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11 Sep 2006
Here are the news on the pdaXrom site: pdaXrom utils rewrite
I just wanted to get some publicity for the new settings tools because the more testing they got, the better they will be! smile.gif
Some rough test results: original datentime.py, written in python starts in ~5 seconds, the new one, written in FLTK starts in ~1 sec.


Ps.: Hey, this is my 2^8th post biggrin.gif
8 Jan 2006
Just install this package and your Z will be resumed before and alarm event if it was suspended, so KO/Pi can use it's own built-in alarm.

Get it from the contrib feed along with a good version of kdepim:
kopi-apm_1.1 and kdepimpi_2.2.7 or add http://mail.pdaxrom.org/contrib/rc11+-armv5tel/ to the feed list in the Package manager!
  • You need atd for this package, but it's a dependency, so it should be installed along with this. atd is in the stable feed of 1.1.0beta1 release of pdaXrom.
  • You need a custom compiled kdepim to have alarm sounds (it doesn't play them in the feed version). Cattin compiled the one I'm using and it's also a dependency.
  • KO/Pi needs to be running if you want alarms
Mainly it's based on Cattin ideas, so thanks for them, minus the atd daemon, thanks Sashz for that. smile.gif

Important note: atd is automatically started after a reboot, but to start it without reboot, please execute the following command:
etc/rc.d/init.d/atd start

Thanks gromituk, for pointing this out! cool.gif

Happy alarming,
Zumi smile.gif

EDIT: the download path for the files has been changed, and there's a new, 1.1 version along with that. Sorry for the inconvenience about the mess with the filenames. smile.gif
18 Dec 2005
After 5 months and 2 days of developing fvwm-pdaXrom team proudly presents *drumroll*...
...the new pdaXrom tuned Fvwm config files! (to cut down PR costs, this is from the speech of the 0.3.x release smile.gif)

Download the 0.4.5 release: Attached File  fvwm_pdaxrom_0.4.5_armv5tel.ipk ( 706.71K ) Number of downloads: 326

Changelog since 0.3.1:
fvwm-pdaxrom ChangeLog

0.4.5 (2005-12-18)
    * files are distributed in the system directories, from the
    original /home/root/.fvwm directory
    * everything is home independent, symlink the
    /usr/share/fvwm-pdaxrom/xinitrc file as .xinitrc in an other
    home directory to use the package with another user too
    * added sample config lines to the .fvwm/personal/config file
    to help simple color changes, keybindigs modification

0.4.0 (2005-12-03)
    * updated ztaskbar, graphic battery display in the systray
    * added .fvwm/personal directory where you can store and use
    your altered config files across fvwm-pdaxrom installations
    * you can now edit .fvwm/personal/menutop or menubottom to add
    menu items to the pdaXrom menu more easily
    * added dinamically generated menus to the FvwmRoot menu, so
    you can set or view various things with a click in the menu
    * "Network Schemes" dynamic menu - set or view the active
    network scheme
    * "Volume" dynamic menu
    * "CPU Speed" dynamic menu

Release notes:
Read the welcome message after installing it, for more info.
The package depends on the "fvwm", it's in the official feed of RC12.
Previous topics about older releases: "pdaXrom-Fvwm, more eyecandy, less memory usage" and "Fvwm-pdaxrom 0.3.x, 0.3.1 released"
If you are thinking about "where was the 0.4.0 release...?" then the answer is, nowhere. It was only a pre-release and I made some big changes, so I skipped that one. smile.gif

Here's a picture about new dynamic menus and the new ztaskbar with graphical battery meter:
Attached Image

Let this be the bugreport thread, so feel free to report bugs here, suggest changes and express delight.
I hope you like all the stuff,
Zumi smile.gif
12 Jul 2005
After more than 7 months of developing, fvwm-pdaXrom team proudly presents *drumroll*...
...the new pdaXrom tuned Fvwm config files!

Download the 0.3.1 release: Attached File  fvwm_pdaxrom_0.3.1_armv5tel.ipk ( 701.07K ) Number of downloads: 246

See the post about the new release here!

Old releases:
Download the 0.3.0 release: Attached File  fvwm_pdaxrom_0.3.0_armv5tel.ipk ( 693.88K ) Number of downloads: 150

It depends on fvwm package, that you can find in the RC10 feed.
You can install it to CF or SD card too, it seems to be working, but it's not extensively tested.

Let this be the bugreport thread, so feel free to report bugs here, suggest changes and express delight. smile.gif
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Attached Image
Attached Image
31 Mar 2005
New version compiled!
See the post about it here.

It is a fully working, no-hack-needed CVS version. Or at least, these were my intentions. smile.gif

If your GPS card is using the /dev/ttyS3 file, then it will be working out of the box; if it doesn't, then I suggest some editing in the /usr/local/gpsdrive-run.sh script. Also, if you want to have flite (speech synthetizer) or mysql support (for a lot of waypoint, for example all Geocaches in your country), you can edit it and have them too. smile.gif

As the ipk upload part of the pdaXrom site seems to be broken, and Laze suggested to wait 'till the new site comes online, I put it up on my own website.

A sample screenshot
(Later, I will upload it to the site, so if you don't find it here, look in the pdaXrom unstable feed)

I hope you like it,
Zumi smile.gif
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