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Posted by: shinkamui Nov 10 2019, 09:41 AM

I don't game a lot, but when I do, its while drinking Dos Equis! Meme responsibly. All jokes aside, I was 10 hours into killing the battery on the Cosmo for the second time on day 2 when it occurred to me that it didn't seem much taller than my note 10+, and the keyboard body thickness was around the same height. I dug out my samsung sponsored glap play and tried slotting the cosmo in. To my amazement its a literal 1:1 perfect fit at max size.

Retroarch and PPSSPP work quite nicely with the P70, which is a pretty decent performer for CPU bound emulation and gaming. The Cosmo is in fact pretty good for most of the titles I've tried, where as the Gemini lagged in some cases. Definitely an all around enjoyable upgrade. This will help me kill time until planet starts seeding some firmware files for the hackery to begin... smile.gif

Posted by: jakfish Nov 10 2019, 02:54 PM

I don't game, drunk or sober, but that is way cool. Glad to see you putting the Cosmo through a variety of paces.


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