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13 Mar 2019
I've recently, (days ago)re-flashed my Gemini with Sailfish, and rooted Android. Thinking of re-populating the new assembly, particularly with stuff from my mobile. Music and such. On the mobile, most of this is on the added SD card. On the Gemini, however, I cannot find the SD card. I would have expected it at /storage/ along with he machines own directory /storage/emulated/0. Thinking that I'd not put a card in (It was some time ago, and I've not had a lot of use for storage space), I popped the cover off and there was a 64GBcard in the slot. Thinking the card might be defective, I removed it. The machine responded to inform me that the SD card was missing. I put another, identical card in, formatted it, and all was well, except that I was unable to locate this card either. Does the Gemini have a different location for SD cards? The file structure of Android, I'm afraid, leaves me totally baffled. I have a background in Unix, whose file structure is a dream of logic and common sense. The Android developers seem to have looked at Unix, and then taken the worst of Windows to create this mess of a file stucture.
24 Feb 2019
I've finally plucked up enough courage to have a go at installing Linux, etc on my Gemini. By choice I'm a Linux man, and all my hardware runs that, with odd devices co-existing with Windows 7, under sufferance. I run Mageia and since I'm not happy with KDE 5, I'm still om Mageia 6. I had intended to do the install from Linux, but there was a problem with the install software. The setup instruction only mentions Debian and Ubuntu, but Mageia repositories had the required files. However, although the files were there, and were verified as being there, the software continued to insist that they were not. So, Ive fallen back onto the Windows install method. No problems there, until I came to the partitioning options. I'd decided, for myself the adopt a rooted Android for first boot, Sailfish for the second and Debian for the third. However, my problem is that of the options offered by the do not include SailfishOS, and nothing in the instruction, that I've been able to find tells me how to put it in. Before I retired, I spent nine years in IT support, running Unix for a CAD project, among other things. During that time, it has always irked me that installation manuals always instruct one on the basis that it will always work, while in a practical sense about 80% of the time it does not. So,I'm asking, how does one do it?
17 Jan 2019
I like databases, and on my Psion netBook have quite a number. On another thread I've outlined problems in moving a database (exporting) a databas from the netBook to the Gemini. However, I've met a couple of snags, so far with the Gemini version
1. The Search function is not particularly effective, clear or simple. The options for search do not seem as verstile as on the netBook, but these are early days, and more use may indicate otherwise. But one effect I cannot fathom, is that the search result in some cases has the line of the result overprinted with a different line of text, which is a tad confusing.
2. Most databases are lists. The natural way is to number each entry, 1,2,3,4 and so on. Selecting 'number' as the required field type goes ahead without problem. However entering numbers fails at 10, which does not follow 9 in the listing but is placed beneath 1. In other words, although a number format is chosen, the Databas App considers it text, where a purely alphabetic ordering would put 10 below 1 whilst a number format would place it below 10. I've not pursued it further, but imagine that the confusion would increase with more complex numbers

The above are obviously problems with the programmers, but I've no idea of how to put it to them.
20 Dec 2018
Hi, Has anyone used the new Data app, in any serious way? I've installed the thing, with no problems, but the biggest problem is "How do you use the blessed thing". I'm a great fan of databases, and my Psion netBook, currently houses fourteen of the things. I've, in the past built, setup, managed and used many such. The Psion Data, I have to admit is one of the best flat databases I've ever come across. Endlessly configurable, neat, and user friendly. This Gemini database has me beat. As an app, it's one of the most opaque objects that i've ever come across. A database is just a set of listings of associated things. An address book is one of such, with fields for names, addresses, etc. In this app, I can generate a database, but from there it's as clear as mud as far as creating fields and populating those fields with data, and later organising the presentation in a logical and/or pleasing way, goes. any help, anyone?
In the Psion netBook, I can import or export data, and have in the past, done so. In the new app, the import data seems to be absent, although i can export the data that, so far, I've been unable to enter. Just to add to the frustration, having created a test database, I can find no way of deleting it. is this real?
30 Oct 2018
I seem to be somewhere back when I first received my gemini PDA. The keybpard, while faithfully reproducing character and numbers, is not working in displaying many of the symbols and notation characters. As an example shift , (commaa) gives left arrow (<) and not slash (/). Similarly shift . (dot) gives a right arrow (>) and not question (?). Similarly for many of the symbol characters associated with the Fn key are not giving the appropriate symbol. The firmware update did not appear to comple cleanly but hung on the text progress screen. Closing the Gemini down and restarting, the machine opened cleanly, albeit after ta longer delay than I would have expected. Any ideas, anyone as to how to return to normality?
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