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8 Mar 2010
I've just replaced my mobile phone and based on a good experience of the N810 I've bought an n900. Early days, but here are some initial impressions:

The UI is pretty usable and the zooming is very slick and smooth. Lots of RAM seems to keep everything moving along when multitasksing, but the write speed of the memory feels slow. No benchmarks, just gut feel.

Application availability is still poor. Things such as Abiword are starting to appear on extras-dev but overall, way behind the competiton. Come on, Nokia!

Hardware is great. Its fast. FM transmitter, fast GPS, real keyboard - everything you need.

My plan is to do relatively little tinkering on the phone OS itself, in order to keep it working as a phone! but easy Debian is installed and that seems to offer a great sandbox to play in without fear of breaking the phone itself.

More later. Anybody else got one?
29 Dec 2009
Thanks, first of all, to those of you lucky enough to have netwalkers already for sharing your opinions and experiences. Much as I would love one of these devices myself, before I part with my cash I'd like to ask a few questions. Sorry if some of them are of minority interest but they are important to me ;o)

1) Does the wireless suppoty promiscuous mode? In other words, if you run tcpdump can you see UNIcast packets from other devices on the WLAN (not just your own traffic and multicasts from others)

2) Has anybody tried aircrack? Does the wireless go into monitor mode and does the kernel support packet injection?

3) Does it come with Python installed? if so, what version?

4) Does it come with PERL? If so, is it possible to install modules directly from CPAN, i.e. perl -MCPAN -e 'install My::Module'

5) Do java applications run OK? what is performance like?

6) How easy is it to zoom in or change the font sizes? For such a small screen I trust that the designers are not expecting 20-20 vision as a pre-requisite for ownership!

7) How good is Youtube performance?

Many thanks in advance for anybody who can answer any of these.
27 Mar 2009

I've been having quite a lot of success running pocketworkstation under OpenZaurus GPE. I get the benefit of all the Debian apps but on an optimised and stable X platform. However, I've found that I just cant live with the matchbox wm which auto-fills the screen, but fluxbox-gpe is in the OZ feed and that makes the whole system feel just right. What a difference!

I'd love to now move up to Angstrom but every time I think I'm there I find a reason to stay with OZ. This time, I cant find fluxbox in the Angstrom feed. Is it there, or am I destined to stay on OZ forever?
11 Jan 2009
Thought i'd give my problem its own thread:

After installing OZ I decided to go back to OpenBSD. The install process went OK with my sets on a CF card and using all the microdrive for BSD. However, when it came to rebooting the Z simply dropped into the OZ splash screen with a kernel panic. I tried restoring flash and re-installing but now i get the Sharp splash scree and an hdd error.

I decided to completely clean the HDD usung the D+M menu (which takes a while) and re-installed again. Still no joy when it comes to boot. I'm stuch. Help!

Here is a df done from the emergency D+B menu
disk dev hda 4096 MB 4095737856 bytes
16 heads, 63 sectors/track, 7936 cylinders
Units = cylinders of 1008 * 512 = 516096 bytes

Device        Boot     Start          End         Blocks       Id     System
dev/hda4    *          1               7936        3999712+ a6    OpenBSD

cant understand why I've got hda4? doesnt make sense!

during the BSD setup my disk partition looks like this
             size           offset     fstype       [fsize   bsize     cpg]
a:    7999425           63        4.2BSD      2048    16384    1
c:    7999488             0        unused            0          0

I should add that the installation will boot if I drop back to d+b linux shell and do insmod zbsdmod.o then ./zboot. Sorry, but I really dont understand what makes a machine actually boot but clearly something is wrong here.
6 Oct 2008
While I"m very happy that so many security and network apps are available for OBSD, I'm struggling to find a packet sniffer such as the ubiqutous tcpdump.

I believe that wireshark (ethereal) has been dropped from OBSD because of security concerns but surely there must be some way of knowing what's on the wire? What do other people use?
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