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OESF Portables Forum _ Misc News _ Forum log-in problems with mobile android chrome data saver

Posted by: speculatrix Jan 14 2018, 04:46 AM

Chrome on android has a feature to reduce data usage, this must use Google to proxy requests, almost certainly using a load balancer.

This appears to cause your ip address to change every time, and causes this forum to fail to log you in.

If you can't log-in, please check you're not using a data saver or other proxy device which causes your ip address to change rapidly.

We'll investigate this. We'll also be looking to switch to https too.

Thanks for your attention.


Posted by: speculatrix Feb 2 2018, 01:09 PM

Now we've switched to https, I've disabled this security "feature" so when you flip between different WiFi access points or mobile data and your IP changes, or you use Google mobile data saver, you shouldn't keep being logged out.

Please let us admins know if you spot any anomalies with service, thanks.

Posted by: speculatrix Feb 3 2018, 09:19 AM

I also extended the cookie validity from an hour to two days, that should make things easier too.

Posted by: Varti Feb 3 2018, 10:45 AM

Thumbs up!


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