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Security and Networking / Ambicom Wl54-cf
« on: December 21, 2005, 08:18:30 am »
well, actually, the WL54-CF comes with 2 types of installation driver...

ppc2003 AND Windows.
If i look at the user manual, it looks like I have to install those "drivers" on the PDA itsefl if I have a WinCe based pda.

So I guess we actually have some drivers that are Arm based. I'll investigate this but I see some hope and a nice project for the holidays perhaps

Security and Networking / Ambicom Wl54-cf
« on: December 20, 2005, 09:16:06 am »
How sad ! I should have googled more before buying TWO WL54-CF card from Ambicon myself for those old Zaurus we have here.

I did a few research myself since i'm a totally new when it comes to configuring drivers/cards for linux.
At first, I would enter the card in the Zaurus and I would'nt have any card detected. So I added the entry to the wlan-ng.conf file. Now, when I insert the  card in it, it's detected has a "prism2_cs" type card since i didn't knew it was a Marvell type.

My entry looks like that btw :

card "Ambicom WL54-CF 54Mbps 802.11g WLAN Card"
        manfid 0x02df, 0x8103
        bind "prism2_cs"

I was kinda disapointed to see that no one managed to make that thing work on linux.
However, I cam across this :

I'm looking into NdisWrapper right now and see if I can compile it and install it on my zaurus ( if you have any guidelines for that, I would appreciate naturally).

Other question is about the wlan-ng.conf file. I'll obviously have to add a new entry for the Marvell driver types.

Any clues on that too ?

Back to my NdisWrapper thing. Hope someone can help me and that Teleute didn't abandonned the idea of making the card work on the Zaurus.

Ho noes .....
Still trying to find something however.

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