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Have you actually tried that? Do I have to factory-reset the device each time I check the battery level?

That table is probably for batteries stored outside devices, without a BMS or RTC or whatever draining them.

My problem is this:

2023-10-07 89%
2023-10-15 88%
2023-10-18 88%
2023-10-20 87%
2023-10-26 85%
2023-10-30   0%  <---

The problem is the sudden drop from 85% to 0%. This time I booted Android to read the battery level (except for the last line because Android doesn't boot with a completely drained battery). I don't think charging to 40% would make a difference.

Well, the battery must have went through 40% on the way from 90% to 0%. I don't think charging to 40% will help prevent the sudden drop. Maybe I should fully boot Android to check the battery rather than booting to the charger animation.

How do I store a spare Astro Slide without damaging the battery? If I charge it to, say, 90% and check the battery once a week, I get, say, 90%, 90%, 90%, 90%, 0%. This looks quite dangerous for the battery. I can't really check the battery daily and I don't want to keep the charger plugged in all the time.

Astro Slide - Android / Re: Biometric option not appearing in apps
« on: July 16, 2023, 08:41:22 am »
MS authenticator also does not work with prints.
Does MS authenticator work for you at all? It doesn't for me on the Astro Slide, says it cannot enable notifications and that's it. It does work on the Cosmo Communicator.

Astro Slide - Hardware / Re: Does SD card share slot with second SIM card?
« on: February 01, 2023, 01:51:57 pm »
Two SIM cards and a MicroSD card do work for me. However, SIM 2 is 2G only (by design) if there are two SIM cards.

The APN doesn't matter as the problem also occurs without using mobile data. I'm not the only one who cannot use the Astro Slide as a phone with a Telekom SIM card on 4G: there was at least one comment to that effect on IGG.

I guess the problem is the same as for EE in GB, but the Astro Slide devices destined for Germany may not have received the firmware fix that supposedly solves the EE problem. BTW, the SIM card works without problems in a Gemini PDA and a Cosmo Communicator.

(Yes, I tried both the IPv4 and the IPv6 APN, no difference.)

Unfortunately, my 4G Telekom SIM card works with my new Astro Slide only if I restrict the network type to 2G, that is, I get data speeds like 15 years ago, if I am lucky enough to be in an area that still has 2G coverage. 4G doesn't work: the Astro Slide manages to stay connected to the 4G network for a couple of seconds only, then disconnects, and the process repeats. It is totally unusable as a phone on 4G. Of course, mobile data is also unusable on 4G.

So, my experience is this:

Telekom 2G: works
Telekom 3G: no longer available
Telekom 4G: does not work
Telekom 5G: don't know

What's your experience with the other networks (Vodafone, Telefónica) and with 5G on the Telekom network?

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