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Zaurus - Other distros support / Re: Linux kernel version 6 support
« on: November 03, 2022, 11:33:32 pm »
Everyone is waiting for @yatli to join the party 8)

For Sale / Wanted / Re: [WANTED] Zaurus for Development
« on: November 03, 2022, 11:31:00 pm »
Thanks Steward, I did respond via PM to your offer. Please get back to me via PM.

Note: Also big thanks to Varti for donating a C1000 and C3000 recently !!  ;)  8)

Zaurus - Other distros support / Re: Linux kernel version 6 support
« on: August 11, 2022, 10:39:13 pm »
Great initiative.. perhaps some are interested to join the IRC channel for collaboration on this effort... ?

New products and alternatives / Re: MNT Pocket Reform
« on: July 20, 2022, 12:38:26 am »
I am not expert on it, but the SODIMM SoM modules are an industry standard I believe, so there would be quite a wide option of modules and very likely future upgrade paths, even from other vendors. There are even PXA270 SODIMM available. More interesting is their hint at potential use of RISC-V modules in the future!

The M2 slot for a 5G module and SIM card slot make it also attractive. Recently got a Quectel RM502Q that has not seen much usage yet and would hopefully fit.

The small screen with the large bevel seems to be the only let down I can see, but perhaps this will change once a prototype is available.

Definitely interested. Just because its so odd.


Good stuff, great to see someone picking up the void build.
It's a bit work to keep following upstream, but if regularly build, it's manageable.
I dropped the ball on it as there was not really much of a user-base, at least not known to me via this forum.

In regards to the DT patched for the ZipIt, these can be found here:
The ZipIt is quite different in some aspects to the Zaurus, but the CPU is the same.
The patches may give some insight on how to move from platform file to DT though.


Yes, need to try the latest kernels. How does the 5.16 work for you vanilla ?
I would think it will just boot, but did mmc and pcmcia/cf work out of the box ?
Does the screen fade white if not used for a while ?
Yatli did some fixes for 5.4 here recently as well :


I build kexecboot natively on Arch Linux ARM the last time as always keen to avoid setting up OE build chain for some reason.
There should be support for DT in kexecboot, but I never used it. 

For a new kexecboot kernel that eventually will use DT, we will need to append the .dtb to the zImage as the Zaurus bootloader will not understand DT.
I hope we can actually trim a newer 5.x or even 6.x to fit into the kernel Zaurus kernel partition! It was getting pretty tight with 4.x even.

New products and alternatives / MNT Pocket Reform
« on: July 13, 2022, 01:01:33 am »

This is quite exotic concept and design, but I like the modularity of it. Something to watch and perhaps put some money aside for.
Comes with a trackball and mechanical keyboard!


I had actually planned to work on migrating spitz.c to DT this year, but to be fair I have not had the time and focus to work on it so far.

As pointed out in the mailing list, while moving PXA270 targets to DT should be relatively straight forward, there are some exotic boards and I think some Sharp devices fall in that category. But with some support from the kernel dev team we should be able to get this moving before spitz.c is dropped.

I got a Borzoi, but I also some ZipIt2 devices that are PXA270 based. For those the move to DT was partially done, but not submitted upstream.

What kernel version did you work with so far and do you have any patches apart from the one you send through to the mailing list ?
What bootloader and rootfs do you use on your Zaurus ?

Also I have not tested kexecboot alongside a DT file yet and do not know if kexecboot supports it, but we can always append the compiled DT to the kernel image.

While maintaining the kernel is a priority, we lost Arch Linux ARM armv5tel support earlier this year and the custom Void Linux build (voidz) is due for a new build as well, or any other distribution that still supports armv5tel.. as not all users want to spin up their own rootfs using buildroot or the like.

Happy to get involved, but a bit cautious about on how much I can commit myself to this activity over the next months as I started this year to port an Intel based ARM board IXP43x based to DT and wanted to progress with this one first before picking up the Zaurus again, but perhaps this can go hand in hand.



While submitting a patch to the kernel to improve the Zaurus support, it was mentioned that the maintainers for the PXA port are looking to rewrite the code to use the Devicetree format:

They asked if I would like to help, which I said yes to, although I'm a bit new to kernel development.

Is there anyone else who'd like to get involved with this?

Still here!!

Moving house, losing hair rapidly.

If I ever find all my stuff again I will continue where I left off.



 ;D Same here, including the hair loss  8)

Another mirror is fantastic.  Thanks for that !
The last rootfs snapshot is possibly the only one needed.

Gemini PDA - Sailfish OS / Re: Current State of Sailfish on Gemini PDA
« on: April 28, 2022, 04:05:49 am »
Thanks for sharing your observations.

I hope some more will tune in to add their feedback.

By providing feedback to Jolla via their offical channels we can possibly improve the experience on the Gemini, while at the same time proving there is still an active user base.

Anyone using their Gemini alongside a current Sailfish OS (community or Sailfish X), please post your feedback here, but also on the Jolla forums !

Zaurus - Void Linux support / Re: Void Linux
« on: April 24, 2022, 05:04:45 am »
Yes, there is a lot of info in these logs.
I may wget the whole lot and archive it just in case.

For Sale / Wanted / Re: [WANTED] Zaurus for Development
« on: April 15, 2022, 04:31:26 am »
Hi John,

just hang onto these. I will not try to rob you of your SL-6000 or C-750.
If you find yourself in a situation where you are about to toss these into the bin, then please consider donating instead.


Gemini PDA - Sailfish OS / Re: Current State of Sailfish on Gemini PDA
« on: April 15, 2022, 04:14:47 am »
Great, even if not used as a main phone. Please share your experience.
Sailfish seems to be only OS for Gemini that is still being updated / maintained. (not so much about the kernel though)

Issues I noticed:

- WiFi selector does not work well in landscape mode, unable to see available access points.
If confirmed by others, I am happy to raise a ticket / case with Jolla.

- Alarm clock is unreliable. I set multiple alarms, on the same day, different hours, with odd results such as the alarm not being triggered (this is the stock clock app)
Same as previous issue, please confirm if you experience this.

- Speaker / Microphone orientation appears to fixed, not alined with as the phone is being held. This needs confirmation from other users.
Same as previous issue, please confirm if you experience this.

- Lack of Social / Communication apps. Sailtrix (Matrix) works ok, but I fail to validate the client. Whisperfish (Signal) I have trouble to authenticate at all.
These are non default apps. May need to raise directly with the maintainer.

- Indicator LEDS are working only for calls, txt and email. Is there any support for other apps ?
Question for the Jolla forum perhaps.

Positive Observations:

- Battery live is pretty good. No figures to compare with Android, but as good, from a pure feeling perspective.

- The Sailfish browser does most of what I want, is fast and efficient with tabs. Youtube works well.

- Solid IRC support

- Solid RSS feeder available

- Solid Console support


Big Thanks Varti, especially for your efforts on preserving all this Zaurus related info and data.  8) 

Zaurus - Other distros support / Re: Linux From Scratch on the Zaurus
« on: April 15, 2022, 03:47:53 am » general, running a full Xorg server on Zaurus today, will not be a pleasant experience.
The best performance you can get out of a Zaurus will be by using pure console mode and the odd application using DirectFB or fbdev.
For graphical browsing, you may try the fbdev or SDL backend option via netsurf browser.
You can get SDL apps use DirectFB or fbdev without Xorg, such as games like doom etc, links browser and other apps.
There are some threads exploring these options, somewhere buried in this form...

Personally, I may find some time to build a new voidz or gentoo rootfs and kernel, but rest assured, this will not yield in more usability per se, just more up to date packages.

It's great so see some recent interest in the platform again. If you like to contribute, please share your success and failures.

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