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OESF Portables Forum _ ELSI General Discussion _ First Projects Grabbed And Modified

Posted by: dhns Jan 14 2005, 12:35 PM

Dear dz,

I have worked a little with the new and great ELSIX to update my projects stored there.

Here my first persoanal experiences and comments:
* I find that the fonts are a little large so that I always have to scroll up and down. Especially the Home page should show a one-liner for each new project and not the full blown description.
* when clicking on "My Subscriptions" I got a mysql error line in the otherwise correct page
* I did not find a method to specify "any ROM", "any processor", "any Screen Resolution" which is important for the Zaurus-X-gcc cross compiler which is not hosted on a Zaurus...
* When adding a branch, I also did not find a way to specify "any supported ROM", "any supported Model". Is it really meant that I specify e.g. 4x5=20 links/versions if I have written my tool to work on all models?
* I got another message in /public/host/elsix/html/mod.php line 421
* After adding a branch release I did not come back to the project page
* I tried to use upload but got an error that there is no permission. Then, I found out that the system assumes to use anonymous FTP. This is IMHO only needed files larger than e.g. 2MByte. All others should be uploadable like the screenshot
* For the Unixname I have just choosen the same as the project name removing all spaces and making everything lowercase. And I have never seen or used it again. Isn't that something which could be done automatically?
* The library mechanism was too complex for me - so I decided not to specify anything there.

So my general impression: great work, very powerful functionality - sometimes it even appears as overkill for my needs as a developer. Some smaller glitches which can be fixed.

Once again many thanks for developing this tool! I really know how much work is behind the scenes...

Have a nice evening,

Posted by: dz Jan 14 2005, 01:00 PM

I'm working on a solution for the frontpage thing. I'm used to it from using Freshmeat, but I'll try and make a simply small solution for displaying all new projects.

Could you please post the error you recieve from the 'My Subscriptions' page? It's hard for me to figure out what's wrong without knowing the error :-/

As far as the 'any *' thing, I simply did not think of that. I will add that feature soon.

I think I fixed the error in mod.php, but again I don't really know the error you're receiving. If you could post that error as well please smile.gif

Branch Release redirect fixed.

The unixname is used when the system renames your file. You won't see it until you upload a file.

The library mechanism is there mainly for new users. If your project uses standard libraries, I suppose you wouldn't need it.

Release upload is being worked on. We had it all working and good, and then a couple days ago we were held back by the limitations of our hosting. Not a problem though; it'll just take me a little to fix.

I figured there'd be many bugs upon first release of the elsi. Thank you for bearing with me while I fix them smile.gif I'll try and get an updated version of the elsi soon.

Posted by: B_Lizzard Jan 14 2005, 02:25 PM

Hi, I didn't know where to post this, and I didn't really want to create a new topic for such a trivial matter but here it is.

I wanted to me a recomendation.In order to make our (the simple users) lifes easier, you should add some things.One, you should have the search engine search in both project name and description.Also, a sorting system would be nice (Both in browse software and the search engine).Something like a dropdown list of: Sort by: Name, Views, Rating, Downloads etc.

I guess the elsix has just been lauched, and many more things come first.But I think it's good to hear what other people have to say.Remember, these are simple recomendations.Your site is what I think was missing from the whole equation, and is good enough without these features.But, it would sure make our lives easier... cool.gif

Posted by: dz Jan 14 2005, 03:06 PM

I'll do my best to add them smile.gif

I just got a full-time job (was getting low on reserves, so it had perfect timing) so my time isn't as open as it used to be. Regardless, I still have plenty of time to work on this and I plan on adding all your features. It just might take me a couple days.

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