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FWIW Planetcom can support LineageOS, or other form of Google-free Android, but they don't have to. We can't impose it on them. On the other hand, we can ask, in hopes they'll give up and finally give us what we want. If everyone interested in this problem e-mails them - maybe, just maybe, we can change the situation for the better. What do we have to loose, after all?

Gemini PDA - Android / Firmware Update 2018-10-09
« on: October 11, 2018, 07:10:56 pm »
Any solution for rooted Android-only Gemini PDA?

Gemini PDA - Hardware / Gemini as Keyboard
« on: October 01, 2018, 05:56:00 am »
Thank you very much!!!

Gemini PDA - Android / Use your Gemini as USB keyboard!
« on: September 17, 2018, 03:22:29 am »
Quote from: DJO
Perhaps doing it over Bluetooth instead of USB would be easier to implement, many devices have BT already and if not USB BT adapters are dirt cheap.

 F-keys can be added easily via simple keyboard layout adjustment. Bluetooth keyboard is easier to implement but only works when OS is booted and Bluetooth turned on; it is unusable for say BIOS operation or installing OS.

Gemini PDA - Android / Screenshots of Gemini Home Screens
« on: September 16, 2018, 12:38:17 pm »
 [ Invalid Attachment ]

Gemini PDA - Android / Use your Gemini as USB keyboard!
« on: September 16, 2018, 11:51:15 am »
I believe that ability to use Gemini PDA as USB keyboard would be extremely proficient for those of us who have to setup/debug
 normally unattended machines, use standalone tablets but have to enter BIOS occasionally and/or needs & wants compact external keyboard with them at all times for any other reason. Implementation of this feature would require a modified kernel with enabled USB keyboard device profile. If poll shows most people here want this feature, I'm going to petition Planet Computers asking to include this USB connectivity option in their mainline kernel, so that it is possible to use by just installing an app and selecting keyboard USB profile when connecting to other device.

Gemini PDA - Hardware / Screen Hinge Tightness RESOLVED
« on: August 31, 2018, 02:14:33 pm »
Removed hinge on mine and bent it thoroughly, the difference is night and day. Thank you very much for the guide!

Quote from: jerome
If I understood correctly, the available Lineage OS ROM misses proper drivers. Would it be possible to start from that ROM and paste in the drivers from the official ROM?
It sounds logical, but only someone with actual experience in this field can answer for sure.

Quote from: jerome
All we want here is a technical discussion on how to design a particular custom rom for the device we all bought.
A proper LineageOS ROM would be fantastic,. I personally miss tons of little customization options here and there, which I learned to treat as something available by default using LineageOS/CM for years. \=
Quote from: jerome
I would like to thank NCI for that guide, which is just what I needed.
You're welcome, glad it helps!

Quote from: Eldkatten
Ah, there they are. And many more   I am able to force stop them, but can't remove or deactivate them. The button is greyed out.
You can, with Titanium Backup. Even the free version from Play/Yalp store will be able to remove them. On my device, however, option to disable MTKLogger in system settings was greyed out - so I had to use pirated Titanium Backup Pro to do it; couldn't remove it even with Titanium Backup, by the way.

Quote from: Eldkatten
What do I need TRWP for?
What does this mean? Is this to make a backup of the entire device in case anything goes wrong?
TWRP is a custom recovery which allows making system backup. You might want to create backups in the process when removing extra apps, you may not like the end result or remove wrong app by mistake.
Quote from: Eldkatten
Restarting after recovery flashing with ESC key held takes me into a boot loop
Try reinstalling it in TWRP app, maybe something went wrong. Do you have X27, X25 or WiFi only model?
Quote from: Eldkatten
I seem not to have MTKlogger and Network Location on my device. I did the whole rooting thing already earlier, though. Maybe I already removed it? Can't remember. Where exactly would I find those Apps?
These are system apps, check System -> Apps -> System for them.
Quote from: Eldkatten
What exactly do I need this for? Is this for determining my location with GSM and WiFi (like GPS), or is it to locate available GSM and WiFi networks? What if I skip this step?
You might want it to have working location functionality. These backends are open-source and don't spy on you; partricularly, GSM&WiFi apps use GSM and WiFi data in a manner Google does, but keep local databases on your device, without reporting anywhere.
Quote from: Eldkatten
Maybe the most stupid question: Why is there an asterisk behind "Google"?
Google * = every app named Google-something.
Quote from: Eldkatten
And one general question: do apps - those I installed through the 'Playstore' (I allways wondered how serious or actually childish an OS is the software repository of which has such a stupid name) and those I download as an Apk file - rely on the presence of "Google services", "Google Playstore", "Google account manager" or any other Google stuff? Do I have to expect apps to stop working once I remove all "Google" parts? That would be especially annoying if it concerns apps I payed for, but of course all other apps as well. If I wouldn't miss it, I wouldn't have installed it in the first place.
I would not recommend downloading APKs directly unless you're pirating something from a very trusted source - there's Yalp store for that. Some apps report that they're relying on GSF (Google Services Framework) but most or all functions work correctly without it, while others will misbehave.
Quote from: Eldkatten
Thank you and kind regards
You're welcome! Hope you'll achieve your goals!

p.s. I personally am currently experimenting with keeping the google apps installed (most of them disabled) and routing Google traffic through interface directly while routing browser and messenger traffic through VPN, with properly setup browser of course - because there is no way to make voice recognition work without some Google stuff, even Saiy (FOSS voice assistant) relies on Google engine for speech recognition, sadly there's simply no working alternative.

Quote from: graynada
I am no troll, I would suggest your thread trolls Google and MTK.
What I challenge is the title of your thread as what you are doing is removing Google and MTK (omly) data collection not 'spyware' so please consider addressing that.
Oh I can totally trust this company with my data, yes?
And having this shit on my smartphone is definitely the last thing I want

Quote from: graynada
Secondly your first steps include rooting and allowing untrusted sources. These are 2 steps which are considered by pretty much every security expert to leave you more vulnerable to real spyware and attack from extremely harmful parties.
Also, good luck having a firewall on Android without root.

Quote from: rubus-3.142
But seriously why do these threads relating to Google apps seem to morph into the rights and wrongs of Google?
I have to admit Google are actually great at what they do. They do have the best search engine, best video sharing platform, a somewhat lacking but still most popular mobile OS which gets better and better every update, etc. etc. It is the fact their services are shoved down people's throats in a deliberate manner regardless of their opinion what causes the problem.

Quote from: bloblo
Anyway, on topic, I think LineageOS works largely without it, so maybe just put LineageOS without GAPPS on your Gemini? I think there's a custom build available, although I don't know how well it works. Getting rid of everything in the stock ROM is probably not very practical, since that's not intended by Google for the reasons hinted at above, no matter if you hate that or not, or consider that spyware or not.
LineageOS for Gemini sadly has broken telephony and looks abandoned.

I managed to add open-source location services to my Gemini. However, I can't find a satisfying launcher. Stock launcher is actually OK - but it has impossible to remove searchbar, and seemingly prevents installation of non-GSP version of same launcher. Lack of settings, however, is depressing; I can't even turn on battery percentage in status area. Guess I'll give Sailfish a try.

Quote from: graynada
I think you have answered my question. It' is not just true spyware you want to get rid of but all data collection including legitimate and agreed to data collection but only by specific companies. I wonder what you use the Internet for if you won't agree to any terms and conditions that include holding data about you. No online shopping, no social networking, presumably no phone calls or SMS and of course no online forums...... But wait        

And yes of course my ISP has my bank details so they can get there monthly fee by direct debt. Saves me queuing up each month hidden from CCTV cameras with my foil lined hood on to pay cash in random bank notes carefully collected from various outlets (no cash points please, they might know what you are up to) to settle my bill!
You clearly are not interested in the subject of this thread and came to troll about tin foil hats. The fact that you don't deal with sensitive data and potential exploit or backdoor on your smartphone is the least of your concerns does not in any way diminish your ignorance towards needs of other people who do, or justify such behavior on forum of device enthusiasts. Well, good job, have a nice day, and finally gtfo this thread.

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