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Software / New Owner Of Sl-c3100 (need English Os)
« on: January 31, 2006, 06:46:59 pm »
I purchased an SL-C3100 when I was in Tokyo earlier this month.   It came preloaded with the Japanese OS.  I would ike to convert it to an English OS.  I've searched on the web and found an English user's guide, at, but it appears to be written for an SL-C3100 that has already been converted to English.

I think I'm caught in a chicken-and-egg problem.  I can't read Japanese, so I can't understand the rudimentary Japanese OS commands on the Zaurus to figure out how to configure or load in the appropriate packages to convert to an English OS, but the English Zaurus OS manuals assume that the conversion has already been performed.

Can someone point me to a simple step-by-step guide that bootstraps in an English OS for the SL-C3100, so that I don't feel as if I'm groping inthe dark each time I power it on?

Many thanks,


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