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OESF Portables Forum _ Gemini PDA - Android _ Remapping fn+a

Posted by: chedim Apr 24 2019, 04:51 AM

Hi all!

I have a Wi-Fi version with planetcomputer's rooted android on it and I am trying to re-map fn+a key combination to work as MOVE_HOME button, but changing this mapping in /system/usr/keychars/Generic.kcm does not work and it feels like this combination is eiter defined in some other kcm file that is applied on top of Generic.kcm, or it is handled by some service that ignores these changes. I even looked into kcm file for my layout (US English) that is provided by Gemini Keyboard apk, but did not find any bindings for fn+a there.

I do not believe that this combination is handled on hardware layer as, when I press this combination in KeyEvent Display application, it receives separate scancodes for both keys.

Can someone suggest me how to get rid of that default mapping and have this key combination customized?

Thank you!

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