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29 Jul 2007
So I've got a cellular phone plan with the old AT&T that Cingular would charge me an arm and a leg for if I modify it now.

I want to add a data plan, but like I mentioned, Cingular would charge me an arm and a leg to modify it.

Does anyone know of any reasonably priced cellular broadband plans that I can use with an old cell phone (and will probably connect to my Z for any significant usage)? I'll need someone to offer just the cellular broadband and not the cellular telephone portion as I'm going to keep my old AT&T plan.

Any ideas?

Maybe there exists some plan where I can use a CF i/o card with my Z! smile.gif
29 Jul 2007
Has anyone had the experience that when your Z suspends due to inactivity (lets say after 30 minutes of playing MP3s with no interaction) that when you resume, XMMS won't be able to find any of the MP3s in your playlist.

Then I have to unmount my card where the MP3s are and remount it.

After a few weeks of doing this, it seems the filesystem area where the MP3s were sitting got corrupted and I had to fsck it; effectively losing all the data.

As a solution, my thought is to have one of the suspend scripts kill XMMS if it is running at the time of suspend.

One question I have is, does the system differentiate between suspend due to a commanded suspend or a suspend due to inactivity?
25 Jun 2007
Anyone using any web browser based ftp clients on their servers? I'm looking for one that can specifically support multiple file upload (not 100 text boxes but real multiple-file select and upload). I want a user to be able to hit the site, get a file seelct dialog box, select all 800 pictures from his last vacation or whatever, then hit upload and walk away. X mins later, it's uploaded.

Any ideas? Anyone using such an interface? PHP, Perl, Java are all supported.
15 May 2007
For reasons outside of vacation, I had to reflash my Z lately and wipe it clean. In a week I'm heading on a European Vacation for a month. Thus far I've got my GPS software installed (GPSDrive), my voip software installed (Kphone/SI), Firefox, and an email client.

Other suggestions?

What are YOUR necessity software when you're on vacation?
13 May 2007
I installed Kphone/SI v1.0.2 on my Pdaxii13 Akita from https://www.oesf.org/forums/index.php?showt...ndpost&p=153281 and installed it to /mnt/card/. It registers with sipphone.com, I can dial out (and the other line picks up) but it's radio silence on the other end and on my end all I hear is scratchy noise.

Anyone else experience this?

EDIT : The preferences screen is larger than the Z's viewing area. Is there a sample config file that someone can provide I can use?

EDIT2 : I'll have to try it again while plugged in via hard wire. I was using it via wireless at home and I read that the added latency of the wireless connection well screws up things.

EDIT3 : So I plugged in via hard wire and I got the same static.

EDIT4: I confirmed that I can record through my left earbud via KhdRecord and I can playback the recording via XMMS in the right earbud.

EDIT5 : Calling sipphone.com's test #'s and such I can hear perfectly fine. That's odd, I just can't call outside lines.

EDIT6 : I found ~/.qt/kphonesirc and it seems to have all the right stuff in there. The software seg faults when saving the preferences screen (but it does save changes to kphonesirc). The software also seg faults when terminating a call. Both of these are expected from other posts on the forum.

EDIT7 : Success! I grabbed Like I mentioned in EDIT6, I found the config file in ~/.qt/kphonesirc. I kept reading and reading more and more posts on OESF Forums as well as random other web pages about running Kphone 4.2 and 4.0series on other Linux mobile devices and the kicker for the scratchy noise is attributed to the codec that was selected.

Kphone/SI has 5 available codecs, ulaw, alaw, gsm, ilbc, and speex. By default, Kphone/SI tries to use them in that order unless you disable it by using a -1 in the config dialog box (or the config file). I disbled speex, ilbc, alaw, and ulaw as I read some of them are very resource intensive codecs. Enabling them one by one, I found my optimal settings are gsm as "0", alaw as "1", and the rest disabled via "-1". Now I make calls out to landlines and mobile lines no problem.

The only slight problem is that even at max volume (via Xmixer), using my headphones (right earbud for speaker and left earbud for mic) as a mic results in a pretty low microphone volume. I'm not sure how to boost it up other than putting it just about between my lips smile.gif

Also, I didn't have any problem with using my router (I did have to open up the Z to the world unfirewalled), but I did put in the STUN and proxy servers just to be safe smile.gif

In addition, I didn't have any problems using it over my wireless connection.

At any rate, that's my experience with Kphone/SI on my Z.
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