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Posted by: koan Jul 24 2017, 08:59 AM

Long time OESF Member mickeyl, Zaurus developer, OpenZaurus member, Opie maintainer and employee number 2 at OpenMoko gives a history of OpenMoko.

IIRC, I used his source from opie-camera to learn how to access the Sharp CF camera module.

Posted by: Varti Jul 25 2017, 12:48 AM

Thanks, it's a great and insightful article, especially for people like me who at the time didn't follow closely the project. There are a few parts that struck me, especially this one:

Freedom of choice truly is a double-edged sword: Many people would have preferred one solid software stack rather than having 10 half-done ones, each of them lacking in different areas. In- and outside Openmoko, tensions arose whether to continue with the Enlightenment-based route, switch to a Qtopia-based system, revive the GTK+-based stack, or just stop doing any work above the kernel and move to Android.

It sadly sounds exactly like our community in the past. I believe this is a common problem with many open platforms, especially those with a relatively small following. Good to hear that the gta04 and Neo900 projects are trying to keep the Openmoko spirit alive.

The Progressive Web apps someone mentioned in the comments are also interesting - online apps that can be downloaded and used offline, too:


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