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6 Feb 2006
I noticed openembedded.org has not had working dns for a while and now openzaurus.org is not working. Maybe someone could explain the relationship between these sites to me. Do they just need a back DNS server, I could do that. Anyone know whats going on?
31 Jan 2006
My goal with my Collie(5500) is to surf the web and check email. I just got a bluetooth phone(w/ data service) but the screen is too small for browsing more then a couple of minutes so I figured my Zaurus would be perfect to pair with my phone. Opie doesn't work for me because I want a stable(not Opera) web browser that supports proxy servers(konqueror doesn't).

I need bluetooth(have a Belkin CF F8T020) and Opie required alot more editing of files to make it work, with GPE is was easy to get the Bluetooth card working. However it's a lot easier to figure out how to make a dialup connection in Opie. What dialer is everyone else using for GPE?

I also have a Sandisk Connect Plus(for 802.11b CF) that I'll use sometimes instead of my Bluetooth adapter. It's nice to just have to add hostap-utils, prism3-firmware, and prism3-support and have the card working.

I installed 64-0 OZ 3.5.4 RC/GPE (several times now). I should also mention that I have a 1BG SD card for files and packages. I saw another posting in this forum that said the swap root trick(http://openzaurus.org/wordpress/howto/root-on-sd/) shouldn't be used because you can just do ipkg -d sd install somepackage followed by ipkg-link add somepackage. So I install the stuff for my wireless card to sd and then fix/add in the feeds so I can install dillo2,minimo, and gpe-mini-browser.

Installing just about anything from http://ewi546.ewi.utwente.nl/sfeed/ causes my collie to crash with out of space errors(installing to sd card). The only work around I've found is to follow the root on sd guide. Is this what everybody else is seeing?

Once I get everything installed with no errors the various browsers will crash from being out of memory(using 64-0 image already). The only thing I can do to keep this from happening that often is to create a swap file on the SD card. Monitoring memory/swap with top and free I've seen all 64MB of memory get used and up to 32MB of swap, just running a single web browser here.

I'm about to install again because I made my root image take up the whole SD card so I had to make my swap file inside of my root image. I'm sure I'll get better performance once I fix that because I can see the loopback device get high on CPU utilization when swap gets used right now.

Is everybody else having to do the same thing? Is the collie(5500) just to old for (working)web browsing?
31 Jan 2006
I just started using OZ-GPE, it seem to be the best mix of hardware support and the type of applications I'm looking for but I'm running into some problems. Are there any fixes for these issues? Should I file bug reports somewhere?
  1. Key mappings are messed up (esc closes terminal window which makes vi unusable, Can't stop a ping because Fn-C doesn't do a ctrl-C)
  2. Virtual keyboard sticks in an 'a' sometimes when pressing a shift key
  3. Keys and Buttons Setup shows picture for iPaq
  4. Keyboard Layout should default to US, not GB or should be a selection just like Timezone during install
  5. Setting the time and/or timezone causes the wrong time to be set sometimes (bug or bad interface design?)
  6. Clock panel set to 12-hour doesn't mantain correct width when logging out and back in
  7. Clock panel set to analog is either too small to see or doesn't display anything(can't tell which)
  8. /media/card/etc/default/bluetooth should have HIDD=false
  9. When removing the Help panel, it's icon(in the remove list) is messed up
  10. Menus should be alphabetized
  11. The circle keypad should rotate when the screen does
  12. With File Open Dialog boxes there should be some type of visual feedback that you clicked a directory (it flashes or is outlined...)
  13. When viewing the Netowrk Setup, and the virtual keyboard is on, the arrow to cycle through all the tabs is hidden
  14. System Info->Hardware doesn't display the right picture
  15. Going to Look and Feel->Theme and checking Enable Visual Effects hangs the system
  16. Network Setup->WiFi device->Configure, WiFi configuration dialog box gets cut off along the right hand side
  17. There should be an option to turn the screen clicking on and off(it's always off)
  18. Dillo2 menu icons are too large to all fit on screen
  19. Going to Settings->PC/CF Cards and ejecting a card doesn't do anything
  20. ntpdate doesn't function. Gives error "setsockopt() IPV6_V6ONLY failed: Protocol not available"
  21. Clock panel->Set Time->Get time from network fails. Possibly related to previous bug
  22. My collie freezes during a reboot and sometimes requires a reflash to get going. In GPE I open up a console, su to root, type /sbin/reboot. All the shut down scripts execute as expected. Many times when the system should reset my screen turns white and hangs. I have to press the hard reset button to get it back but sometimes that doesn't work. When the reset button doesn't work, reflashing with the OZ initrd.bin and zImage doesn't work either. I have to reflash with a Sharp Ospack and then flash with OZ.
The really big issue for me is number 1, issue 22 is pretty severe too. Additionally it seems like several of the known bugs from the previous release are still around, https://www.oesf.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=11751&st=75

Edit: Added 2 more bugs
Edit: Added another 2
Edit: One more added
15 Jul 2005
Have a 5500 with a 1gig SD card that I've setup last week. I'm using the Hentges initrd.bin with the latest kernel from openzaurus(to get the suspend fixes).

Pretty such everything was working but since I had the 1 gig card I started installing more software(mostly games) from the standard feeds. A couple of the games will not work. This includes games like prboom-opie (doom clone) that was working before I installed more software. The error I get is:

error while loading shared libraries: libX11.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

This happens for a couple games now. I've tried using ipkg info to see the dependences for these games and made sure they were all installed. I also used ipkg search and ipkg files to try to figure out what package libX11.so.6 belongs to but I haven't had any luck. The file is missing, it's not a library path problem.

I'm a little confused because I thought opie was qt based and didn't use X11 to begin with but I know some of these games were working before.

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