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> Welcome to those from the Indiegogo forum, General chat for those getting excited about Cosmo's imminent arri
post Jun 21 2019, 12:47 PM
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Hi all,

This is just a welcome to those transferring their posting from the Indiegogo forum.

Feel free to talk about anything you like regarding the forthcoming Cosmo Communicator smile.gif
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post Jun 23 2019, 12:50 PM
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Hello everyone,

Thank you for admitting me on this forum, I prefer to converse here than on a comment page infested with persons with obsessive-compulsive disorder (or without life) repeating the same requests every two hours.

I'm honestly a late backer of the Cosmo campaign. I remember being interested about the Gemini a few years back, but I'm not fond of the idea of lunging around a device which is a little too specialized (lack of useful/practical phone feature). I would have had to keep in my bag my phone and possibly a laptop. With the Cosmo, I hope being able to ditch my Google phone and let my laptop to my girlfriend so she won't have to buy a new one.

I'm not a fan of all the choices made by Planet Computers, but I think they won cookies with trying (and succeeding) to build a multi-purpose mobile device quite open to other operating systems than Android. From my humble point of view, the keyboard is a must-have for a minimum of productivity.

It may sound strange for some people, but I plan for the Cosmo to lessen my bad habit of checking my smartphone every five minutes. From a Nexus 4, I will have to contend with a slightly heavier (139g vs 320g) and more cumbersome smartphone. Answering a message will force me to find time to access the keyboard and, when I find this time, write meaningful sentences. In three words : disconnect a bit, without resorting to dumb feature phones.

If I wrote a bit much, sorry. Much of these questions are technical and are flying over the head of much people, yet I'm spending a few hundred euros on this device, so I have a few questions whose some answers may already be available laying around.

I have a few thoughts and questions on the Cosmo :

- the Mediatek P70 as CPU, not friendly with any on-the-shelf Linux distribution. Being an open-source advocate, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Yet, I understand that not many chipset maker are willing to sell for such a small number of device. I can be wrong of course, but is this device future-proof ? In five years, will I be able to install a recent Linux kernel to be up-to-date in face of internet threats ? In the end, a smartphone is only a computer always connected on the internet.

- Front-panel : will the front panel be usable by Sailfish ? Will the API be open-sourced ? Keep the firmware closed-source, I don't mind, but open the API, please. The PC team is small and must be focused on providing the best Android experience because I think only a few bearded barbarians (like me) will use it with Linux or Sailfish. When they stabilise the API, I'm from those willing to take a peek on it, and maybe work on top of it.

- Sailfish OS : already available for Gemini, promised on the Cosmo. When Android apps will be installable on it, if ever ? With the interest of Russia on Sailfish OS and the Android problem of Huawei, I'm hoping this OS will receive more support and funds for updates. Is the Sailfish using the Android kernel already on the device or does it run without this crutch ?

- HDMI out : maybe too early to know, but the Gemini is using a special adapter cable from Planet Computers, I hope it will no be the case here. Any information ?

Thank you OESF members and, again, thank you to Planet Computers team for their hard work and the ideas they pursue.

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post Jun 23 2019, 11:04 PM
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QUOTE(Cyril @ Jun 24 2019, 08:50 AM) *
I prefer to converse here than on a comment page infested with persons with obsessive-compulsive disorder (or without life) repeating the same requests every two hours.

ROFL etc
Welcome aboard.
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