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OESF Portables Forum _ Site Suggestions, Requests, and Updates _ Forum issues - anyone else having them?

Posted by: Varti Feb 5 2019, 07:05 AM


today I'm having some issues with the forum - each page sometimes need to be reloaded two or three times before it is fully loaded, and the pages are not always fully rendered (i.e. some images are missing). I have not seen any recent warning from our web hosting service about possible outages or maintenance periods. Before I get in touch with them, I'd like to know if anyone here is having the same problems as me.


Posted by: TheWalt Feb 5 2019, 07:14 AM

Yes I am having the exact same issue.

Posted by: Varti Feb 5 2019, 07:31 AM

Thanks for confirming it, I have now sent a message to our hosting service, I'll report back when they'll answer me. It seems that other account owners are having issues, too, though of a different type (could not login to the SFTP server, thankfully at least this is working here.) I'll keep you updated.


Posted by: ArchiMark Feb 5 2019, 11:53 AM

Maybe it is now fixed, as I am able to load pages OK.


Posted by: Varti Feb 6 2019, 12:06 AM

Yes, thankfully everything seems to be working again, I'll anyway check if the site will be stable in the next few days before closing the ticket with Ibiblio. Thanks for your patience.


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