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Lyall Pearce
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Lyall Pearce


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13 May 2018
After being in the first batch to receive my Gemini, I am going back to my old iPhone 5s as my primary phone.
My reasons are, using out of the box Android
1. Bluetooth controls do not work if the gemini is closed - this was the main one
2. In the dark, because of the nerve damage of my fingers from cancer treatments, I have difficulty locating the correct key, particularly the Fn key to turn off the display
3. Gemini randomly totally reboots during a phone call, with no cause that I have been able to determine (holding Gemini to ear, Gemini in speaker mode sitting on a table) - only 6 times so far...
4. Bluetooth disabled after reboot, regardless of settings prior.

If point one is fixed, I may re-try moving to the Gemini as my primary phone.
Point 2 could be solved, at least for me, with keyboard backlight, or as a minimum, identified keys being backlit, preferably by a preferences app
Points 3 and 4 minor irritants that I could put up with if I could overcome 1 and 2.

Other than this, I managed to get all the functionality I wanted migrated from the iPhone with only a little effort. (calendar/contact sync to NextCloud being the prime one). It's a shame but I will continue to support the Gemini, it being a great idea from an old Psion Revo user.

8 Apr 2018
Out-of-the-Box Gemini, twice now, been in the middle of a conversation and the phone goes black and shows the android boot screen about 30 seconds later.

Oops, there it goes again, third time in as many days, twice in 15 minutes, whilst I was typing this message I was on a phone call and the phone goes black, rebooting about 30 seconds later.

This is immediately after the previous reboot, I received a call from the person who was disconnected and we resumed our conversation.

The phone App does not record the fact that either of the two calls have been made (no buffers flushed I guess).

The first phone call was under 10 minutes, with the second less than 3 minutes before reboot.

I tend to keep phone calls short, as in a few minutes. Not a big fan of long phone calls.

Battery at 75% (after both reboots) with performance and power saving in 'Normal'.
I am in Australia, using 4G VoLTE, with Telstra as my carrier.


3 Apr 2018
I find that when I connect via bluetooth to my car (3rd party device), the Gemini always sets the volume to somewhere near 40%
I have to turn the car volume way up, which is a problem if something else plays on the car system as it's volume is then set really loud.
So, rather than turning the car volume up, I have to turn up the Gemini volume, which involves opening the Gemini.
Then, I don't need the car volume so loud.
My problem is that the Gemini doesn't seem to remember volume settings for a bluetooth device.
It would be nice if it did.
Not sure if this is hardware or software, if software, I am out of the box Android.
1 Apr 2018
Interestingly, having sync'd my contacts with my NextCloud, I have found a couple of contacts whose number does not want to work with Messages.
All my contact numbers have international prefixes, eg. +61 x xxxx xxxx.
It appears that if I go into Contacts, edit the phone number, delete the leading +, which causes the number to compact down to consecutive digits, and re-insert the +, which causes the phone number to resume it's nicely formatted appearance, IMHO, all of a sudden, the phone number is now 'fixed' and works with Messages.
Not the ideal fix, but I do get told by Messages that the contact phone number won't work, up front, it's just a pain to have to edit the contact to 'fix' it.
26 Mar 2018
What do I need to do to disable anything Google except the App store?
I have my own hosted email and NextCloud services.
I am currently using BlueMail for email. Calendar, Contacts (with DavDroid to sync), Messages,
I only want the App store to keep things up to date, everything else can go.
I have no interest in Google Assistant, docs, drive, gmail, etc.
Any pointers to an Android noob (ex IOS, at this stage).
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