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23 Mar 2018
I thought I'd add this topic as one of my reasons for getting the Gemini was to be able to create a bit of music. I spend a lot of time working away from home and having something as small and portable as the Gemini that could be used would be absolutely perfect.

The story so far...

Despite being a little poorly the Gemini works fine with Depmod (you can find that on the play store). I use a Behringer UCG102 to plug a guitar into the phone, mostly because I know it works with Android and I already had one. Things I know that don't work:
  • The right-hand USB port
  • A USB-C hub
I'm using a cheap, generic USB-C hub (Advent ATYC41HB16) so different hubs might give different behaviour. THe light on the UCG102 cycles on and off rapidly and thre's a buzzing in the headphones. I'd guess that the hub is cycling through its ports and not supplying power to ports it's isn't listening to but that's total guesswork. Using a USB -> USB-C single converter works a treat.

I'm going to have to hold off flashing a Linux image until I've got the keyboard working again (not Planet's issue, I was clumsy) but once I do I'll be looking to get Guitarix working (I do love that program). Once that's sorted it'll be Ardour and possibly a virtual instrument or two depending on how much the Gemini can cope with. If anyone else is thinking along the same lines and gets further down the path than I am now I'd love to hear how you got on. I'll update this thread as and when I make any progress.

16 Mar 2018
Has anyone worked out how to remove the battery? My Gemini had an unfortunate encounter with some cider (entirely my fault) and the keyboard is behaving a bit erratically. I'm currently leaving it to dry out in the hope that it'll recover itself but if not I was going to take the battery out and give it a thorough clean.

And do I win the prize for first person to do something monumentally stupid to their Gemini?

2 Mar 2018
Posting this topic as my knowledge of several things isn't really what it needs to be for me to be confident about not bricking my phone and I sure there are much cleverer people than me who'll know this.

My Gemini arrived yesterday and, as an Android device, it's really rather good. A few niggles but nothing too horrible. Where I want to go with it next is to set up a proper dual boot device Android/Linux.

I've enabled the developer options and unlocking the bootloader is a simple toggle option, it's the bits that come after that where I run up against a knowledge gap. I think the process I need to follow would be something like:
  1. Non-destructively repartition the internal flash to make some space,
  2. Install a bootloader that allows me to choose what to boot, and
  3. Install a Linux flavour of my choice.
Though I more than happy to have any wrongthinks pointed out to me.

For each of the above I'm not really sure which tools to use. I'd be fine if it were an x86 Linux box (gparted, grub, Ubuntu Studio) but I'm not sure what the equivalents for the first two would be in the Android. Also, I'm heavily assuming I can boot a live image for the third step and install into the space created by first and would be interested to know how much basis that assumption has on reality.

Does anyone have any clues to spare?

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