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21 Oct 2007
Who wants a near full speed and very playable GBA emulator for the Sharp Roms. Suhami(is that his name?) compiled the original gpsp for pdaxrom and I ported it to the sharp rom (http://www.suhami.net/ez/?page_id=7).
It needed a compiler upgrade, the 2.95 gcc is not up to the task of compiling anything anymore.
Gpsp since it is made for the psp and then ported to gp2x has very good arm assembly optimisation for near full speed play. I have tried many games and most of them are very playable.
I am including the executable in this post as well as the script needed to play it in zemu frontend. I have modified Suhami's code to change the key bindings to
If you dont like these keys suhami aslo mentions in his website and i checked his code that you can use the environment variable GPSPKEYS as shown below to use your favorite keys.

GPSPKEYS= L,R,Down,Up,Left,Right,Start,Select,B,A
$ export GPSPKEYS=303,120,274,273,276,275,13,32,306,308

I am sorry not to ipk it but maybe someone can do it for me... and oh yes you need libsdl for it.

18 Mar 2007
I have been trying to run pysol (http://www.happypenguin.org/show?PySol) in pdaxrom.
What i did was download the pysol packages for debian.
and then use meanie's deb2ipk script to convert them to ipks. Note the conversion failed in the zaurus due to lack in memory and i had to do it in my desktop for pysol-cardsets_4.40-3_all.deb.
Then i compiled the pysolsound server. I have uploaded it here. I then placed it in /usr/lib/python2.4/lib-dynload/ but you can also put it in /usr/share/games/pysol/ where pysol gets installed when you install the converted ipks. You need SDL, SDL-mixer and smpeg for the sound server to work.
If you have a base python install like me then you will also need many python packages when you can copy from the python full package. They are

in /usr/lib/python2.4
UserList.pyc htmlentitydefs.pyc markupbase.pyc sgmllib.pyc
formatter.pyc htmllib.pyc pickle.pyc

in /usr/lib/python2.4/lib-dynload

in /usr/lib/python2.4/lib-tk
Canvas.pyc FixTk.pyc Tix.pyc Tkinter.pyc tkFileDialog.pyc tkSimpleDialog.pyc
Dialog.pyc ScrolledText.pyc Tkconstants.pyc tkColorChooser.pyc tkFont.pyc turtle.pyc
FileDialog.pyc SimpleDialog.pyc Tkdnd.pyc tkCommonDialog.pyc tkMessageBox.pyc

Oh yes you also need tcl, tk packages and then you are ready.

the debian package installs a script /usr/games/pysol which you can use to run pysol.

Finally I would like to ask for someone with more ipk tools experience than me to package all these files to nice packages.

The result is over 200 high quality solitaire games with lots of cardsets and nice music.

Attached File(s)
Attached File  pysolsoundserver.so.gz ( 90.65K ) Number of downloads: 80
22 Feb 2007
Hi all

For work i was in the process of porting ffmpeg to various platforms so i thought why not do it for the zaurus too. The only problem i encountered was that the pdaxrom gcc (beta 1 edition) crashed (????? ) when optimisation level -O3 was used. I changed that to -O2 and it compiled fine.

From my tests on my c860 i found that results were a bit better than mplayer if i played the video outside x. the video should also be 320x240 max resolution.

Let me know if you guys find it faster than mplayer. I have not included anything other than the codecs included in ffmpeg itself.

On other news i will look at the scource code of tcpmp a nice media player for palm and ppc to see if i can port it in parts. I cant imagine that my loox 720 ppc undeclocked to 312Mhz plays videos better than zaurus at 400Mhz.


PS sorry no ipk as it just is one executable that can be put anywhere.
Attached File(s)
Attached File  ffplay.gz ( 1.45MB ) Number of downloads: 118
15 Feb 2007
It is available here.
Meanie maybe you can repackage it for pdaxrom. Can you also do a favour. Your package is for cxxxx but i have a c860 so i cant use the bvdd module. Can you update your package such that if a c860 is detected then the bvdd module is not loaded and the driver w100 is used (-vo w100).

15 Feb 2007
All the posts that i have seen regarding using the ce1 remove with xmms involve keeping xmms in the foreground and remapping the remote keycodes to c,v,b,n etc.
What i found that if you bind the remote keys as follows in fluxbox for eg.

None XF86AudioPlay :ExecCommand /usr/bin/xmms -t
None XF86AudioStop :ExecCommand /usr/bin/xmms -s
None XF86AudioPrev :ExecCommand /usr/bin/xmms -r
None XF86AudioNext :ExecCommand /usr/bin/xmms -f

then xmms need not be in the foreground and you dont need to remap the remote keys in x. I am sure you can do this in other window managers too.
The advantage here is that if xmms is not running then it will be started by the remote key press.
The only disadvantage of this is that you cannot use the remote keys in any other application. They are bound to xmms. Maybe i will write a script that will send the remote button press to mplayer or xmms whichever is running and it will start one of the two depending on user preference.

The volume up and down keys are the only ones left and i am yet to find a mixer application that can increase or decrease volume from key presses. something like $MIXERAPP -increase and $MIXERAPP -decrease. mixmos is not capable of this sad.gif

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