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Mathematics, FreeBSD, Openbsd, and Sharp PDA's!
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27 Nov 2013
SL-C3200 is still supported on OpenBSD. I'm currently running version 5.4 on my Zaurus with zero issues.
8 Apr 2012
Just wanted to let everyone know that OpenBSD still supports the Zaurus. My Zaurii is currently running 5.0 and still going strong. Going to update to 5.1 in May.

Have a great day!
27 Oct 2007
AudioPod allows you to submit the tracks you've listened to on your ipod to last.fm via your Zaurus. Works perfectly with classpath-0.92

Download link: audioPod.tar.gz
15 Sep 2007
Here's some good information on how to use mergemaster.
The original article can be found here: http://undeadly.org/

OpenBSD 4.2 is scheduled for release on November 1 and systems running releases prior to 4.2 should be upgraded. Mergemaster is a tool in ports included that minimizes upgrade headaches by merging system configuration files from OpenBSD 4.1 with the new 4.2 /etc and /var files.

Mergemaster uses a temporary root containing the 4.2 configuration files and "compares the cvs(1) version $OpenBSD strings for files that have them, deleting the temporary file if the strings match. If there is no $OpenBSD string, or if the strings are different it compares the files themselves" (from mergemaster(1)). If the files are different, mergemaster prompts for what action to take: delete, install, merge or leave it for later. All responses given to mergemaster require pressing the [Enter].

To get started with mergemaster, create a temporary directory (mkdir /var/tmp/temproot) for the 4.2 files. Extract etc42.tgz (and xetc42.tgz if using X) to the temporary directory (tar -xvzpf etc42.tgz -C /var/tmp/temproot; tar -xvzpf xetc42.tgz -C /var/tmp/temproot). Run: mergemaster -ir

In the mergemaster command, "-ir" could really be "-i -r". "-i" tells mergemaster to automatically install new files. "-r" directs mergemaster to use a pre-exising temporary root directory instead of making one from source in /var/tmp/temproot.

As mergemaster compares the new files with the old files, use "d" to keep the 4.1 file (deleting the temporary file), "i" to install the 4.2 file (overwriting the old one), "m" to merge the two files or press [Enter] to "leave the temporary file to deal with by hand":


      *** Displaying differences between ./etc/group and installed version:

    --- /etc/group  Tue Sep  4 15:34:23 2007
    +++ ./etc/group Tue Aug 28 12:00:10 2007
    @@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
    @@ -57,4 +57,3 @@

      Use 'd' to delete the temporary ./etc/group
      Use 'i' to install the temporary ./etc/group
      Use 'm' to merge the temporary and installed versions
      Use 'v' to view the diff results again

      Default is to leave the temporary file to deal with by hand

    How should I deal with this? [Leave it for later]

In merge mode, mergemaster invokes sdiff(1), which prompts at each set of differences for which part should be kept. Press "l" to keep the left side (old file) or "r" to install the right side (new file). Sometimes there are local changes in a file that you want to merge with the official changes. To do this, enter "eb" and $EDITOR is launched allowing manual merging of that set of differences. When the merge process is done, choose "i" to install the merged file, "r" to redo the merge, "v" to view the merged file or "Leave it for later".

    How should I deal with this? [Leave it for later] m

    wheel:*:0:root,erdelym                                              | wheel:*:0:root
    e:      edit blank diff
    eb:    edit both diffs concatenated
    el:    edit left diff
    er:    edit right diff
    l | 1:  choose left diff
    r | 2:  choose right diff
    s:      silent mode--don't print identical lines
    v:      verbose mode--print identical lines
    q:      quit

When mergemaster is done, it asks whether or not to delete what is left in the temporary root. If "Leave it for later" was ever chosen, press [Enter] to choose "no". Otherwise, type "yes". If some files were left for later, manually upgrade the files left in the temporary root.

It's a good idea to ensure your directories and file permissions are correct by running something like:

    mtree -qdef /etc/mtree/4.4BSD.dist -p / -u

At this point, the upgrade process is done. Reboot to ensure the new configuration files allow the system to start up properly.
25 Aug 2007

I wrote the following script to ease the process of updating and building an OpenBSD/Zaurus system from source. In order to have an up to date installation you'll need to answer two yes/no questions and press ENTER twice. If you'd like to give it a try you can download it from here:

Openbsdupdate Script
Save Script As: openbsdupdate
Last Updated: 03 DEC 2007
Version: 0.3.1 <Added newaliases requirement>

NOTE 1: You might have to chmod +x openbsdupdate as "root" after downloading the script. To execute the script just ./openbsdupdate as "root"

The script must be ran as "root" and requires "root's" shell to be the default ksh. If you haven't changed "roots" shell then you should be fine. I also suggest running this script outside of X. I'll continue to add a few other features ( like auto-patching a few of iamsmiths patches ) to the script over time. If you find any bugs please let me know and I'll have them fixed ASAP.

NOTE 2: Don't ignore this message!

After the Zaurus reboots login as 'root' to continue the build process
Press ENTER to reboot!
Don't login as user "joeblow" and then su into "root." You must login as "root" to continue the build process after rebooting. (However, see NOTE 4 for those using NFS mount points.)

NOTE 3: It can take up to ten minutes for source syncing to begin.

NOTE 4: If your ports/src/xenocara sources are on NFS mounts then ensure they are mounted before running this script. Also, they must be remounted before logging in as "root" after the initial reboot. I suggest removing "noauto" from your /etc/fstab NFS mount points before running this script and adding it back after the update is complete. Otherwise, you'll need to login as any "non-root" user, su into "root", mount the NFS exports, logout, and relogin as "root".
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