then people are not intrested and its a strike against the product, if you say "ins not microsoft" its a strike against the product, if you say "its free" then its also a strike against the product

in my experience, very few people believe that a quality product like linux could be given away for free and believe microsoft, while expensive can do no wrong. when you tell them about microsofts bad track record (on multiple fronts) they just go "huh?", its at this point that i remember i am more informed about IT happenings than most people and that if some of the issues hit the front page of a normal news paper only then would people care

so i would say menie is right, and also so its a marketing thing, linux is effecitvly in the same position as the "free tibet" movement (saw them today, thats why they are an example) you see people advertising it but most people dont care, extending that idea, they say they dont care until they try somthing else and realize its not microsoft

New products and alternatives / Foleo Info
« on: August 15, 2007, 07:09:32 am »
i will include some links in case the sites have the wrong info

asus eeepc
and for palm, just thier main site

bluetooth is one win for me, while wifi is avalible its not always open and most of the time there isnt a local coffe shop. i pay for a HSDPA account to get around that and i dont want to have to lug around another usb cable (that said i probelly have one handy for charging the phone). i have had bad experiences with $1000AUD + phones and usb cables connected to a laptop (slipping off and hitting the floor)

non x86 processors (esp ARM) have really really good instant on, acpi is nice but i have never seen it come up as fast as my Z or other arm devices, power is an issue. the eepc from what i have heard is a 3 hour machine. i really need 4+ hours most days

i will make an assumption here but i believe its safe, i am betting the foleo charges off of 5v, this means my 6AH battery packs will work on the device, i really wish they did with kohjinsha as it means i could go a week between recharges (needs about 15v minimum) however the eeepc could be different as thier are no moving parts (mechanicals are normally the thing that uses the 12v lines these days)

and lastly i prefer touch screens to keypads, just personal prefrence as thier are few occasions where i have to use both at the same time (only reason i touch the mouse these days is for fierfox, i have keyboard bindings for window managment using gonme and i do use wmii when i remeber to install it)

for me its the little things and trying to intergrate it with everything else i own. i would probelly be happy with the eeepc but its very simmilar to my kohjinsha already. however a speed bump would be nice

General Discussion / Htc Shift: The Dream Machine!?
« on: August 15, 2007, 04:42:59 am »
i would bet on a usb based touchscreen, less work in interfacing to the PC.

the pocket PC OS is fine until you add apps, as you add apps, even if they are not running the stability goes down for reasons i have never discovered. out of the box you wouldnt need that much more anyway as the basic PIM suite is quite good (esp with htc's enhancements)

General Discussion / Is The Z, Archos Pma, Etc Dead?
« on: August 15, 2007, 04:39:28 am »
i think due to the nature of the devices it wont die quickly, by not running proprietary OSs we gain the ability to have the device updated until the hardware physically expires

i like converged devices but i prefer something slightly different to most people, my idea of the perfect phone is a small black box with bluetooth and 5 buttons on the top, everything is handled by the buttons and audio for feedback

back on topic however the entry to using a PDA is higher than most people give it credit for, out of the box it needs extra software IMHO to be useful and most people i find are not up to that task, the umpcs change that because its a familiar x86 architecture running windows and they can use the same apps on the PC, i guess that would explain the general down turn

i think there are several different other reasons as well, more enphisis on phones (i count pda phones as pdas) and the high cost of PDAs, i wouldn't say its a cheap hobby.

i think the follio is more limited than that, i would say its a screen extender for your mobile

New products and alternatives / Foleo Info
« on: August 14, 2007, 09:35:34 am »
its nice but the keyboard is a killer for me, i need something that can actually type properly. the lacking linux support for some hardware is a major drawback for me as well (i have made huge progress but not 100% yet, no wifi and no native resolution for the screen/and video out (actually part of the same problem, cant do dual head))

i really have to look into the palm a bit more (in terms of size and shape) but the touchscreen is one thing i would have liked on the kohjinsha and i never use it tablet mode. plus i would rather more screen real estate over the buttons (however the OS independence of the buttons and backlight was a big win for me)

time will tell, wait till it has been released first

New products and alternatives / Foleo Info
« on: August 14, 2007, 02:23:49 am »
i belive the NDA is because the device hasent been released and the api for developing applications, i dont belive it will take much to get into this thing, im betting on uboot with 3 flash partions, kernel, rootfs, userfs

i belive most people are missing the point with the foleo, but thats because i use my computers diffrently from most people, i use linux fulltime on nearly all my devices and i do 90% of my stuff on a command line, most of the articles i see are people who want to use it as a normal windows laptop and play youtube on it, i want video out and the ability to watch moives as well as a cmd line and firefox/thunderbird so its the ideal device for me when i need something bigger

when it comes to the foleo i believe the are marketing it wrong by saying companion, just come out and say its a keyboard and larger screen with prettier graphics for your mobile

the one thing it does have over the other two is good looks and the ability (once i am done with it) to get much better battery life. i would sell my Kohjinsha for the foleo (with CF card)

if anything i would compare it to the rest of the market as i wooud compare the Z to the rest of the PDA market (i dont believe th Z and this compete, the z is good for some things and this for others)

General Discussion / Htc Shift: The Dream Machine!?
« on: August 14, 2007, 02:11:57 am »
it seems there is a PDA and a PC on the same board, so porting would be a 2 prong effort (or just use the PC part and make the pda part a firewall with SSH)

i am betting that most A110  based designs will work out of the box with linux considering the amount of intel parts and how many new designs are based on it

New products and alternatives / Foleo Info
« on: August 11, 2007, 09:31:27 am »

looks like some nice features, 128MB of ram, wifi bluetooth, CF SD video out and a 2700G coupled to an intel pxa270 @ 416Mhz

i know i am getting one, its intresting that they say that it wont support bluetooth file trasfers, i hope they are not reinventing the wheel instead of using the bluez stuff.

Hardware Mods / Usb Host Controller For C7x0
« on: August 11, 2007, 09:27:14 am »
i heard they were discontinued and were getting fairly rare however i did hear about this ( about a month ago or more. not sure what its driver support is like however but it would be intresting

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