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1 Jul 2019
So we don't pollute the welcome thread, we can discuss the functionality of the external screen under sailfish here. I am going to investigate the functionality of the current phone gui, and see if it would be easy to insert code in there for the external screen. If any other sailors want to have a go at it as well, put your findings here. If Jolla doesn't have a solution when the cosmo is released, hopefully we will.
19 May 2019
Hi all, just thought I'd drop a mini review of 3.0.3, which I updated to last Friday. Overall, a worthy update, even though you might not immediately notice some of the changes.

* Pulseaudio is stilll broken.
* On calls, the microphone is still on the same side as the earphone meaning poor call quality
* The headphone jack does nothing other than put mono sound through to the headphones (ie. speaker is still on)

* Browser is updated, and seems to be more functional (no need to zoom/resize to click on hyperlinks)
* Wifi hotspot now works (I upgraded from, so it might have started working in 3.0.2)
* Wifi power drain seems to be far lower, I'll keep an eye on it
* Security fixes are always good.

* the prefs.js file can be modified automatically so webgl stops working. Easy fix is to reset the prefs file to the default
* the escape key locking on the home page is back to FN-Esc - and I had just got used to Esc smile.gif

It was a fairly slow upgrade, but went without issue. Make sure you have a few gig free before trying it.

If anyone wants me to check something specific, ask.....
12 Feb 2019
Ok, so I have been using for a while now, and thought I would give a little review on the state of sailfish for gemini smile.gif

The good:
The interface is now natively landscape aware for the gemini
The new pull down menu is available everywhere and has more functionality than the previous one
The apps pull up works consistently
The camera focus works now
It seems faster
The browser is now able to view webgl pages (with a bit of extra setup)
Newer libs for better compatibility
The wifi problem is fixed
Light themes

The bad:
Headphones still not fixed (ie plays out of speaker and headphones). The workaround is to manually prod pusleaudio (no difference to 2.x)
The telephone seems to use the microphone and speaker on the same side - doesn't rotate with the phone (no difference to 2.x)
Some apps which displayed in landscape with the hack in 2.x are now back to portrait (you can always put the hack back in).
Hotspot still doesn't work (no difference to 2.x)
Some old apps need libs that aren't in the 3.x repos (I could probably fix this if I cared about the app, but it could be frustrating for others)
Still no office suite for editing, although there are online alternatives - google docs works, as does the stackedit markup editor (I wrote a simple web redirector that forces full screen for apps like gdocs which helps...)

The different:
The top pulley menu is different - I think it is better, but some won't
The quick close is now on the edge rather that just from the top (that is the new pulley menu)
The apps tray has larger icons/more space between so there are fewer icons per line

Bottom line is that I quite like the new version - it still has its faults, but is a step in the right direction. With fixes for headphones, hotspot and call microphone/speaker, sailfish would be awesome on the gemini. With the paid for version getting android app support for those absolutely must have apps (which I don't seem to have a need for), then it would be a compelling option for the gemini for most users I believe.

As a small note, with webgl now working, there are a lot of things you can now use - mainly games online. I can also now run the interface to octopi (3d printer) which uses webgl.

For others using 3.x, is there anything I have forgotten - I have almost forgotten 2.x in the month I have used 3.x, and may well have skipped something I now take for granted smile.gif
3 Sep 2018
I had read about problems with the gemini wifi continuously going up and down when the screen was locked, but thought nothing of it as my unit was quite happy lasting a day. Well, the other day I was testing a device at work using the gemini and I had turned off the wifi (4G was still enabled). I forgot to turn it back on, and was surprised when I got home that I still had almost 90% battery! I normally take it off charge around 6am, and get home somewhere after 5pm. I tested this a few times, with and without wifi. The same thing happened every time. By turning off wifi when the gemini goes to sleep/lock, it uses almost no battery (as it probably should).

When you need internet and don't want to use 4G data, you can turn on wifi and use it as normal, but when finished, simply turning it off increases the battery life significantly. You still have network connectivity for email via 4G, so nothing will be missed, and you shouldn't use much. This is a bug - you can see it easily when sshing into the gemini over wifi when the screen is locked. It continually disconnects/reconnects meaning delays of several seconds every 5 or so seconds waiting for it to reconnect/power up/whatever. Unlocking the screen causes this behaviour to disappear.

Hope this helps someone smile.gif
27 Aug 2018
Hi all,

after working out how SDL sound works with sailfish, I added the fixes to my ffmpeg compilation. It hasn't changed the ffmpeg utility (convert from one video format to another amongst other things), but it now means that ffplay is fully functional. This is a very simple video player which uses ffmpeg to decode the streams and plays using SDL. It supports a lot more formats than the gstreamer based video players. There is no onscreen gui for control, however everything is keyboard based which is perfect for the gemini.

If people are interested, I could try to package it up, or just tgz it (there are 2 executables - ffmpeg and ffplay). Works brilliantly as command line viewer.

On another note, if anyone is interested in compiling/porting SDL apps to sailfish, I can give a quick howto to get things working, and steps to porting. There are lots of SDL apps around, and sailfish needs native apps smile.gif The qml front end is simple to create and using a native ide (tIDE), you can program, compile, test and package right on the gemini.
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