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Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Multikey In Oz
« on: November 21, 2006, 12:11:46 am »
I just stumbled over an explanation to Keylaunch on the openzaurus wiki.  That might do what you want, Meanie.
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nope, keylaunch funtionality exists in most window managers already. it can be viewed as awm independant keyboard mapping tool which is similar to the keyhelper tool (the menu shortcut and applauncher part) in sharp rom but nothing like multikey.
multikey is for generating extended characters in languages that have more keys than the limited 26 alphabetic characters in english.
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Hmm... Does multikey act like the "Input Methods" functionality available in gnome (gtk?) apps?  And if so, is it possible to use the different input methods in GPE?  [I believe I saw the menu in a GPE app, but it didn't have anything beyond the default input method available.  I wonder if they are in the feeds.]


Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Multikey In Oz
« on: November 18, 2006, 11:55:12 am »
I just stumbled over an explanation to Keylaunch on the openzaurus wiki.  That might do what you want, Meanie.

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Akita To Xp ... Are You There?
« on: November 18, 2006, 11:31:14 am »
I'm wondering how to move data between my Akita (C1000) and a Windows XP box (such as those used at work.)


It appears that TCP/IP over USB not working with a C1000 and XP is a known issue:

The Cxx00 doesn't talk to Windows correctly yet. Richard Purdie "has some hints" which should make it work but he hasn't had time to implement them yet. :-/
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Mass storage device

It appears to me that the mass storage device doesn't work without [a href=\"]patching the kernel[/url], and that's really not something I want to do.  [I did play around with trying to modprobe g_file_storage with different devices, including a special file, as described here, but my PCs (running Linux or Win XP) weren't happy about it, and continually reset the usb connection.  [I can add more details if it helps.]]

Other alternatives

Sigh.  My SD card is ext2 formatted and running an altbooted GPE; I don't have a CF card.

... Wait a second ... I have a FAT formatted SD card in my camera ... and sure enough, I can write to it from my Z!  [Wow, using that to transfer data does rather strike me as (almost) ... abusing ... the camera!]

Well, that's probably easier than trying to force my 500 mA max USB to serial port converter to work (not to mention the fact that it means I don't need to make a null-modem cable) (although, perversely, if I had the time, I think I'd give it a try.  Surely normal communications use nowhere near 500 mA!  I just posted another question finding out if it is safe to use or not.)

The only other option (barring really esoteric things like playing back and recording data encoded in audio) I could see was IRDA, and my Z is the only device that uses it.  [Hmm... Still want to try to make it work as a TV remote control...]  And no, I don't have any bluetooth or wifi hardware at all.


My questions, then: am I right that the first two options do not currently work (and are they being addressed? -- ack... I didn't see them in the bugtracker.  Is there a guide for writing up OE bugs anywhere, or shall I just wing it?), and, um, was there any communication option that I've overlooked that might work for me.

Thank you,

General Discussion / Usb Power Budget
« on: November 18, 2006, 11:09:54 am »
I'm running OZ on my C1000, but I think this is a fairly general question.

In kernel 2.16 and newer, if a USB device requires too much power, it is not enabled.  'dmesg' output might look like:

usb 1-2: no configuration chosen from 1 choice

To find out how much power a USB device wants, one can invoke:

lsusb -v | grep MaxPower

My card reader wants up to 250 mA, and my USB to serial converter says it might use up to 500 mA!

Post #3 on this ubuntu forum thread describes a work-around.

So my question is, is it safe to do this?  [Also, I assume that people who are using kernels before 2.16 could well ask the same question, even if the device isn't automatically disabled.]  Are the manufacturers of these USB products giving a high margin of error?  Can a high-current device damage a Zaurus, or will it simply shorten battery life or just plain not work?

Thank you,

[Edit]. PS.  Does it make any difference if the Z is plugged in or not?

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Hentges Rom: New Versioning System
« on: November 16, 2006, 08:19:36 pm »

How, exactly, do I exit Opie or GPE to a virtual terminal?

Good point.

First, I tried getting in from altboot.  Option 7, to run /bin/sh sounded useful, but didn't help.

From GPE,

- Logging out just returns me to the graphical logon screen
- Hitting Ctrl-Alt-Backspace kills the X server, sure enough, but then it is automatically restarted moments later

If you kill it >3 times, it will stay down  

LOL.  Oh, I needed that laugh.    


I won't comment on Opies bugs (they won't get fixed anyway) but here goes:
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Yes; I read in this thread that Opie is no longer maintained.  What happened?

Your instructions work great; thanks, CoreDump.  I wonder ... am I able to shut down Opie, and then start GPE (or vice versa) using a similar command, but with a 'start' instead of 'stop'?  It might be nifty to have them both installed without having to use altboot to go from one to the other.  


Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Hentges Rom: New Versioning System
« on: November 16, 2006, 06:58:31 pm »
Ah.  I see why dist-upgrade was slightly problematic for me:

I've updated the distro feeds, please run "dist-upgrade" from the console.
dist-upgrade works great, but I had a couple of problems.


I should have been more clear. By "console" I meant the VT (ie: exit Opie / GPE)
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How, exactly, do I exit Opie or GPE to a virtual terminal?

First, I tried getting in from altboot.  Option 7, to run /bin/sh sounded useful, but didn't help.

From GPE,

- Logging out just returns me to the graphical logon screen
- Hitting Ctrl-Alt-Backspace kills the X server, sure enough, but then it is automatically restarted moments later
- I can reboot easily enough with 'shutdown -r now', but that doesn't do it
- I found this year-old thread: [a href=\"]What is the OZ boot process?[/url].  Is that explanation the easiest way to exit GPE?

From Opie,

Settings | Shutdown lets me:

- Shutdown
- Restart Opie
- Reboot
- Terminate Opie

All do as they say, and the first three weren't helpful.  Choosing 'Terminate Opie' took me back to a console screen, but I couldn't provide any input or log on.

From the 'Start' Menu, there is a 'Terminal' option, which lets you select from 9 terminals.  (Huh.  What do you know.  Ctrl-Alt-[number] does work to switch, too. I never could figure out how to get back before.)    I can switch terminals all right, but I still can't provide input or log in.

Thanks for humouring me,

PS.  Wait a second.  Altboot option #2 is "Don't launch GUI".  That gets me into a terminal for my flashed ROM -- is there any way to do it for an altbooted ROM?

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Restablishing Usb Networking After A Suspend
« on: November 11, 2006, 10:40:39 pm »
Wow.  I really appreciate your informative reply.  I've upgraded and will play with it some more.  It's good to know I haven't just overlooked something.


Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Restablishing Usb Networking After A Suspend
« on: November 10, 2006, 11:19:14 pm »
First, I'd like to thank the developers of OZ, GPE, and Opie, and also give a big round of applause to CoreDump.  The software is so much better than when I tried it a year ago!

My Z is a C1000 running hentges gpe 1.0.0-wip-20061029.  My PC is running Kubuntu 6.06.  I got TCP/IP over USB working, mostly following the instructions at .  My Z is set to connect with usb0 using dhcp, and it works.  (Yay!)

Well, mostly.  I have to

# modprobe g_ether

on the Z to make it connect.  Indeed, judging from the system logs, my PC doesn't even see the Z until I do that.  

Now then, I was surprized to see that the network connection was lost and could not be re-established after the Z suspended.  I unplugged and replugged the USB cable; I tried 'ifdown'ing then 'ifup'ing usb0 on the Z, and doing the same with br0 on the PC, but it didn't work.

I finally found that I could

# modprobe -r g_ether
# modprobe g_ether

on the Z to restore the connection.  This seems very much like a hack -- surely I am doing something wrong, and there is a more elegant way to recover from suspending.  Isn't there?

BTW, how do I view the system logs under GPE?  Utilities | System Info | Log Display | System Log does not appear to show usb kernel messages.  dmesg shows some usb stuff, but I don't know how to 'tail' it, and don't know if it is only boot-time info.  /var/log does not contain 'messages'.

Thank you,

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Making Scite More Useable
« on: June 02, 2006, 03:59:30 pm »
SciTE has some problems, when used under pdaXrom, but I've managed to fix some of them, and am posting my new configuration file here.

Before you use my file, though, note that it will cause problems with the version of SciTE in beta 1 (and possibly beta 2).  I am using beta 1, and found that changing the fonts to support antialiasing causes some issues where the text was not placed on the screen correctly.  Fortunately, I was able to uninstall SciTE and then install the SciTE from the Beta 3 feed onto my pdaXrom Beta 1.  [I have no idea if Beta 2 users will need to update, but I expect that if they do, this would work fine.  I also expect that trying to install SciTE from Beta 4 will not work on versions of pdaXrom before Beta 4.]  If you don't want to upgrade, though, read the rest of the message and remove the exclamation marks in front of the font names on your copy of the file -- that should work.

Now then, the configuration file should be called /usr/share/scite/  It is a good idea to back up your copy first!

You can also easily edit this file within SciTE, by choosing Options -> Open Global Options File on the menu.  Most of the changes you make will be applied immediately when you save the file.

I hope the new settings work well for you.


In addition to posting my new file, I'm going to show what I've changed here so you can make your own edits.  I imagine some of you will have good ideas for even better changes, and if so, please post them.

I will be jumping around the file to explain what I've changed.  Most of these lines can be found by searching.  [I have also posted a couple of other settings files for you to diff against; if anyone has an unaltered settings file for the SciTE that comes with beta 3, please post it, as this is the best file to diff against.]

First, let's make the help feature useful by using the right browser:

Quote "file://$(SciteDefaultHome)/SciTEDoc.html"
Now, let's change the default window sizes so they fit on the screen.




Make selected text visible (I sure couldn't see what was selected or not before doing this!)

## I couldn't see my selections at all
## Thus I made them white on black

Make the caret (that little blinking bar that shows where you are editing) more visible, as well as the entire line being edited:




Increase the font sizes

There is a part in the file where fonts are specified.  Except for the monospace font, I left the font names intact.  I just doubled the fonts' sizes.  

IMPORTANT! The exclamation mark in front of the font name makes SciTE use antialiasing, so that the fonts look nice.  This is buggy with the version of SciTE with pdaXrom beta1.  So, either remove the exclamation marks, or do as I did -- remove SciTE and install SciTE from Beta 3 feed.

      font.base=font:!Bitstream Vera Sans,size:18
      font.small=font:!Bitstream Vera Sans,size:16
      font.comment=font:!Bitstream Vera Serif,size:18$(font.comment)
      font.text=font:!Bitstream Charter,size:18
      font.monospace=font:!Lucida Console,size:18
      font.vbs=font:!Bitstream Vera Sans Mono,size:18

You can also change the size really quickly with these two lines:

Set the number to whatever you like (say -2), and that number will be added to the font size.  (So, the base font, at size 18, plus -2, is now size 16.)  IIRC, just change the number and save the file and you'll see the change right away.  Note that there are two of these numbers.  Magnification works for text you are editing, and output.magnification is for text in the output panes.  I believe the numbers are valid in a range of -10 to +20.

Dynamic text resizing

I had to look into the source to figure out how to do this (and even then it was a pain, but boy is it worth it!)

# User defined key commands

Now if you press Ctrl-2, it will zoom in, and if you press Ctrl-1, it will zoom out.  (Those numbers correspond to enumerated values in the code named SCI_ZOOMOUT and SCI_ZOOMIN.  I did try using the names, and I also tried adding this to the popup menu (a.k.a., but was unable to.)

Turning on tabbed editing

SciTE will let you open up several files, each in its own tab.  The number is specified by buffers.

Turning on Unicode support

# Unicode
# Required for Unicode to work on GTK+:

Faster drawing

There are several variables to play with that should affect how quickly the application redraws.  I don't believe I've found the perfect settings, but here is what I've got them set to right now.



Off Topic forum / 911
« on: May 25, 2006, 08:14:05 am »
My wife was telling me about a documentary in which a chef was trying to get students in Britain to eat good-tasting, healthy food for lunch.  The kids wouldn't eat it.  "No, I won't like it," they'd say, and not even taste it!

I think the same principle applies with conspiracy theories.  Many people categorically reject them, without even tasting them (even when they're good for you.)  Of course, some people categorically believe in such theories, without thinking about it, and that'd bad too.  I believe a critical examination of conspiracy theories is a good idea.

It seems to me that you can't disprove a conspiracy theory.  What you can do, however, is discredit it, by, for example, making up an obviously crazy theory, and then implying that all of the theories out there are like this, and you have to be a nutter to believe such things.  People who categorically reject conspiracy theories take comfort in these outlandish ideas.  It is much the same as saying, "Well, I eat burgers and fries, and some people say I should eat something healthy.  One person who says that only eats broccoli and brussel sprouts.  I'm not crazy enough to eat that; therefore, I will not eat healthy food."

There are certainly crazy theories like this regarding the September 11th attacks.  That doesn't mean that they are all this way.  Wouldn't it be something, though, to have really credible people take a stand on the issue?  What would a physics professor have to say about the towers falling at near free-fall speed, apparently from fire damage? is a site where they have their say, and I highly recommend it.


[PS. I also recommend ]

Zaurus - pdaXrom / How To Find Pygtk Ide For Pdaxrom?
« on: April 22, 2006, 10:54:09 am »
1. ad import pygtk

yes, the error is raised, but you dont need to import the pygtk -- just gtk is enough -- it contains all you need.  i use this import sequence (just ignor the pygtk stuff):

Code: [Select]
import gtk
you can use all of the gtk objects, constants and such

Awesome.  I'll give it a shot.

2.  ad history in intercative shell

install the readline ipk.  it contains the readline support => ie. history then works
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I just found out about that a couple of weeks ago.

Thank you!

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Pdaxrom1.1.0beta2-akita Post-flash Issues...
« on: April 16, 2006, 01:03:47 am »
1. Windows, dialogs in particular, still have a habit of painting themselves completely off the screen.  They can usually be moved back, but in some cases, like "QtConfig", are simply too large, and the bottom part is plain not available, including any buttons that may or may not be down there, like "Ok" or "Cancel".  AbiWord (AWESOME program) never shows its status bar, because I suspect it's painted off the screen as well.  Some AbiWord dialogs also appear almost completely off the screen, such that they cannot be moved back, but fortunately when this happend, the "Cancel" button was visible.

I'm not sure if you know or not.  You can hold down the Alt button and then click on any part of a window to drag it.  This is still a nuisance when the window is larger than the screen, but it works.  

I do see the status bar for Abiword, especially when it is maximised.

You may find some other useful shortcuts like this on the keyboard and mouse page.

3. The "bundled" software seems a bit weak.  No samba, no PIM (that i've found), no dhcp (for the USB to auto-configure to a desktop).  Since WiFi won't work, I can't download anything.  Since samba isn't present, I can't download it to a desktop and copy it over, though static IP on the desktop makes the Z ping-able.  DNS didn't function, so I couldn't surf via the desktop, which is when I turned to WiFi.  I can't find ftp on it anywhere, nor telnet.  SSH doesn't let me transfer files, AFAIK.  So it's a really cool isolated system, at present.

According to your sig, you have a C1000.  If you go to the USB applet (X menu -> System Tools -> USB), and change it to "Storage", you can specify a storage spot to use (either your SD or CF card.)  Then, it will act like a USB storage device (like a USB key or a digital camera).  You can plug it into a modern OS and it will detect it automatically.  Windows XP does just fine.  Kubuntu 5.10 sees it as eight separate devices, but will happily mount it for you and let you get at your files.  Take a look at the (unfinished) Communicating With Your PC page.

It is indeed possible to use SSH to transfer files.  Actually, you'll use protocols on top of it -- namely SFTP or SCP.  See the Now What section of the Networking with Linux doc.  [And, just yesturday, I figured out how to make my Z access the internet, over USB, with the help of a linux laptop.  I just wrote that up in a newer document - Networking with Linux over USB.

4. X won't run as a non-root user.  That's apparently fixable, as jerrybme has it working, but I haven't found enough information to get the "desktop" to load as other than root.  While the machine may be a one-user unit, connecting to the 'net as root is just begging for trouble, as far as I'm concerned.

I believe this issue is being worked on, and that Beta 3 makes it easier to run things as a non-root user.

5. Active software doesn't appear on the task bar anywhere.  I can only find things by going to main desktop and clicking "Active Tasks".  That's not a good way to have to do things.

Agreed.  You will have to find a different window manager.  XFCE, in particular, looks interesting.

- Can some one help me out with this?  Thanks for your time...
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I'm documenting stuff as fast as I can!


Hardware Mods / Opening Hardware Mods To End Users
« on: April 15, 2006, 05:11:14 pm »
Would these hacks require people to send in their Zaurii, or would you sell new Zaurii that have been modded?
This is quoted form another post on this forum from guylhem... on one who started this topic....

Ah.  Thank you, InSearchOf.

Hardware Mods / Opening Hardware Mods To End Users
« on: April 15, 2006, 08:49:47 am »
I voted for memory and wifi.

I'd love extra memory (predominantly RAM, but HDD or Flash space would be cool, tool), and wifi (that could be shut off) would be nifty ... as for how much I'd pay, well, I took the C1000 over the C3100 to save some money, and it counted as n birthday and christmas gifts ... so I'm not in any position to pay for add-ons any time soon.  [Sorry, I didn't see the "pay" question until after I voted.]

Would these hacks require people to send in their Zaurii, or would you sell new Zaurii that have been modded?

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Thunar, File Management Reloaded
« on: April 13, 2006, 06:12:02 pm »
For those who want to play : , but don't blame me if it breaks something (it reads "experimental"). The packages don't hold deps and do hold devs. I'll clean them when finished.
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Great work, Chero!

I've been meaning to try xfce, and I'm happy to play.  I installed all the experimental packages (and they all appeared to install just fine.)

Um, I really hate to ask a stupid question ... but, how do I start into xfce?  "startxfce4" doesn't exist, and "startx" isn't launching it.  (I tried launching a few /usr/bin/xf* applications from within a terminal in openbox, but this obviously isn't the proper way to do it and didn't give me the results I was hoping for.)


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